8. Stadium/Gruppe:


Thema: Ego;


Ferrum./ Ruthenium./ Osmium. Hassium. Samarium: (Lantaniden)                               


Durchsetzen/-stehen unter Druck/mit Druck gegen Widerstand


Thema: Persevering: forcing working, forcing inspiration, and forcing power (force themselves/others, once it get it in their mind they tend to get very pushy). No more time for learning/too much work to be done ‘Hero’


Ib. Oci-s. Rosm. Rutaceae.

Jan Scholten Cytisus laburnum

Sankaran: Piperales Boredom versus desire for change


Stage 8:












Big eyes

Desire sleep


mit Druck und Kraft sich/Aufgabe Durchsetzen erzeugt Anspannung; etwas Aufbauen

Scholten: weiß was er will und setzt seine Pläne durch; (zu) viel Arbeit/Druck um das Ziel zu erreichen; mit Selbstvertrauen + Mut (bis Sturheit) werden Probleme angegangen; Widerspruch und Widerstand wird nicht

geduldet in offener Konfrontation (Auseinandersetzung wird nicht gemieden, aber auch nicht gesucht); gut geplant wird das wesentliche erkannt; mutigstes Stadiumohne Tollkühnheit.

Puschen, erzwingen, „deadline“ haben/durchsetzen/-halten; Widerstände + diese überwinden (Eindruck andere arbeiten dagegen); angespannt/nflexibel/angestrengt/schnell irritiert/ärgerlich/heftig, wenn etwas nicht

(schnell genug) klappt; auf Aufgabe fixiert, andere Teile des Lebens vernachlässigen; bei Versagen erschöpfter Zusammenbruch im Burning-out.

Immer unter Druck; keine Zeit (für anderes)

Sankaran: Struktur ist vollständig und geprüft, nun mit Druck, Härte und Ausdauer durchsetzen; jeder Opposition kann + muss standgehalten werden

DD.: Fe man muss sich selbst o. andere schützen/verteidigen und durchhalten gegen alle Widerstände. 

Ru alleine Durchhalten, um Entdeckung/Kreation/Darstellung an die Öffentlichkeit bringen.

Os durchhalten im verantwortlich handeln


[Stephanie Hile]

Dr. Scholten: Stage 8 is "The Struggle". It the kind of situation that occurs when the project is already well under way.

It's nearing completion. You already have the planning permission, the techniques, the experience and the structure. You just have to overcome the inertia of any remaining challenges - and you need to exert a lot of power to keep to your deadlines. The alternative is to keep refining and adding bits to please others - it'll never be finished ... stuck in Stage 8!

Each series (row) of the Periodic Table has its own sphere of expression.

The sphere of the Ferrum Series = at work,

the Silver Series = in creativity,

the Lanthanide Series = in inner power

the Gold Series = in outer power

the Uranium Series = in intuition and wisdom.

The Stage 8 remedy of the Ferrum Series is Ferrum. All the Ferrums want to protect themselves but they are usually obliged to put up with "the rules of the game", so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard.

In Ferrum the feeling is that someone is out to take their place. This means they have to struggle to protect their rights. The result is that they can't tolerate intrusion or contradiction, the pressure is on, so they compensate by becoming very stubborn, hard and resolute. They want to overcome any interference.

The Stage 8 remedy of the Silver Series: Ruthenium. In this series the focus is on performance and perfection. They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Ruthenium the struggle is to force their creativity to the fore. Their creation has to be accepted. They are enthusiastic and proud of their work and are annoyed by interference. Opposition is experienced as an extra pressure.

The Stage 8 remedy of the Lanthanides: Samarium. The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength. Their efforts are directed toward achieving strength of mind.

In Samarium the struggle is to prove their autonomy. They use their inspiration and inner power to create a new model of Spiritual Freedom. Its not perfect yet so they work on their own to consolidate their approach - the experts and the critics seem to be way behind them. They want neither help nor interference.

The Stage 8 remedy of the Gold Series: Osmium. The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility. They use their power to rule - for better or for worse.

In Osmium the struggle is to consolidate their leadership. They are resolute and can be relentless. Their strategy is the only way forward and opposition has to be completely crushed for the benefit of all.

The Stage 8 remedy of the Uranium Series: Plutonium. The focus of this series is on intention and intuition. In Plutonium the challenge must be to perfect their accomplishments and powers. The opposition must be within - distraction ... the tendency of the mind to wonder off on irrelevant matters.


Reflection: The "struggle and pressure" of Stage 8 sound a bit like Carcinosin, or at least the beginnings of the Cancer Miasm:

Dr. Sankaran, "Stretching over the limit to keep things in control".


Stage 8 is represented is the homeopathic literature by the Myth of Sysiphus.

A Buddhist teacher defined stress as "the gap between what we want and what we actually get".

The more we grasp on to what we want, the more we expect the world to be the way we would like it to be, the bigger and heavier the boulder grows.

The moment we let go and accept the world as imperfect the delusion of the heavy boulder and the steep slope vanishes into emptiness.

There is no real happiness in Samsara. Happiness comes from a peaceful mind.



[Joy Lucas/Scholten]

The name and number of ‘group 8’ hardly do justice to these minerals: ‘lusty’ or ‘sexy’ group

Perseverance („sexual energy“)

Ferr-met: lustrous and volatile, excitable, capacious yet sensitive.

Ferr-ac: restless, excess and depletion, lungs and blood

Ferr-ars: weakness, enlargement and emaciation, spleen and liver

           Ferr-br: heaviness and anxiety, uterus and head

           Ferr-cit: anxiety about the future

           Ferr-cy: weakness and neurotic, brain and bowels

           Ferr-i: debility and bearing down and pushing upwards sensations, glands

           Ferr-mag: weak and dejected with feelings of self importance, abdomen/skin/muscles

           Ferr-mur: sexual activity painful, bowels and blood

Ferr-p: loquacious or quiet, excitable anger or apathy, circulation and blood

           Ferr-s: weak and hot, bowels, gallbladder, teeth, muscles

           Ferr-t: sensations of heat, heart and stomach.

Osm-met: precious, lustrous and brittle, gives up easily/impatient and morose, frequent erections, thoughts of accidents.

Plut-met. suppressed and explosive energy, feels heavy, disintegration, feels threatened, multiple personalities (Plat), shape shifting, sexually aggressive or obligated.

Plut-n. suppressed and buried, sexually aggressive or servile, threat to humanity, threatened relationships.

These groups will disperse into other groups of minerals:

Osmium which is part of the platinum precious metals group which include:

Plat. (group 10): excessive sexual desire fused with contempt.

Irid-met (group 9): very heavy but gets carried away by rainbows, romantic, iridescent.

Pall-met (group 10): egotistical/in love with self, impotence, soft and ductile, used in watch springs.

Common: Movement of some kind/characterised by Energy/heat/excitation/anxiety.

In Ferrum: this energy is volatile/restless/driven by anxiety and sensitivity until depletion takes over.

Osm-met: It becomes heavier/we have the uncontrolled and reckless energy of Osm-met refractory but lazy 

Plut-met: heavier still/either suppressed and threatening or explosive and disintegrating.

The ‘sexual energy’ theme in this group of remedies is identifiable via polarity of energy versus depletion. It becomes a thing of survival and endurance signified by the struggle to continually exist – the survival of the species:



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