Alismatales = Pflanzen


* Alismataceae

Butomus umbellatus = Zwanxenbloem

Mannit = E 421 Zuckeraustauschstoff aus Mannaeschenbaum Lamiales.x/gewonnen aus Zosteraceae (= Seegrasgewächse)/aus Laminaria (= Braunalgen).

            Verursacht Durchfall/Blähungen

Sagittariam sagitolia = Pfeilkraut Stärkegruppe

            * Araceae

Vergleich. Ranunculaceae mit anderen

Ziehen durch Geruch Insekten an zur Bestäubung

spastiches Husten und Hautbeschwerden

[Jan Scholten]

As children, they had no feeling of security from their parents, they were mistreated, or the parents were not there, did not care for them. Unsure and vulnerable, they were pushed out into a world full of dangers and troubles. They had to face dire situations on their own, as lost children in a terrible world they were not prepared for. No one told them how to face its hardships, but they must cope with it, do or die. There were too many demands, they had to face the impossible. They may be adopted, or handicapped, or they were put into a boarding school early, had to grow up in an

all-day nursery or in an orphanage. The parents did not talk to them, not at all or little, and they did not learn how to communicate. They never learnt how to make contact, how to talk to others in

a nice way, and nobody taught them how to deal with one another in a loving way. So their ways are rude, coarse, rough or not in line with etiquette. They talk little or not at all, don’t know how to behave and how to communicate. Especially men have no idea how to deal with women, how to approach them decently or make a date. They often have a strong sexual drive but have no idea how to love, how to approach a woman so that she responds. They rather come across as crude or abrupt, repulsive. Their sexual behaviour is too direct. They are provocative, make dirty jokes, they want everything at once and usually get rebuffs or are turned down. So they withdraw and avoid sexual contacts, feel ashamed about their animalistic drive and cover it up completely. The signature of the aracea fits  this: they have a phallic spadix (jack) covered with many little flowers, but hidden in a spathe (pulpit) – thence the name jack-in-the-pulpit. The spathe sometimes covers the spadix fully like a fig-leaf.


As adults, they have great sympathy for suffering children, with a large heart for all disadvantaged, aggrieved children, children in distress or abused. They want many children and they sometimes care for them in a strange way, a bit clumsy themselves, or they adopt children. They can also refuse to have children because they feel unable to cope with the responsibility of education, or they are afraid to transmit genetic defects, or they think the world is too bad anyway to have children and let them confront all its dangers.  


Konjak(gummi) = E 425 aus Amorphallus. Konjac

Konjac glucoman = Polysaccharid = lebensverlängernd in Japan


Philodendron oxycardium = Philodendron cordatum = Heartleaf philodendron air filtering. plants

Philodendron domesticum = Elephant-ear. philodendron air filtering plants

Philodendron bipinnatifidum o. selloum = Selloum philodendron air filtering. plants

Pistia stratiotes = Muschelblume/= Grüne Wasserrose



                                                           Quelle: Aquariumhandel Klonergruppe

Raffia farinifera = Raffia Faser.

Scindapsus aures or Epipremnum aureum = Golden. pothos or Devil'.s ivy. air filtering. plants

Spathiphyllum 'Mauna Loa' = Peace lily. air filtering. plants

* Aroidae

Aroidae = Aaronstab.

Aglaonema modestum = Chinese evergreen air filtering. plants

            * Arums

Contain irritant poison/causes inflammation of mucous surfaces and destruction of tissue. < northwest wind; lying down.

Arisaema triphyllum = Kobralilie/= Feuerkolbe

Arum-d. = Arum-t-ähnlich + trocknes Empfinden;

Arum-dru. = Arum-t + weniger heftige Halsbeschwerden;

Arum guttatum = Typhonium venosum = Sauromatum venosum/= Eidechsenwurz/= „Voodoo.-Lily.“/= Wunderknolle Quelle: Gärtnerei

Arum-i.. = Arum-t + geistig erschöpft SCHWEIß, Haut,

Arum-m. = Arum-t + weniger heftige Schnupfen;

Arum-t. WundHEIT + Risse in Mundwinkeln

Butomus umbellatus [= (Doldige) Schwanenblume/= Wasserliesch/= Blumenbinse./= Wasserviole. = Windstreuer 

Rhipsalis (= Binsenkaktus Caryophylalles.)].

Calad. = Lyc-ähnlich


Calla pallustris = Drachenwurz/= Slangenwortel Moorgruppe

Colocasia esculenta = Taro Stärkeknollengruppe

Dracontium loretense. = Jergón sacha


Lysichiton americana = western skunkcabbage. Faulgruppe

Monstera deliciosa = Fensterblatt Lianen. Quelle: Gartenbedarf

Spathiphyllum = Lepelplant/= Scheidenblatt/= Blattfahne/= Einblatt/= Friedenslilie.

Symplocarpus foetidus = eastern skunk-cabbage./= Stinkkohl Faulgruppe/kann Schnee schmelzen lassen

Triglochin maritima = Zoutgras

                                               Zantedeschia albomaculata

* Lemnaceae


            * Posidoniaceae

Neptune Grass = Posidonia oceanica/= Mediterranean tapeweed/= marinen, submersen Wasserpflanzen Quelle:


Acorus calamus.

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