Vergleich: Siehe: Brennstoffen + Waffen + Arthropoda + Schmerz + Feuer


Trio: Burning (in general): Arsenicum album, Phosphorus, Sulphur.

Burning in soles: Chamomilla, Medorrhinum, Sulphur.

In der Materia Medica finden sich für alle Insektenmittel brennende Symptome.


Acal = Indisches Brennkraut/= Indian Nettle


Daph = Süßbast/= Menschendieb/= Brennbeere

Lychnis chalcedonica = Brennende Liebe Caryophylales


Succinum = Bernstein/= Gläsum (= altes Wort für Glas)/= Ambra/= Germanisches Gold/= Brennstein/= Electron/= Gold des Meeres/Weiße Bernstein = „Knochen“/

= Luchsharn/weiße Farbe entsteht durch Blasen

Tricholomopsis flammula = kleine Ritterling Fungi

Urticaceae = Kleine Brennessel/= Orbie/= Donnernessel/= Hanfnessel/= Nessel/= Saunessel


· Sulph Great burning, explained by a sort of local congestion.

· Ars burning seems almost intolerable, relieved by heat/excels all the rest of them in intensity/characterized by restlessness, sudden prostration and < midnight/-day.

· Phos has a burning sensation all over, sometimes in small isolated spots (between shoulders). Anaemic, over-sensitive and phthisical.

· Acon: burning in acute inflammatory affections in their first stage. High fever, restlessness, impatience, and thirst are characteristic.

· Apis redness, swelling and oedema + burning and stinging pain. < heat and > by cold. (Ars. > heat)

· Agar: burning, itching and redness “As from frost bites and chilblain”.

· Canth burns like fire (urinary tract). There is a constant desire to urinate and every effort to urinate + intolerable burning.

· Caps burning - intolerable, intense burning - + smarting.

· Anthrac burning mostly connected with the ulcers, putrid sores, gangrenes, and malignant pustules.


Verletzung durch brennende Schwefel: Elec.


[Farokh Master]

Ars.: burning sensation or raw smarting sensation/+ fever, kaltes Brennen

Iris-v. burning in the mouth

Petr.: burning in the mouth (+ fever). 

Acon-f: burning > by cold

Hyper.: Burning + thirst

Sang.: burning associated with any hot food


Krankheiten: M.S.:



Sec.: Entspricht genau dem Krankheitsbild des Burning-feet-Syndroms. (< Wärme).


Blisters “As if from burns”, burning on touch

Kent: Skin, eruptions, blisters, as from a burn: ambr. aur. bell. canth. carb-an. clem. lyc. nat-c. phos. sep. sulph.

Skin, eruptions, burning, < touch: cann-s. canth. merc.

Cantharis is the only remedy that has both peculiar symptoms.


„Brennende Liebe“

„Brennen aus Leidenschaft“

„Mit brennendem Geduld“



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