Electricitas (Elec)


Thema: Grenze; Lösung: positiv: Respektieren/beachten; negativ: Sich über hinwegsetzen;

Kontakt: Schlaf unterbrochen/nicht erfrischend/“Als ob nicht richtig geschlafen“/Träume gehemmt.


Symptoms caused by electricity, but every one knows the powerful effect exercised on some persons by the approach of a thunderstorm, and the influence of an electric current.

• Nervous tremors, anxiety, fear, restlessness, and anguish, violent headaches, palpitation, swelling of parts, are among the most prominent symptoms.

• Pains in the limbs, grievous pains, pains in old wounds, or in enfeebled bodies, from a change of temperature.

• Dragging in all the limbs, as far as the ends of the fingers and toes, nocturnal shootings, in parts which are paralysed, or else in those which have been electrified, shaking of the

whole body, commencing in the maxillary bones, tingling in the parts electrified, violent burning in those which touch the chain.

• General depression and weariness, sometimes with giddiness or with drowsiness, lassitude and stiffness of the limbs, general depression after a meal, uneasiness during a storm;

[Alan V. Schmukler]

Electric Shock

If the patient is not breathing, begin mouth to mouth resuscitation. If there is no heartbeat, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Arn:. For electric shock with or without stoppage of the heart. Give the highest potency you have. Place the remedy between the lips and teeth.

Phos:. Pale face, weak pulse. Place the remedy between lips and teeth.

Canth: For burns from electricity

Negativ: Närrisches Benehmen/unwillkürliches lachen; (Tränen) + (seufzen), geht leicht Verbindungen an + kann sie nicht einschätzen (ausnutzen +/o. unterstützen)/an Altes festhalten,

depressiv/Angst (Gewitter), nervöses Zittern. Ruhelos, Herzklopfen, müde + schläfrig/schwindlig, schwere Gliedmaßen;

[Dr. H.C. Allen]

Suffers mental torture before and during an electrical storm. Weeping, timid , fearful. Involuntary laughter, loss of speech, sleepless for 2 months. Asthma all one’s life with

palpitation and disposition to faint;



Dizziness or Faintness

Bloated feeling/swimming

Vision disturbed


Loss of potency

Functional disturbance of the central nervous system Functional disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system Neuro-dynamic events in the cerebral cortex

Loss of concentration

EEG changes/ECG changes

Reduction of sensitivity and function in the neuromuscular system of the hand/slight tremor of the fingers

Symptoms of neurasthenia

Tendency to perspire

Weak pulse

Low blood pressure

Cardiovascular disturbances




Qualitative and quantitative changes in peripheral blood system

Various changes in composition of blood components

Changes in reaction time

Stimulation affect

Disturbances in temperature regulation


Gemüt: Angst (mit Furcht)/Qualvolle Angst/Furcht (vor Gewitter)



Macht Fehler (i.B. auf die Zeit)

macht Gesten, Gebärden (lächerlich o. albern)


Lacht (hysterisch/unwillkürlich)


Raserei, Tobsucht, Wut


Schüchtern, zaghaft

Sinne abgestumpft, stumpf

Weint (plötzlich//vor Gewitter)/seufzt

Kopf: Kälte, Frösteln etc. im Scheitel


Gesicht: Ausdruck abgehärmt

Brust: Angst in Herzgegend

Herzklopfen + rotes Gesicht/nervöses Herzklopfen

Glieder: Lähmung (Arme/Beine)

Schmerz - rheumatisch

Schweregefühl - Arme/Beine

Schlaf: Schlaflos - nervös

Allgemeines: Chorea/Lähmung


Repertorium: [South Downs School of Homoeopathy]

Mind: Concentration difficult [can’t fix attention/# with clear purpose/driving/during conversation/reading/vacant feeling on attempting to (concentrate)]

Tranquility, serenity, duress, in situations

Company in general, aversion to/desires to be alone

Feels disconnected/detached


Sensitive (to external impressions)

Delusions: parts of body, parts enlarged (fingers)

„As if hands and feet shrinking“

Misjudges distances. Light-headed. Not grounded.

Feeling ‘connected’ with others. Cheerful, buoyant, positive, euphoric. Extravagance.

Too much adrenalin. Calm, peaceful, steady. Forgetful. Withdrawn. Desires to be alone.


