Vergleich: Siehe: Herzgruppe + Braut. + Anhang (Didier Grandgeorge)


Some say love it is a river that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor that leaves a soul to bleed.
Some say love it is a hunger and an ever-aching need.
I say love it is a flower and you its only seed.
It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.
It's the one who can't be taken who cannot seem to give.
It's the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.
When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong,
Then remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow,
Lies the seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the ROSE.

                                                                        Leann Rimes

[Horst Krause]

Liebe ist kein 100 meter lauf, es ist einen Marathon.



Sepia experiences love not as excitement or enjoyment

Sepia Love is a responsibility or even a burden. She thinks of love somewhat as follows: "These people love me. They expect something of me. I must live up to their expectations and not disappoint them. I've got to do well as wife, mother, sister, or daughter." Yet how does one express love toward, for example, one's children?

For Sepia, however, love has no easy outlet, no natural form. [Kent] "Love does not go forth into affection." Love is not absent, but the manifestation of love is benumbed and cannot be expressed. So she falls back on duty. Even when at the end of her resources, her sense of duty keeps her going until gradually she begins to resent her incarceration and struggles against the ties that bind her. In her wretchedness she projects gloom, just as the cuttlefish ejects its cloud of ink. No one can spread darkness around herself like a discontented Sepia. Then she begins to think of leaving home, to escape from the burdens of imposed love.

Actually to do so - to forsake her home and family, a woman must usually possess Lycopodium in her nature. For Lycopodium does not feel guilt, regret or self-condemnation as other types do. The more purely Sepia woman might want to get away but is restrained by a sense of duty and guilt. So she stays on to complain, nag, and perhaps to fall ill from the strain. Furthermore, she is proud, as well as dutiful, and in the best sense of the word. Though needing independence and possibly desiring a career for emotional fulfilment, she will still put much care into a task uncongenial to her nature. She tries hard to do things the "right" way. But the right way is so difficult for Sepia\ She is like a puppy raised among kittens who tries to climb trees and spring onto tables, not realizing that she is a dog and not a cat. The housewife's pathology arises from the sheer physical stress of an uncongenial role. Whitmont, adapting Jungian psychology to the homoeopathic method, interprets this aspect of the Sepia psyche as rooted in a conflict with the other sex within her. Every individual is composed of both male and female genes. The conscious personality has the attributes of the dominant sex, while the unconscious bears marks of the opposite sex and performs a complementary balancing function. In the healthy individual these two forces (the Yin and the Yang) work together harmoniously, but in the Sepia woman an imbalance occurs. Failing her suppressed femininity (which takes on a dark character by virtue of its suppression) retaliates

Phosphorus love is not a blessing;

Phosphorus and Pulsatilla easily pour out affection and caresses;

Pulsatilla: love is a blessing as natural and necessary as the sun

Natrum muriaticum. love is a rare and beautiful gift or an unattainable ideal

Natrum muriaticum provides instruction, instinctively assuming the role of teacher;

Sulphur/Lycopodium Love is human's inherent due which can almost be taken for granted.


Calcarea indulges in her children and enjoys them in an effortless empathy;

Ars. enjoys taking command and organizing her charges' lives.


Im Volksmund wird das Süsse mit der Liebe verbunden


Remedies associated with love of animals:

Aeth.: Reserved and emotions kept in. Fear to go to sleep lest he should never wake. Nibling appetite. Mental exhaustion. < milk.

Carc.: Sympathetic, affectionate, romantic. Sensitive to reprimands. Anticipatory anxiety, desire to travel, loves dancing. Craves butter, chocolate, spicy food. < short sleep.

Med.: Greats sense of hurry. Things seem unreal, “As if in a dream”. Exhilaration at night. Seems as if everyone moves too slowly. Desires cold food and drink.


Phos.: Outgoing, affectionate, empathic, sensitive to sensory impressions. < at twilight. Craves cold drinks, ice ceam, spicy food. > after a short sleep.

Sulph..: Philosophical, likes theorizing, pedantic, abundance of ideas. Warm blooded, craves open air. < from bathing/being overheated. Hunger 11 h. 

