[Dough Brown]

Lizard remedies are not so well known and easily missed. This, perhaps, is a reflection of their propensity for camouflage and hiding in our natural world. It took me five years and many remedies

to find this patient’s simillimum but the results since then have been unequivocally positive. The key to uncovering the remedy was, as usual, an attentiveness to the process and experience behind

the facts, the story, and the emotions. Only when we simultaneously grasp both the Whole and the Center can we open the doorway for healing consciousness in our patients.

How do any of us choose our direction? How do we decide whether to attune ourselves to one thought, goal, or impulse, versus competing ideas? The sphere of consciousness of Amphisbeana

seems to encompass one way in which this process can become mired in a dualistic struggle reminiscent of Hegel’s Thesis vs. Antithesis, but from which no Synthesis can arise. Prior to receiving

the curative remedy, B.’s life was essentially a living expression of this question. Once the simillimum was correctly perceived, she was free to live out a satisfying answer to this question.




[Matthew Wood] The Turtle is a slow snake (American Indians)

Andere Reptilien

Mehr Sinnen




Big Cats (tiger)




have Jacobson’s organ- very sensitive to changes in environment (lizards not as superior as snakes)

shed skins

skin is slimy/shiny/covered with scales

[usually dislike shiny, slimy textures, reptiles, snakes (rodents/snakes/lizards)]

hand movements slithery/good eye movements/lip movements/licking lips


mainly nocturnal/< night (Vip. < daytime)

need to be quiet at times/rest

can’t handle excessive sleep or cold

very sensitive to temp. changes/can’t take extremes of weather

swallowing (swallow prey whole/jaws open up massively to engulf prey because limbs not available to help eating process)

knowledge of supernatural/knows something more than you/feels superior in some way/can tell beforehand what is gong to happen/has insight you don’t know

Makes FUSS around being cornered


Calculating (patient)/will conserve energy to get a prey that’s larger further away + ignore the closer smaller one

Someone who is defenceless + vulnerable in every way - no limbs/slithering on ground/can easily be trampled

Can’t make loud sound

Doesn’t stay in colonies/young ones are not cared for by adults/family might turn against you - no protection from anywhere/POOR protection in every way/feel vulnerable in every way, threatened, insecure/the world is mean + menacing/people are treacherous/attack can come from anywhere/suspicious of every little thing/when you are very, vulnerable + weak/everything around will look threatening…this is how they feel about the world

CALCULATE/SCHEME/PLAN because they feel so vulnerable to any form of attack/revenge = MEAN/VINDICTIVE/planned/don’t know till last moment that they are trapped.

Feeling of treachery/cheating all around/can’t stand it/SENSITIVE to the slightest disturbance/change/deceit = snake

Use camouflage for their offence + defence/hiding + secretiveness are PART of defence

can smell if anything goes wrong/this organ gives them SHARPNESS/can pick up slightest disturbance

    * usually very nice, but if disturbed you are in trouble

    * The slightest change of vibration or disturbance is known/almost like clairvoyance/get a lot of black magic (connections with superior powers + supernatural + some say they are

very, very sharp + foresighted + intuitive).

    * A lot of - I know more than you/I know something supreme/due to this they also feel very special almost as if they have super powers + that they are very specialised individuals

    * very sexual

    * They do not attack at first go/hide or escape/some hide their head/some slither away/generally run away, but if you corner him, he attacks/this sense of cheating/should come up EARLY.

    * Why trouble me, I’ve done nothing wrong

    * Trait of deceit evil often come out in the form of being deceived + cheated by changeable, deceptive people/SUSPICIOUS people/anything can happen at any moment/SENSITIVE

to the slightest change/has to be CAUTIOUS, because I’m actually defenceless/always prepared + well planned in advance because now the world is a terrible place to live in/has to

be ALERT + have to have my game plan ready in case of any mishap

    * Wants to come on same level as opponent/this is what they would like to do

    * They say - “don’t play games with me”/but often play a mischievous game with others (hidden seduction/sexuality/secretiveness)

    * People with snake as employer never knows how he gets to me/he is around + you don’t know what happens or will happen/comes + hits you + you never realise it till later

    * The world is mean + menacing/malpractice + bribing + backdoor entries + backstabbing (mobbing?)

    * If a snake has to ask about money always asks receptionist/never talk to snake about fees





Reptile predator… - wait + attack without warning/suddenly… can’t go running after it - generally not threatening… if you don’t touch/trouble them, then they’re the last one to attack you… but if you’ve annoyed them then they come back with vengeance… use energy only when cornered… usually can be very quiet (can be sweet + mild at first)… can’t tell straight away. Hard to elicit… power is difficult to discern… can’t see it straight away… have to be absolutely motionless… In a flash it is on victim.

Sexuality snakes more on scent.


rude in a hidden way

Turtles particularly vulnerable in the head area.



Lack of maternal feeling, striking out and aggression

Feeling worthless/dirty/lying in a puddle

Feeling of not wanting to take responsibility

Not being able to make decisions


Wanting to destroy the person who attacks/revengeful/wanting to harm others/be destructive

Wants to bask in sun/wants to have an easy life/does not want to work/just have fun + be with others

Different from snakes…. In these ways…

Have limbs, external ears + eyelids

Dry skin - appears (skin appears slimy)

Generally do not like water but can swim

Change colours under stress

have Jacobson’s organ - very sensitive to changes in environment (less sensitiv as snakes)


Can detect slightest change…

Shed tails as an escape mechanism/Regeneration… their tail… they can cut off + regrow/the section snaps + jumps about… this is protection from predator

In times of danger… divert + distract attention somewhere/changes colours - think of how can you change/back out/changing attitudes + colours as a camouflage for defence/I CAN never figure them out. they are hiding something for me… they are changing their colours

Does not like dry skin - in lizard patients/shed skin but do it in parts…

Some are vegetarian - not carnivores like snakes

Most are non-poisonous/most harmless to humans

Poison introduced by chewing (really chew for toxins to go into prey)/= a slow process/… not by striking or biting

Slow process…. Feel like I have people all around me + they are crushing me

Don’t feel people scheming/cheating on them/are more worried that they can’t understand why people can change like that…a t the last moment. you don’t know what to do/what to believe about people… how can they do this

    * Need to move + then be suddenly still/slow movements so that can’t be caught - sometimes



    * Crushed by others/others are big + I am so small, ugly + insignificant + dirty/outcast/

    * Some lizards can be very sophisticated people as opposite to dirty + ugly… so they can hate dirty/ugly but very strong aesthetics (in white)

    * Sexuality - is very important in lizards/sexuality is very open + shamelessly talked about - very blunt about it

          o They have all kind of rituals/show before mating/display - out in open/very visual

    * Leprous miasms - you don’t want to see the patients… you  want to throw them out/leprous (feel like “crap”)/FEEL DIRTY

    * Rude in an open way





Wachsen immer weiter

Croc. can’t get you - when underneath it… so best to swim underneath a crocodile.

Can’t miss a lion or leopard. can see their power - easy to spot but reptiles… not so obvious… hidden/secretive


don’t move much… conserve energy in order to wait for next meal

there is a chase of some kind for a few kms… use stealth + camouflage.. behind grass/trees… but the fight is out in the open.. but there is a warning + a chase

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