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Oxygenium                            Ego/Ich                       Erinnern

Negativ: Schwierige Beziehungen;

[TF Allen]



Dullness in the forepart of the head, caused by pressure in the head (sixth day).

Heaviness and heat in the sinciput (ninth day).

Heaviness and pressure in the forehead (first day).

Jerking burning in the skin of the forehead, obliging scratching, with heat in the skin, for nearly an hour (seventh day).

Pressure and heat in the forehead (1st day) [with vertigo (7th day)]. Tearing in the side of the head and face (2nd day).


Violent burning sensation below the eyes lasting several minutes, though the skin was cool (3rd day).


A peculiar pressure deep in the left ear (7th day).


Pale (1st day).


Nausea, several times towards noon (8th day). Pressure in the stomach, several times (3rd day). Cutting in the stomach, several times (1st day).


Violent persistent stitching in the left hypochondrium, < inspiration and pressure (11th day). Cutting in the umbilical region (1st day); (4th day).

Violent cutting in the umbilical region, shooting upward (10th day). Violent cutting in the abdomen, ext. into the chest; at 16 h. (2nd day). Violent colic, and light, thin stool, after which the pain (umbilical region, continued and < pressure; after ½ hour another similar stool; and in the evening still another (12th day).


Thin and light-colored (11th day). Light-colored thin, followed by cutting in the umbilical region; in the morning (135th day). Harder than usual (9th + 10th days). Delayed, hard and scanty, at 21 h. (1st  day).

Urinary Organs:

Urine rather increased in quantity (3rd day).

Respiratory Organs:

Sticking and tickling in the larynx, with dry cough, lasting until the irritation to cough in the larynx ceased, without expectoration; the same symptom had been noticed on the previous day, woke him from sleep at night, and occurred several times during the second day. plus very frequent scraping and scraping tickling in the larynx followed by dry cough (5th day).


A peculiar pressure, not easy to describe, deep behind the sternum (6th day).


A peculiar sensation of heaviness and pressure in the left lumbar region < bending towards the left side, lasting several minutes, at 15.30 h., before dinner (3rd day).


Prickling in the left hand (1st day).

Pains in the bones of the left lower leg while walking, so that walking was very difficult (1st day). Boring in the bones below the right knee (seventh day). Violent boring in the right tibia, noticed before taking the dose (6th day). Very violent pinching pain in the right ankle, so that standing was painful, aggravated by motion, but lasting only a few minutes (10th day).

General Symptoms:

More easily fatigued, and becoming heated and perspiring more easily, than usual (6th day). Very weak after even slight motion, all day (1st day). Very weak after the slightest motion (12th day).

Pressure and boring in several bones (8th day).


Much heat of the whole body (1st day). Much internal heat, and much less sensitiveness than usual to the cold air generally (9th day).


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