            Craves: sweets/fat/spicy food/alcohol;

Comparison. Aeth. + Carc. + Nat-m. + Phos. in Love for animals


Abrot.: = Eberraute/= Citronelle/= Lad’s Love/= Hexenkraut

Calen.: = Sonnerose/= Sonnringel/= Ringelblume/= Souci des Jardins /= Common marygold/= Totenblume

Chim-m.: = bitter wintergreen/= ground holly/= king's cure/= love in winter/= prince's pine/= rheumatism weed

Cich.: Sinnbild der treuen Liebe, die oft mit vergeblichem Warten verbunden war.

Columba palumbus. = Taube.

Conv.: = Maiglöckchen

Crocodylus.: (Gambia)

Cusc-eu.: = Teufelszwirn/= Spinnegewuppe/= Kletterpflanze/= Gold-thread/= hailweed/= hairweed/= hellbine/= love vine/= strangleweed/= witch's hair

Cydonia.: = Quitte

Delphin.: Mammalia           

Drachen Drachengruppe.:

Ery-a.: = Mannstreu 

Eragrostos = Liefdesgras Commelinidae.:

Gala.: Symbol keusche Jugendliebe


Hed.: = Efeu

Lawsonia inernis.

Levist. = Liebstöckel

Liebesperle.: = Süß./Kugelgruppe

Lychnis chalcedonica = Brennende. Liebe/= Koekoeksbloem Caryophylalles.

Lycps.: = Tomate/= Liebesapfel

Malus.: = Apfel

Mangi.: = an arrow of Kama, the god of love

Marb-w. w = Marmor Tränen der Sternewegen/Liebeskummer einer Hirtin

Mill.: Als Liebespflanze legte man sich frisch gepflückte Schafgarbe unter das Kopfkissen, um in der Nacht von dem Menschen zu träumen, der als Liebespartner für einen bestimmt sei

Musa. = Banane

Myrtus communis. = Walcholder/= Myrthe


Octopus vulgaris. = Sep. + halt suchend


Paris. = Einbeere/= Sauauge/= Herbe de Paris/= Herb paris/= Augenkraut/= Wolfsaugen/= Wolfskirsche/= True-lover's Knot

Psittacicus. = Papagei





Tilia. = Liebesbaum



Repertory: [Dr. Rajneesh K. Sharma]

Mind: Abandoned, forsaken feelings: love, ones, feels forsaken by Ars. calc. camph. lac-h. lil-t. lyc. mag-c. moni. Nat-m. plat-met. PULS. sep. sil. sulph. Thuj.

Affectionate: acon. anac. ant-c. borx. carb-an. carb-v. coff. Croc. hura Ign. Nat-m. nux-v. ox-ac. par. phos. plat-met. Puls. seneg. verat. (love for everyone about,

during and after fainting: Hura)

Ailments from: cares, worries for loved one: COCC. Vanil./Death of loved ones: ACON. Ambr. anthraci. ARS. calc. caps. carc. caust. gels. IGN. Kali-br. LACH.

lyc. nat-m. nat-s. nux-v. OP. PH-AC. plat-met. podo. spig. STAPH. sulph. tritic-vg. VANIL. verat./disappointed love: acon. androc. ant-c. asaf. Aur-m-n. Aur-s.

AUR-met. Bell. Bufo cact. Calc-p. carc. Caust. Cimic. Coff. Con. cypra-eg. dig. ham. Hell. hippoc-k. HYOS. IGN. iod. kali-c. kali-p. Lach. NAT-M. Nat-sil.

nux-m. nux-v. oci-sa. orig. ozone petr-ra. PH-AC. phos. pitu-a. PLAT-met. psor. rhus-g. sacch. sal-fr. sep. seq-s. STAPH. stram. sulph. tarent. til. tub. vanil. verat.

Anger: from disappointed love: caus. hyos. Ign. Lach. nat-m. Irascibility from disappointed love: hyos. nat-m.

Love for animals: aeth. ambr. bar-c. bufo calc-p. calc. carc. caust. Crot-c. lac-del. lac-f. lac-leo. Lach. limest-b. med. nat-m. nuph. oncor-t. phos. psor. puls. sep.

sulph. taosc. tarent.

            Cats: aeth. lac-f. lach. med. podo. Sulph. Tub.

