Chimaphilla maculata (Chim-m) = bitter. Wintergreen/= ground holly/= king.'s cure/= love in winter/= prince's pine./= rheumatism weed


Negativ: A.  Nagenden Hunger;


Bewusstlosigkeit, schnell vorübergehende


Reizbarkeit bei Fieberhitze;


Gemüt: Bewusstlos (vorübergehend)

Reizbar/gereizt (während Hitze)

Kopf: Schmerz einige

Sehen: Trübsichtig, trübes Sehen während Kopfschmerz

Ohr: Schmerz [r. (drückend)/mit Zahnschmerz]

Mund: Steife Zunge

Zähne: Schmerz

Innerer Hals: Entzündet

Magen: Appetit nagend/Durstlos (während Fieber/während Hitze)

Schmerz (schneidend/stechend)

Übel (mit Schmerz)

Vergebliches Würgen

Bauch: „Wie Stein“ im Bauch

Rektum: Durchfall

Stuhl: Grau

Urin: Wolkig

Männliche Genitalien: Sexverlangen vermehrt

Kehlkopf und Trachea: Trockene Kehlkopf

Glieder: Frösteln im Knie

Rücken: Schweiß - morgens

Brust: Angina pectoris

Schlaf: Schläfrig < nach Abendessen

Allgemeines: Speisen und Getränke: <: Alkohol/Bier;


Vergleich: Siehe: Ericales


Allerlei: flavoring in candy/soft drinks (root beer).


Phytologie: Stomach/kidneys, skin/lymphatic system.

more relaxing than stimulating

the astringent principle is scarcely obtained: by long boiling or with some alcohol. Mildly increases the flow of urine (chronic weakness of kidneys and bladder, cystic catarrh, weakness and aching in the prostate, and in spermatorrhea).

Relieves a sense of weight and uneasiness through this entire portion of the organism (may be combined with caulophyllum/convallaria in the treatment of leucorrheal and gonorrheal difficulties).

scrofula and cutaneous affections;

Given in decoction, extract, or compound sirup.

The decoction is prepared by boiling an ounce of the leaves in 2 pints of water, straining, and evaporating to one pint. From 2 to 4 fluid ounces of this may be given every 3 or 4 hours.

A fluid extract is prepared in the usual way, of which one fluid drachm would be a dose.

A better preparation would be a concentrated sirup, a pint of which might be made from eight ounces of the ground leaves, with twelve ounces of sugar; and four ounces of rectified whisky afterward added. The dose of this would be from two to four fluid drachms, three times a day.



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