Lysichiton americanus = skunkcabbage/= merikanische Stinktierkohl/= Amerikanischer Riesenaronstab/= Stinkender Willie/= Gelbe Scheinkalla/= Stinkkohl


Vergleich: Siehe: Alismatales


[Jan Scholten]

Number: 63211.08

Series: Hydrogen and Carbon series; emphasis on

Silicon series.

Clades: Araceae; Arales; Lilianae.

Phase: 1; Subphase: 1.

Stage: 8.

Content: calcium oxalate.

Mind: Hiding.

Fear: criticised, seen as dirty, ugly, offensive, instinctual, greedy; attacked on their sexuality. 

Silent, reserved, in the background. 

Doing bad things, things in the dark.

Body: Mouth: irritation.

Stomach: irritation.

Sense proving, 13-4-2012, Utrecht

Prover 1

Hiding, wanting to hide.

Fear being criticised, seen as dirty, ugly, offensive, instinctual, greedy.

Fear being attacked on their sexuality.

Silent, don't say much.

Fear showing themselves, saying too much.

In the background, doing bad things in the dark.

Stage 8.



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