Anxiety about health of loved persons: aeth. carc. hep. merc. For loved persons: aeth. sacch. Tritic-vg. vanil. for aeth. sacch-a.

Blackmail, emotional, says "you do not love me" when refused: puls. tub.

Brooding: over disappointment in love: PH-AC.

Loves cars: Med. merc. phos. stram. Tub.

Loves profoundly her beautiful daughter: lac-e.

Loves computers: bufo cann-i. kali-br. merc. Sil. Sul-ac. sulph. zinc-met.

Loves to make people and animals suffer: Anac. ARS. Bell. med. Tub.

Loves to dance: Carc. merc. rhus-t. Sep.

Delirium: maniacal from disappointed love: PHOS./youth, beauty, love and peace aids/is despised by everybody who loves him: phasco-ci./connected to devil,

he is arrogant towards those who strive to purity, light and love: ozone/love is impossible: diox. hippoc-k./not loved by parents: sacch. Thuj./

unfit to be loved: germ-met./unfit to be loved by parents

Depression, sadness from disappointed love: Aur-m-n. aur-s. Aur-met. bell. carc. dig. Hyos. IGN. NAT-M. nat-sil. Ph-ac.

Despair from disappointed love: Aur-met. caust. Hyos. Ign. Nat-m. nat-sil. plut-n.

Dictatorial power of love: granit-m. ignis-alc. lyc./despotic: ars. Caust. Lach. Lyc. nux-v. plat-met. sulph./domineering, dogmatic, despotic: power of love: ars. lach. lyc.

Disappointed love: AUR-met. Aur-m-n. Aur-s. Bell. Bufo Calc-p. Caust. Cimic. Coff. Con. Hell. HYOS. IGN. kali-p. Lach. NAT-M. PH-AC. PLAT-met. STAPH.

Disgust of others body but loves his own body odor: lac-c. SULPH.

“As if one had taken a love-drug”: ara-maca.

Dullness, sluggishness, difficulty of thinking and comprehending from disappointed love: calc-p.

Fear of accidents of loved ones: phos./about of loved ones: Cocc. hep. merc. Phos. succ-ac.

Loves flowers: nat-m. phos.

Love for gardening: carc. elaps Med. scand-met. sulph. thuj. tub.

Love of nature: bit-ar. carc. caust. coff. cygn-be. dulc. elaps falco-pe. ignis-alc. kali-s. lac-f. lac-leo. limest-b. med. phos. podo. rad-br. rhus-g. ruta taosc. tritic-vg. vanil.

Loves to be in nature: carc. cloth. coff. lac-f. lac-leo. med. phos. podo. puls. rhus-g. tub.

Loves plants: cupr-met. limest-b. tritic-vg. vanil.

Griefs for long lost loved ones: hippoc-k.

Griefs with disappointed love: Aur-m-n. carc. IGN. NAT-M. nat-sil. ph-ac. phos. Silently: Aur-m. IGN. NAT-M. nat-sil. PH-AC. phos.

Grief, sorrow: death of loved ones or friends: calc. CARC. CAUST. gels. IGN. Kali-br. lach. NAT-M. nux-v. ph-ac. plat-met. staph. sulph.

death of loved ones or friends nurses with prolonged illness: CARC. COCC.

Homosexuality: Anh. aur-ar. calc-p. calc. hydrog. hyos. hypoth. Lach. med. nat-m. orig. pegan-ha. phos. PLAT-met. plut-n. Puls. sep. Sulph. syph. thiop. tub.

Loves horror movies: stram.

Hysteria in girls from disappointed love: ant-c.

Indifferent to loved ones: Acon. aids. All-c. allox. arge-pl. ars-i. ars. bell. carb-v. carc. cina dendr-pol. dream-p. falco-pe. Fl-ac. ham. HELL. kali-p. kali-s. kali-sil.

ketogl-ac. lavand-a. lil-t. melal-alt. merc. myric. nat-p. nat-sil. petr-ra. PHOS. plat. positr. pseuts-m. sal-fr. SEP. Syph./to music which he loves: Carb-v. caust. ign.


