Samarium metallicum:


Vergleich: Siehe: Sam-co-mag.: (= Samarium-Cobalt-Legierung). + Lanthaniden


[Stephanie Hile]

[Jan Scholten]

experience extreme pressure and heaviness. They have to force their way through life. They have amazing inner strength, and they will put incredible pressure on themselves to get things done.

Their own expectations are the driving force. Their forceful attitude to life might be expressed as ....

"You just have to get on with it".

"Lets get it done. Whatever it takes."

"Nothings gonna bring me down".

A typical Samarium dream is of driving at great speed trying to keep the car on the straight and narrow.

They still feel that they have lots to do and that they will go far. The reward for their struggle is independence and autonomy.

They have to get over, round or through every obstruction. Opposition is felt as harsh criticism, in fact it can seem like everyone's a critic. Its easy to criticise, but much harder to DO!

Provings often give a mixed bag of results. In Clinical trials the remedy is judged to be suitable for the person, which means they will be sensitive to it and their reactions will be good indicators

of its therapeutic role.

One person who took part in an early proving seems to have experienced the expected result with Samarium, which is a Stage 8 Lanthanide (autonomy/power) Remedy:

"I feel self-confident and assertive. The sensation is that I am who I am."

Various others described feelings of "hindrances" or of "breaking boundaries" which are, in general, typical of Stage 8 - the theme of "pushing through".

[Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD]


Self: thinking, exploring, deepening, differentiating, discriminating, measuring.

Measure, count, know.


Thinking about morality.

Secret service: what is allowed? Moral feeling.

Stage 8: Force, push press, struggle, tension, strife, resistance, opposition, confront


[Jason-Aeric Huenecke/Lori Foley and Hannah Albert]

Is in column 8 (Ferrum column) of the Lanthanide row. It represents resistance under the burden of the weight of the whole earth. The headaches in this remedy

are representative of the Lanthanides. They experience even more pressure and tension than the other Lanthanides. They work under pressure for the benefit of others.

They may feel opposed or obstructed in their goal.

They mostly work on their own, on their quest for spiritual development.



Carbon-arc lighting for the motion picture industry. Lasers. Samarium oxide is used in optical glass to absorb infrared light.  Used in magnets, SmCo5 is used in making

a new permanent magnet material with the highest resistance to demagnetization of any known material. Samarium is used in headphones and as a catalyst in

dehydration of ethanol.


Samarium has the theme of “Good Samaritan”  In their quest for enlightenment; they also seek to assist others. They can fight and strive to care for others.  

Within Samarium is the concept of endurance of hardship.  They continue striving even after being injured. The concept is they need to give up things to conquer the shadow.  










Stage 8.



Samarium's quality is heaviness. All the Lanthanides are heavy, but Samarium is extremely heavy. It's as if they carry the burden of the whole earth on their shoulders.

They carry on doing things against all resistance and pain. They are real builders. The heaviness and pressure expresses itself strongly in migraines. The most pronounced migraine

remedy of the Lanthanides.

Forcing to become independent/Building independence and freedom/Pressure to gain freedom/Lonely fight for freedom/Pressure of freedom

They have the feeling that they have to do a lot in order to keep their independence. They work under pressure for the benefit of others. This leads to even more pressure and

tension than in the other Lanthanides.

They have the feeling that there's still so much to do. They have an enormous power that they can use to create something big. They are real constructors, both in the physical

world and in the psychological world.

They can push through even when the task looks impossible or Herculean.

Concentrated constructive power

Realizing autonomy/Working hard for autonomy

Working hard to become free

Being a saviour involves hard work

Creating something big yourself

Heavy task of spiritual development

The pressure can also be a kind of feeling that they want to develop spiritually but they don't have enough time left in life to do it.

Opposed in their quest

Forcing self-control/Forcing spiritual development/Achieving spiritual development

They can experience a desire for spiritual development. They want to be able to control themselves. But they tend to do it in a forceful way. It looks as if they want to reach

liberation in a few weeks.

They force themselves to be free, free in the outside world and in their inner world.

Lonely builder

A fighting therapist

Forcing to become independent.

Heavy task of spiritual development

Opposed in their quest

They often feel opposed and obstructed in their goal.

People don't seem to see the value and benefit of what they are creating and even see it as threatening. The opposition is often felt as criticism and it feels harsh as they are

trying as hard as they can to do good for humanity. It feels like being hit by the arrows of the Stymphalean birds. But they keep going on and not giving up, even against all odds.

They mostly work on their own, seeing this Sas their quest, their own personal choice in life. And everyone is free to do the same or something else, so they won't try to force others.


Mind: Do-gooder, starry-eyed idealist.

Builder of an ideal world.

Pushing through ideal and visionary images.

Indomitable, uncompromising.

Build Delusion: he's stupid to let himself be blocked and carry everyone.

Being locked in all the tasks taken on.

Profession: constructor, builder.


Migraine (3).

Eyes: Medial muscles of the eyes; glaucoma.

Abdomen: Liver pain, the pain spatially having the form of an old fashioned key.

Liver problems: necrosis, fatty degeneration; spleen problems.

Rectum: Colitis, diarrhea.

Kidneys: Kidney problems.

Male organs: testis, epididymis, seminal vesicles, infertility.

Female organs: ovaries, uterus, infertility, miscarriage. Birth expulsion difficult.

Chest: pressure, very heavy.

Lungs: granulomas, pneumoconiosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis.


Generals: Sweat: copious« night.

Labor: Blood: platelets, coagulation problems.


Heracles. Labor 5: Heracles kills the Symphalean Birds.

The good Samaritan.



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