Head: constriction, tension (> pressure/in occiput)

„As if heavy“ (desires to lean on something/from motion/in vertex/ext. to sides of head)

„As if stiff“ in occiput

Tension in occiput

Neck pain in nape of neck

Constriction, tension (> pressure/in occiput)

„As if heavy“ [desires to lean on something/from motion/in vertex (ext. sides of head)]

„As if stiff“ in occiput

Symptoms and sensations from the neck upwards.

Tight and heavy from throat upwards. Pressure and fulness.

Tension at base of skull, „As if compressed“. Ache in crown.

Vertigo: on closing eyes

Feeling off balance < walking with eyes closed.

Ear: Noises in ears (with vertigo/buzzing/crackling/hissing „As from a radio signal“/ringing)

Tight sensation, sharp ache, blocked, popping.

Hearing: acute to noises

Deafness temporary after stooping

Vision: blurred (in artificial light)/indistinct

Objects seen with blurred outlines/indistinct



Eyes: Dry (lids)/red/sore

Face: Skin dry

Nose: Catarrh, mucus, congested (constant/in chest)

Coryza (alternating sides/ext. to chest/with fever)

Discharge in general- copious/watery

Dry inside

Coryza - watery discharge

Itching inside

Sneezing in morning on waking

Smell: akute

general, sensitive to odours

Mouth: Dry

Taste - offensive in morning/bitter/lost/foul

Food tasteless in coryza

Throat: dryness


Pain raw

Scratching „As from sand“

Sore morning on waking

Tension right side

Stomach: belching (loud)

„As if full“ after eating ever so little


Nausea [(< ater) eating/thinking of food eaten]

Food and drink: appetite lost

Desires: (must have) meat/raw food;

Thirst (unquenchable/for large quantities)

Food „As if stuck“ immediately after eating.

Abdomen: Constipated

Rectum: constipated

Neck: Stiff


Noises with movement of neck.

Shoulders: stiff

Back: Pain lumbar region - evening/> lying on the side

Sore - turning the body/spine thoracic

Stiff - on moving/turns whole body to look around

Stiffness in back and hips.

Back, as if ‘wired up.’

Tension - thoracic (ext. neck)/scapula (ext. neck)

Hips - aching (r.side)

Hips stiff

Female organs: menses - with cramps/too frequent/too early/too soon/profuse

Breasts - Fullness („As if full“)

Itching of nipples

Breasts - pain (during pregnancy/during menses/< pressure/> supporting/on touch)/sore (during menses)

Breasts sensitive

Breasts - swollen (during menses)

Early ovulation. Ovulation „As if absent“.

Early onset of period.

During menses; abdominal cramps/breasts enlarged and tender

Extremities: Legs, hands, ankles, joints

Elbows - aching pain/constriction l.

Fingernails brittle/flaky

Hands - swollen (fingers)

Hands - between thumb and index finger

Hands - weak, powerless/loss of grip

Wrists swollen

Ankles - pain pulsating

Legs - ext. downwards/ext. upwards

Legs - pain in calves/pulsating/in legs wandering

Legs - stiff/swollen (during menses/lower)/twitching in calves

Joints - stiff (on rising)

Wrists and hands puffy with oedema.

Legs pulsing, tired, aching, stiff.

Pain in calves.

Ankles pulsing and oedema.

Skin: Large boils/dry

Sleep: Insomnia (from slight noise)

< waking/waking difficult

In evening after falling asleep

Waking impossible

Restless. Sleeps longer. Hard to get up.

Dreams: amorous, sexual/anxious (continued after waking)/having been betrayed/disgusting/of flying/being poisoned/repulsion to external influences/vivid (dreaming resumes with sleep). being poisoned/polluted. repulsion and disgust at something not wanted in the body.

Generals: < morning

Stiffness of body (after exertion/on rising)

„As if weak“ (from exertion/from walking rapidly)

„As if internal parts dry“

Heavy/„As if heavy“ externally/in morning/internally

Efficiency increased (with cheerfulness)

„As from electrical“

Exertion physical impossible

Sensitive externally

Stiffness. Weakness. Dryness.

< movement. < morning on waking.

Generally < from the effects of the electrical fields in the environment (work place).


Folgt gut: Ambra. Lyc.


Vergleich: Indigo. Lantaniden (strong electro-magnetic and light properties). Mikrowellen (wirken thermisch/elektrischer). Natur Symph. Uran-met.      

