Lacerta agilis (Lacer) = Eidechse


Gebrauch: Swallowing small pieces of a whole lizard: include: increased mental acumen (= Scharfsinn)/large vesicles under tongue/constant accumulation of saliva in mouth/violent eructations/

“As if weight in stomach“/much nausea/violent pressure in stomach/pain in intestines > drinking water and vinegar/skin eruptions/vesicles under tongued/difficult swallowing;

Negativ: Delirium # scharfsinnig, Speichelfluss, Magen;

[Dough Brown]

Lizard remedies are not so well known and easily missed. This, perhaps, is a reflection of their propensity for camouflage and hiding in our natural world. It took me five years and many remedies

to find this patient’s simillimum but the results since then have been unequivocally positive. The key to uncovering the remedy was, as usual, an attentiveness to the process and experience behind

the facts, the story, and the emotions. Only when we simultaneously grasp both the Whole and the Center can we open the doorway for healing consciousness in our patients.

How do any of us choose our direction? How do we decide whether to attune ourselves to one thought, goal, or impulse, versus competing ideas? The sphere of consciousness of Amphisbeana

seems to encompass one way in which this process can become mired in a dualistic struggle reminiscent of Hegel’s Thesis vs. Antithesis, but from which no Synthesis can arise. Prior to receiving

the curative remedy, B.’s life was essentially a living expression of this question. Once the simillimum was correctly perceived, she was free to live out a satisfying answer to this question.

 [Medicine Cards]

Lizard sat lolling in the shadow of a big rock, shading himself from the desert sun. Snake crawled by, looking for some shadow to coil up in and rest. Snake watched Lizard for awhile as Lizard's eyeballs went side to side behind his enormous closed lids. Snake hissed to get Lizard's attention. Slowly Lizard's dreaming eyes opened and he saw snake. "Snake! You sacred me! What do you want?" Lizard calmly replied. Snake spit his answer from his forked tongue. "Lizard, you are always getting the best shadow spots in the heat of the day. This is the only big rock for miles.

Why don't you share your shade with me?"

Lizard thought for a moment, then agreed. "Snake, you can share my shade spot, but you have to go to the other side of the rock and you must promise not to interrupt me."

Snake was getting annoyed. He hissed, "How could I bother you, Lizard? All you are doing is sleeping."

Lizard smiled knowingly. "Oh Snake, you are such a silly serpent. I'm not sleeping. I'm dreaming."

Snake wanted to know what the difference was, so Lizard explained. "Dreaming is going into the future, Snake. I go to where the future lives. You see, that is why I know you won't eat me today.

I dreamed you and I know you are full of mouse."

Snake was taken aback. "Why Lizard, you're exactly right. I wondered why you said you would share your rock."

Lizard laughed to himself. "Snake," he said, "You are looking for shade and I am looking for shadow. Shadow is where the dreams live."

Lizard Medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed before you decide to manifest them physically. Lizard could have created getting eaten

by Snake if he had so desired.

Lizard is the medicine of dreamers. Whether dreamers smoke you or dream you, dreamers can always help you see the shadow. This shadow can be your fears, your hopes, or the very thing you are resisting. But it is always following you around like an obedient dog.

If Lizard dreamed a space in your life this day, it may time to look and see what is following along behind you. It is your fears, your future trying to catch up to you, or is it the part of you that wants to ignore your weaknesses and humanness?

Lizard may be telling you to pay attention to your dreams and their symbols.

Make a dream log and record all that you remember. Be sure to pay attention to each individual symbol or recurring pattern. if you do not remember your dreams upon waking in the morning, set an alarm for 2 – 3 h., or drink a lot of water before you go to bed and allow your bladder to wake you up. Dreams are very important. Pay attention to them.

If Lizard has turned up in the contrary position, you may be having a nightmare. This is a sign of inner conflict. Look to the nightmare for a clue to the nature of this conflict. What are the feelings your nightmare causes? Breathe through these feelings and let the sensations flow out of your body. See the truth in what your nightmare is suggesting. It could be the simple message that you are confronting your fears and therefore do not need to experience nightmarish events in your day-to-day life.

Another message of Lizard reversed is that you may need more sleep or dreamtime. It could also imply that you have a lack of dreams for your future. Imagination is the door to all new ideas and creations. As you examine the dreaming process, you will find that the subconscious is processing all of the recorded messages it hold concerning the events you experienced during the day.

These messages can be suppressed feelings bringing inner conflict, or they can be new ideas or goals, other dimensions of awareness, future events, warning signals, or desires and hopes.

In one sense, contrary Lizard is insisting that you look to your imagination for new experience. This is necessary when life becomes dull or full of boredom. On the other hand, contrary Lizard may also apply to those who dream too much, refusing to use the dreams as tools to manifest that same vision in their lives.

All levels of awareness are accessible through dreams. Remember, life is not always as it seems. Are you the dreamer? Or are you the dreamed? The lizard is a creature found in shady areas during the heat of the day, and is symbolic of the shadowy side of reality - the plane where that is coming into manifestation is being fashioned. This plane is sometimes referred to as the "Dreamtime" - the astral plane of constantly changing patterns and shapes. Lizard is concerned with your dreams of the future and of formulating what you want to become physical realities.

Lizard is thus connected with your subconscious mind, and your hopes and fears.

It can help you to identify those recurrent problems that follow you around like your shadow; they must be confronted before they will depart from you. Your aspirations must have emotion breathed into them to make them manifest.

Next time you encounter Lizard on your journey, look carefully behind you. Record your observations in a log and note especially any symbols and signs so that you can identity those that are recurring. Ask Lizard to help you to understand what you see. Keep a dream log, too, so you can become aware of what is occurring both in your dream state and your shamanic state of consciousness.

Make your dreams come true. Rekindle lost goals or desires. Expand your vision. Honor messages in your dreams.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David.


Gemüt: Delirium

Geschäftig, betriebsam

Klarer Verstand

Kopf: Schweregefühl # klarem Verstand

Auge: Hautausschläge - innere Canthi (Krusten)

Gesicht: Lähmung in Kiefer l./steife Kiefer l.

Mund: Hautausschläge - Bläschen (unter) Zunge


Innerer Hals: Schlucken - schwierig

Magen: Aufstoßen (heftig)


Schmerz (drückend)


Bauch: Schmerz im Darm (> Essig/> Wasser)

Weibliche Genitalien: Geschwüre

Rücken: Lähmung in Zervikalregion l./Steifheit in Zervikalregion l.

Glieder: Schmerz < Bewegung/in Beine

Fieber: Hitze im Allgemeinen

Haut: Hautausschläge (absondernd, nässend)

Allgemeines: Gefühllos, taub äußerlich

Lähmung l.

> beim Schweiß/> Essig/> Wasser

< Berührung

Geschwollen im Allgemeinen


Komplementär: Lyss (= An),


Vergleich: Arum guttatum (= Typhonium venosum/= Sauromatum venosum/= Eidechsenwurz/= „Voodoo-Lily.“/= Wunderknolle Alismatales. Quelle: Gärtnerei).

Saururus cernuus (= Lizards tail/= Water-dragon./= Swamp. Root Piperales.).

Vergleich. Schlangen - Reptilia - Lizards - Krokodile;

Siehe: Reptilia + Wachstumsgruppe


Antidotiert von: Led.                                    Essig,


Wirkung: leproid

Allerlei: Lebt in Wüste.

Podarcis dugesii (= Mauereidechse ist immun gegen Borreliose burgdorferi).



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