Indifferent, apathy to friends: ars-i./to loved ones: ACON. allox. arge-pl. ars-i. ars. bell. carb-v. carc. falco-pe. FL-AC. HELL. kali-p. kali-sil. lil-t. merc. myric.

nat-p. nat-sil. PHOS. plat. pseuts-m. SEP. SYPH.

Insane, mad from disappointed love: Hyos. Ign. tarent./on account of unfortunate love: tarent.

Irritable to loved ones: thuj. vanil.

Jealous with disappointed love: Hyos./from disappointed love: hyos. Lach. nat-m. sacch. Staph

Desire to kill loved ones: ars. chin. CIMIC. hep. jab. kali-br. merc. NUX-V. PLAT-met.

Impulse or desire to kill loved ones: ars. chin. hep. jab. kali-br. merc. Nux-v. Plat-met. Thea

Laughing from disappointed love: HYOS.

Feelings of love coming towards her and from her: limen-b-c. ulm-c. Vanil.

Exalted love: adam. aids. ant-c. cygn-be. Hyos. limen-b-c. olib-sac. plut-n. Podo. rhus-g. tritic-vg. vanil.

Falling in love easily: ign.

Imaginary love for a person: olib-sac.

Desires romantic love: germ-met. musca-d.

Ailments from disappointed love: Acon. am-c. androc. ant-c. ars. Aur-m-n. Aur-s. AUR-et. Bell. Bufo cact. Calc-p. Carc. Caust. Cimic. cocc. Coff. com. Con. dig.

ham. Hell. HYOS. IGN. iod. kali-c. Kali-p. lac-h. Lach. lyc. NAT-M. nat-s. nat-sil. nux-m. nux-v. orig. oxyg. PH-AC. phos. pitu-a. psor. PULS. rhus-g. Sacch-a.

sep. seq-s. STAPH. stram. sulph. tarent. til. tub. verat.

Exalted love: adam. aids. am-c. Ant-c. hyos. plut-n. podo. rhus-g.

Love sick: aids. ANT-C. carc. cypra-eg. germ-met. hydrog. Ign. med. Nat-m. oncor-t. til. tub.

Obsessive love: ant-c. carc. hydrog. Hyos. Ign. Lach. med. Nat-m. til.

Overflowing of love for humanity: carc. germ-met. hydrog. nat-c. phos.

Rejected love: Aur-met. Aur-s. carc. Caust. LYC. Nat-m. Pall-met. Sil. Sulph.

Sexual, pervers love: anac. Fl-ac. gamb. Grat. hura Hyos. ind. kali-n. Lyc. manc. med. merc. mosch. murx. nux-v. orig. Plat-met. staph. stram. tarent. Thuj. tub. zinc-met.

Self love: germ-met. Plat-met.

Unhappy love: aur-mwet. bell. calc-p. carc. caust. hyos. Ign. Nat-m. ph-ac. staph. tarent.

Unrequited love: Ign. NAT-M. tarent.

Unfortunate love: Aur-met. calc-p. caust. cimic. COFF. Con. HYOS. IGN. kali-c. LACH. NAT-M. PH-AC. phos. sep. STAPH.

To loved ones malicious: germ-met. Lyc. sep.

vindictive: germ-met. sep. thea

Loves music hear or play: Carc. Tarent.

Loves to use perfume: ambr. anh. cann-i. carc. ign. med. mosch. phos. Sulph. tarent. tub.

Power of love: adam. ars. Caust. Lach. LYC. Nux-v. plat. sulph.

Rage, fury from disappointed love: Hyos. Lach.

Sadness, depression, melancholy from disappointed love: Alf. Aur-met. Aur-m-n. AUR-M. aur-s. bell. carc. dig. Hyos. IGN. NAT-M. nat-sil. Ph-ac. Succ. taosc. Uran-met.

Loves seaside: carc. falco-pe. limest-b. sal-fr.

Sentimental ecstatic love in moonlight: ANT-C.

Loves solitude: ACON. AMBR. AUR-met. BAR-C. Bell. calc-p. camph. carb-an. chin. cic. clem. con. Cupr-met. cycl. dig. ferr-p. hep. IGN. kali-bi. kali-c. led. Lyc. meny.

nat-c. Nat-m. Nux-v. petr. PLAT-met. PULS. RHUS-T. stann-met.

Speech incoherent from disappointed love: hyos. Lach. nat-m.

