Mangifera indica (Mangi) = Mango/= Aam/= Amra/= Amram/= Mangas


Negativ: Ärgerlich (handfest)/gelangweilt (will beschäftigt sein)/weinerlich/seufzt; frostig. akTIV Entzündungsneigung. Bauchbeschwerden nach essen. Schmerz wandert/ kommt + geht plötzlich/stellenweise; frostig,

verlangt Süßes/Mango;

> erbricht/frische Luft + Schweiß; < Anstrengung/Wetterwechsel/Klimaanlage; klebrig/Faden ziehend)/Blutung; Krampfader/Katarrh (Ausscheidung);


Gemüt: > blau/verlangt helle Farben (weiß)

Nase: Entzündet/Niesen

Mund: Zunge - rot + reine Zungenspitze + seitlich rein/weiß + rote Zungenspitze/rein seitlich

Innerer Hals: im Allgemeinen (akut)

Entzündete Rachen

Erstickungsgefühl („Als ob sich der Hals schließt, zugeht“)

Magen: Art des Erbrochenen: Blut

Bauch: gereizte Darm - chronisch

Rektum: Blutung aus dem Anus

Stuhl: Blutig

Urin: Blutig

Weibliche Genitalien: Metrorrhagie (sickert heraus)

Brust: Blutung der Lungen

Schlaf: Schläfrig

Allgemeines: Blutung - passiv, heraussickernd

Erschlafft - körperlich/Muskeln

Speise und Getränke: >: kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser;   <: Gewürze, Würzmittel/Süßigkeiten;     Verlangt: Mangos/saure Speisen, Säuren/Süßigkeiten;


Blutkreislaufbeschwerden - verminderte Durchblutung


Repertory:                                                                                      [Dr. Chetna N. Shukla]

Mind: Anger and harsh/when offended

Blunt (to husband)

Confidence lacks because of fathers absence

Company – desires it (beloved ones)

„As if dazed in the morning“

Delusion - imaginations of red Indians (wisdom)/father says “a person loyal to god will be loyal to you”/freedom will get when she is old/people suffering because of old karma/is responsible responsible for own happiness/husband (her pain does not realizes it/suffering because of him/is not providing/accusing him for her misery/does not underatand her/is Krishna (in smartness)/love provides basic necessities/understanding marital relationship is lost/is old/suffers too much (because of husband)/ feeling tortured/tormented/suffering/harassed from retaliation

Desires – antibiotics/painkillers/clothes good to wear/dainties/death from tiredness/colors (brown/green)/company of husband/(giving medicines) instant relief/money to spend/nothing at all/relief immediate

Dwells on past disagreeable events

Excitement absent - tiredness from good news

Fear - eerie/spooky places/“As isolated“/somebody will come/at night

Firm (will not tolerate injustice/to re-enforce own identity)

Forsaken from husband/unloved by husband

Mmango (friend holding it in hand/friend asks to hold it/mango juice falling on floor/talk on mango/friend tells eating a mango gives one a good and loving partner)

Hall - big/university friends gathered

Happiness - responsible own

Identity - desire to re-enforce it

Injustice cannot tolerate

Irritable from exhaustion

Life - tired of ti and must end it

Love - provides comforts/basic necessities/everything is fair in love and war/unloved by husband

Missing father dead who is

Offended easily

Pamper children - desires to

Pride is offended

Desires to antidote proving (can’t stand proving symptoms/can’t ask for help)/snake remedy a

Resentment husband towards, dream after seeing that he is flirting with other women

Read Gita (= religious script) desires it/Mahabharata (epics giving rules to live life/stories on love/duty/war/dharma/knows about power/tact/manipulation/competition)

Retaliation (= Vergeltung) to hurt others/to protect oneself/when survival threatened


Sarcasm, taunt (when offended)


Smart act - like Krishna

Suffering too much

Striking her children


Talk - aversed to with fever

Wedded to the person of her choice/dressed in a Christian gown (being a Muslim reality in)/dressed simple being asked to marry, boy being too simple

Work – „As if automatic“/avered to from exhaustion/no initiativ to do any/will not do any/not involved in any

Dreams: <(<(<( many )>)>)>

Sleep: „As if awake and listening to everything around“


With head covered


Sleepless till 3 h.

Sleepy in morning

Head: Pain – heaviness (morning on waking/forehead)

Nose: Discharge yellowish postnasal


Obstructed – at night/r. nostril with fever/# watery discharge

Ears: Pain with sensation falling down

„As if opening and shutting“

Eyes: Desire to rub

Tiredness around

Face: Eruptions - boils burning/feeling hot/painful/on forehead/herpes around nose and mouth

Lips „As if parched“

Mouth: Open during sleep

Taste bitter – with fever/> taking lemon/> eating pani-puri (= indische Teigtasche)/> eating salt

Throat: Pain in throat radiating to ears

„As if choked after dream“/“As if choked“ > warm tea/gargles

Voice hoarse

Stomach: Appetite - intolerant of hunger, must eat/greedy on seeing food/hunger 18.30 h./returns after eating raw mango

Abdomen: Pain l. in lower iliac fossa/in l. flank

Extremities: Pain - legs (radiating from gluteal region behind knees)/sharp in l. knee/arms - deltoid l. radiating to axilla/l. > keeping hands on sides

Back: Pain – after midnight/in dorsal 4th vertebra (ext. sacrum)/in sacrum

Bladder: Tenesmus

Cough: Morning waking on/at night/midnight

„A from inhaled pepper“

and restlessness

from suffocation

From trachea

Pain – on empty swallowing

Expectoration: relieves cough

Green yellow

Chest: Pain (in l. arm radiating to the lower ribs/while sleeping at night)

Female organs: Leucorrhea watery

Menses early/scanty

Sexual desire increased

Rectum: „As if anal mucosa (= Schleimhäute) protruding“

Burning in anus during defecation


Stool: frequent with left iliac fossa pain/hard/black/offensive

Fever: Evening in 18.30 - 20.00 h./at night

And chilly

> warm clothes

Intolerant of heat („As if caged“)/desires to sleep naked/“As if oppressed“/

„Heat as if fever“ but no measured fever


Sweat: Scanty, suppressed, „As if oppressed“

Generalities: Air draft aversed to, desires to cover head

Exhausted/tired/fatigue with desire to sleep

Exhausted - in evening (desires to close eyes)

Foods and drinks: Aversion: Non-vegetarian food/rice (in afternoon);

Desires: Cashews/chutneys/coffee/fruits/grapes/oranges/pungent (= scharf)/pani-puri (= indische Teigtasche)/rice (at night)/lemon juice/limca (= Getränk mit Zitrone-/Limegeschmack)/spicy/vegetables;


Vergleich: Enthält: Enzyme.;  Siehe: Sapindales + Anhang (Proving: Dr Chetna N. Shukla)


Wirkung: aphrodisisch.                       

Allerlei: Indien/tropisch           

Wish. granting tree/symbol of love and devotion. = an arrow. of Kama, the god of love. 

Flowers are dedicated to the moon.

Marriage pandals. are festooned with strings of mango leaves. Wood used in funeral. pyre. Mango leaf garlands are hung over the door of the house where a son has been born.

Spirits. of dead ancestors are believed to live in this tree.



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