Piperales = Pflanzen.


The theme seems to be hurry and excitement which lead to fruitless effort. SENsitive/when fail they drop out, shut it out, and become irritable, self-pitying and withdrawn.

There is a dread of suffering in the Piperales. Dr. Sankaran: sensation “As an escape from pain through excitement”. The pain is burning and neuralgic - they jump about

as if the world is on fire (Pip-m) and even dream of fire. Pain is HOT.

EXCITEMENT, (excitable)

MEMORY, active

MEMORY, weakness, of

[Dr. Sankaran]

The fiery nature expressed in the need for entertainment. When we are stuck in a rut, life becomes one dimensional and boredom is the outcome

If you walk past a queue of excited young clubbers in Ibiza you will get some impression of the Piperales. Life is mundane, a daily round that pays the bills.

The Holiday is an escape from the mundanity, which they cannot face. When the excitement is over, they are quite self-pitying.

Anemopsis = False anemone/= yerba mansa/= lizard tail

Anemonopsis macrophylla = false. anemone



Comparison Piperaceae with Synthetic Drugs (Durban University of Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences: Ujaswee Chhiba)

will Abwechslung, Unterhaltung + Vergnügen + Gesellschaft/schmerzempfindlich, scheuen Langeweile + Routine wie die Stimulantien - die getriebene Hetze/Konzentrationsstörung durch Reizüberflutung und Gedankenandrang; Verleihen einem freudlosen faden Langweiler-Leben wieder Würze/Sinn/Freude;


[Rajan Sankaran]

Pain/no excitement and boredom (= monotonous/unexciting/bland/tasteless/insipid)

Passiv: Weak/giving in to boredom

Active: Desires amusement/change, cheerful, > entertainment/amusement/parties

Compensation: Pleasure, unaffected by boredom/pain/suffering                                                                          

Furcht vor Langeweile

Geistige Beschwerden/Blandness (Boredom), Haut, Uro-genitalbereich 

Begeisterung, Lebenslust, Genuss und Erregung wie auch Langeweile und Leere

we see the polarities of ‘buzzing / happening vs dull/ sad/boring. This sensitivity and its opposite reaction is typical of the plant kingdom. These polarities are the main experience of the family Piperaceae. (When the deepest experience is explored in patients who need plant remedies, they generally give a sensation which is very characteristic to that plant family or the opposite of this sensation using various words. The family Piperaceae has the following sensation as its main experience – Pain, no excitement

and boredom. Boredom also means monotonous, unexciting, bland, tasteless, insipid etc. Ennui. Opposite: Amusement, Pleasurable.

Dr. RajanSankaran “Insight into Plants”

Also this is only one angle to the totality as every patient generally gives symptoms, the experience and the pace of the complaints, and all of them come together to the

centre to a meeting point which is the remedy. Now for looking at the case from the symptom perspective, we have to look into our reference books and see what comes up. On putting her main complaint of anxiety at climacteric period, which through Reference Works is as follows:

[Christian Weidl]

Gesteigerte Wachheit, Rastlosigkeit, Nervosität, Reizbarkeit und Rededrang sowie im körperlichen Bereich Kopfschmerzen und Schmerzempfindlichkeit mit der Grundempfindung von Kribbeln und Brennen

[Annette Sneevliet]

To this group belong the peppers, mustard. They are constantly looking for stimulation of their senses, everything one can experience with the five senses. They want to be stimulated and want immediate gratification of their senses. They want some action, want to experience everything. It is the experience of an unborn infant that wants to stimulate its senses. Here also we’ll see undifferentiated gestures. Imagine this as a baby making undirected gestures when expressing its joy. You can imagine that these patients consult you with problems of addiction. When you

talk with them, they also look very young and innocent, without a fully developed ego.



Cub. = Pip-c.

Mati. = Piper aduncum

Pip-betle = Betel Blätter gebraucht um Betelnüsse ein zu rollen und mit Kalk zu kauen

Pip-longum = Pippali (I).

Pip-m. = Op-ähnlich/ = Caps = stärker akut + schwächer chronisch /= Benzodiazepam-ähnlich


Pip-sanctum o. auritum = Räucherwerk. = Makulan


* Aristolochiales = Osterluzeigewächsen

Locken Insekten an mit Verwesungsgerüchen zur Bestäubung   

Mood alternating; Anger.

Aversion to everything OR to husband

Senses acute


Repertory: PRESSURE gives ...

Urine: BLADDER PRESSURE IN: acon. asar. Camph.


Arist-cl. = Puls + reizbar + frostig/= Arn + Puls + Sep



Asar-c. = Asar + schwacher Menses

Serp. (= Aristolochia serpentaria) = Rhus-t ähnlich/= Arist-cl + FieBER


            * Hydnoraceae

Parasiten, die auf Wurzeln leben/Afrika. Parasitic flowering plants having no leaves. They have a fragrant edible pulp, the flowers have a foetid odour attracting flies.


* Saururaceae            

Saururus cernuus = Lizards. tail/= Water-dragon./= Swamp. Root

grows in swampy woods. Perhaps it should be no surprise that it has an affinity for the urinary system ....

Bladder - Inflammation, of.



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