Suicidal disposition by drowning from disappointed love: ant-c. AUR-met. bell. caust. HYOS. plut-n. staph.

by drowning: Hyos.

Thoughts persistent of youth, beauty and love: aids.

Unconsciousness, coma: unable to mediate between loved ones: lac-e.

Loves water: bar-c. calc-caust. calc-p. calc-s. calc. carc. falco-pe. haliae-lc. lac-del. lac-leo. lac-loxod-a. limest-b. phos. puls. sil. sulph. tarent. tub.

Loves cloudy weather: sep.

Loves: carc. sep./stormy weather: carc. sep./thunderstorms: bell-p. Carc. lyc. phos. Sep.

Weeping, tearful mood from unrequited love: IGN.

Catalepsy from unrequited love: hyos. Ign. lach. nat-m. Ph-ac.

Speech/Voice: INCOHERENT, speech: love disappointment, from hyos. Lach. nat-m.

Chest: Pain in heart from love sickness: cact./from disappointed love: dig.

Palpitation of heart from disappointed love: cact. ign. Nat-m. ph-ac.

Allergies, allergic reactions: to what they love most: carc. nat-m.

Apoplexie from grief from disappointed love: PHOS.


Aggravations and ameliorations in general:

Emotions: < unhappy love: Acon. AUR-met. cact. calc-p. Caust. COFF. Hell. HYOS. IGN. kali-c. Kali-p. lach. Nux-v. PH-AC. sep. STAPH.

SANGUINE constitutions: romantic, falls in love easily: Ign.

WEAK constitutions: from unfortunate love: Ph-ac.

Dry cough from disappointed love: PH-AC.

Core Delusions: division between himself and others; it is impossible to connect to others, even loved ones: NAT-C.

Core Delusions: believes she is insulted: reflects the unrequited love: TARENT.

Delusions: is doing something wrong: pressure put on him by others and himself to succeed in enormous tasks in order to feel loved: CARC.

Dreams: affectionate with reminiscences of his youthful love: coc-c.

Couple makes love in dirty linen: ozone

Fallen in love: bamb-a. harp. kola

Lovely, of a distant beloved person: plb-met.

Weeping over love of the word of god: maias-l.

Amorous has fallen in love: bamb-a. carbn-dox. kola ol-eur. oncor-t. plut-n. ruta

Old loving couple: coca-c.

Wants love from his father: plut-n.

Talking o. weeping about one's love for the word of god: maias-l.

People loved by him: bros-gau.

Limbs: Cold from disappointed love: PH-AC.

Female organs: amenorrhea from disappointed love: HELL.

menses suppressed from disappointed love: hell. ign. nat-m. ph-ac.

ailments during menses from disappointed love: hell. Ign.

Pain in ovaries in love-sick girls: ant-c.

Increased, desire after disappointed love: Verat.

Desire: sexual violent, insatiable, nymphomania from disappointed love: verat.

Generalities: Allergy to what they love most: nat-m.

Apoplexie from grief from disappointed love: Phos.

Cataleptic state from unrequited love: hyos. Ign. lach. nat-m. Ph-ac.

Convulsions from disappointed love: hyos. Ign.

Emaciation from disappointed love: PH-AC.

from disappointed love, ailments from: ACON. alf. am-c. androc. ant-c. AUR-M-N. AUR-S. AUR-met. BELL. BUFO cact. CALC-P. carc. CAUST. CIMIC. COFF. com. CON. cypra-eg. dig. HELL. hochst. HYOS. IGN. iod. kali-c. KALI-P. LACH. lat-h. NAT-M. nux-m. nux-v. onos. orig. ozone PH-AC. PHOS. pitu-a. plut-n. psor. ros-d. SACCH-A. sep. seq-s. spect. STAPH. stram. succ. sulph. taosc. tarent. til. uran-met. VERAT.

Weakness, enervation, exhaustion, prostration, infirmity: from unfortunate love: PH-AC.

Thunderstorms, loves to watch: bell-p. Carc. lyc. Phos. Sep.

Weak from unfortunate love: aur-met. Ign. Nat-m. PH-AC.

Head: Pain from disappointed love: carc.

Hearing: Illusion: hears distant talk of loved one: aran.