DD.: Phos. susceptibility to external impressions/light/sound/odor/touch/electrical changes. Numb; arms; hands; fingers and toes. Totter; stumbles easily.

Nat-c. (Anxious and fearful < thunder-storms; not from timidity, but from electric changes in the atmosphere. Heaviness of legs and feet, with tension in them, sitting or walking. Unsteady walk).


Joints suddenly give way. Legs heavy, feet as if glued to the floor.


Phos. the best antidote to the effects of (electrical) storms.

DENT.: = Mobile phone. South Downs School of Homoeopathy proving. 1999.

https://schwa-medico.de/de/tenstem-eco-basic: treatment with low current electric charges.

Murphy’s repertory:

Ailments from electricity: Nat-c. Phos. Sil. Bees. highly sensitive to electrical charges/whole body is negatively charged. This fact has been exploited by flowers, whose positively charged pollen

are able to leap up to any visiting bee thanks to the forces of opposites attracting. If beehives are placed under powerlines, the inhabitants soon swarm and leave; those that stay produce fewer

brood cells and in the winter more bees die. In fact, bees seem to hate all electromagnetic fields and will vent their anger on any electrical equipment. But such loathing is far from universal ..."

Electric shock: Phos. (ailments from electric shock/specific remedy to be given every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses after an electric shock). Morph.

Consider the rubrics: Sensations „As if electric shocks and sparks“.

Siehe: Uraniumgruppe + Wellen allgemein + Gallengruppe + Blitz + Anhang (Frances Wilburn) + Imponderables


Amph. spinal cord does not respond to electrical currents.

Bleizirkonatitanat erzeugt Elec. durch Druck

Carb-f.: = Bucky balls

Electrophorus electricus = Zitteraal/saugt Nahrung im Ganzen/macht elektrische Stromstöße als Waffe Pisces:

Elektrosmog = Dect.: 

Gagat: wird elektrisch durch reiben.

Gallen: haben andere elektrisch-magnetische Wellenfrequenz als Blattzellen,

Galv.: Gleichstromtechnik

Phos.: [Elaine Lewis] Phosphorus is the first remedy you should think of for ailments from electricity?  Electricity and radiation!  Ailments from electric shock, lightning strike, ailments

from too much time in front of the computer screen, ailments from putting the computer on your lap….  I used to do that but I got strange, unpleasant sensations in my legs. 

I took Phosphorus and put my laptop on the table!  So remember, when the etiology is electricity, think of Phosphorus! 


Silber:-Metalle = gute elektrische Leiter (Au/Ag/Cu)

Suc.: = Bernstein/= Gläsum (= altes Wort für Glas)/= Ambra/= Germanisches Gold/= Brennstein/= Electron/= Gold des Meeres/Weiße Bernstein = „Knochen“/= Luchsharn

Suc. + Turmalin: + Quarz: + Zinc-s.: können elektrisch aufgeladen werden durch Druck + Zug.

Tant-met: kann MENGE Elec. speichern


Unverträglich: Chlol. M-ambo. Merc. Phos-h. Plb.             Säuren

Verletzungen durch brennenden Schwefel.


Antidotiert: Asaf. Chlol. M-ambo. M-arct. M-aust. Mag-c. Merc. Phos-h. Plb-met.

Antidotiert von: Cham. Chin. Mosch. Nux-v. Merc. Morph-act. Phos.

Elektrosmog: Colch. Hyacinth.

Elektrounfall: Elektrische Verbrennungen werden nekrotisch ohne Entzündung o. Eiterung o. Rötung: Phos (blasses Gesicht/kribbeln/zittern/aufgeregt/Angst).

Nux-v  (verkrampft/starr/scheintot). Lach (blau verfärbtes Gesicht)

[Alan V. Schmukler]

Electric shock: (Place remedy between the lips and teeth)

Arn.: for electric shock with or without stoppage of the heart. Give the highest potency you have.

Phos.: Pale face, weak pulse.

Canth.: Burns from Electricity

To remove the susceptibility [to the effects of electricity (electrical storms)]: Psor. Tub. X-ray.


Wirkung: 3 - 4 T.                    tuberkulin                  

Allerlei: Elektrizität: verursacht durch Reiben/Berühren/Schmelzen/Verdunsten/Verbindung besonders metallischer Körper. 



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