Stomach: Appetite wanting: from disappointed love: carc.

Chest: Pain in heart: from love sickness: cact.

Palpitation from disappointed love: aur-met. cact. ign. Nat-m. ph-ac.

Herzsensationen nach Liebeskummer.

Ambra dil. D6

Ignatia dil. D12

Magnolia grandiflora dil. D4

Rosa damascena Ø

Verbena officinalis Ø aa 20.0

M.D.S., 3x tgl. 20 Tropfen (von Staufen-Pharma mischen lassen).

Zusätzlich von Klein "Oxacant sedativ", 3x tgl. 30 Tropfen; enthält Baldrian, Herzgespann, Melisse und Weißdorn.

Weak heart from disappointed love: Ph-ac.

Pulse almost imperceptible from disappointed love: PH-AC.

Love disappointment, unhappy, pangs ant-c. aur-met. cact. calc-p. cimic. coff. hell. Hyos. Ign. iod. lach. Nat-m. Ph-ac. tarent. verat.

Respiration: Asthma in presence of love ones: nat-m.

Difficult from disappointed love: PH-AC.

Sadness, low spirits, mental depression: from unhappy love: dig.

Sleep: Sleepless from disappointed love: carc.

Sleepless pain in heart from disappointed/unhappy love: dig.

MIRILLI'S THEMES: LOVE: ACON. adam. aeth. agn. alf. alum. am-c. am-m. anac. ancis-p. androc. ANT-C. anthrac. apis aq-mar. ARS. aur-ar. AUR-M-N. AUR-S. AUR-met. bamb-a. BELL. bros-gau. BUFO cact. CALC-P. calc. CANN-I. cann-s. carb-v. carc. CAUST. chel. CIMIC. cocc. coff-t. COFF. coloc. com. CON. corv-cor. crot-c. cycl. cypra-eg. dig. ephe. falco-pe. fl-ac. GELS. germ-met. gink-b. granit-m. haliae-lc. harp. HELL. HEP. hochst. hura hydr-ac. hydrobr-ac. hydrog. HYOS. IGN. ignis-alc. ind. INDG. iod. ip. irid-met. KALI-C. kali-fcy. kali-n. KALI-P. kola lac-del. lac-e. lac-leo. LACH. lat-h. lil-t. LIMEN-B-C. limest-b. lyc. LYSS. MAG-C. mag-m. mag-s. mand. MED. MERC. nat-c. NAT-M. nat-s. neon nuph. nux-m. NUX-V. ONOS. op. orig. ox-ac. ozone peti. PH-AC. PHOS. pic-ac. pip-m. pitu-a. PLAT-met. plut-n. psor. PULS. ros-d. sabal. SACCH. sacch-l. sal-ac. scor. sep. seq-s. sil. spect. STAPH. stram. succ. SULPH. tamrnd. taosc. tarent. thea thiop. til. tub. uran-met. urol-h. VERAT. Zinc-met.

Doctrine of Signatures:

Elk. Antler-like structures indicate Elk medicines. These usually act on the kidneys and balance male hormones. Staghorn sumach (Rhus typhina), Florida dogwood (Cornus florida), sweet leaf (Monarda fistulosa), and blue vervain (Verbena hastata).


Deer. A subdivision of the above. Both elk and deer medicines are 'love medicine.' Deer medicines are sweet-scented so that Deer like to sleep in them so that they don't smell like Deer.

Cleavers (Galium aparine), Hay-scented fern, and sweet leaf (Monarda fistulosa).


Liebe geht durch den Magen

Grün war im Mittelalter nicht nur die Farbe der Liebe, sondern auch die Farbe der bösen Schlangen und Dämonen


Allerlei: „Liebe ist respektvolle Verantwortlichkeit“

Dalai Lama

„Ich habe drei Schätze, die ich hüte und hege.

1e ist die Liebe,

2e ist die Genügsamkeit,

3e ist die Demut.


Nur der Liebende ist mutig, nur der Genügsame ist großzügig, nur der Demütige ist fähig zu herrschen.“


In French/Italian: "Love at first sight" = Coup de foudre/Colpo di fulmine (= der Blitzschlag = Liebe auf den ersten Blick).



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