Asarum canadensis (Asar-c) = Wild ginger/= Wurzel


= Asar + schwacher Menses;

Negativ: 1. Schnupfen  2. Unterdrückter Menses (durch Kälte);

Lively and erotic dreams about relationships.

Superficial talk - on the same subjects.

Difficulty communicating deeper issues.

Mutual respect. Increased empathy and patience. (curative).

Deep sense of connection and support to/from mother (curative).

Awareness of suppressed emotional issues. Self awareness (curative).

Mirilli Themes:

    Chagrin: At night vexatious and annoying dreams of being put to shame.

    Crumble:     Inability to do any kind of work whatever; does not succeed in anything; the mental faculties fail.

    Light:          He imagines himself too light and seems to hover in the air like a sprit

Image: Emotional Numbness. Extremely oversensitive patients with mood swings. They are fragile and easily upset by contradiction. They push themselves to breaking point and then become upset

and give up on relationships. They eventually have to suppress their sad feelings, subsequently becoming emotionally withdrawn, dull and bland. In this state everything grates on the nerves and causes



    Ailments from emotions; from reprimands.

    Brooding. Anger, trifles. Fastidious. Handle things anymore, cannot.

    Prostration. Vanishing thoughts. Confusion. Senses dull.

    Loathing, general. Aversion, everything, to.

    Forsaken feeling. Dreams: Shameful; guilt; insults; mortification.

Ambition: Though sensitive they try hard ...

    Ambitious, achieve things, desire to. Haughty. Ailments from ambition.

    Ailments from business. Business averse to. Succeeds, never.

The euphoria almost feels like a spiritual trance, and there is a desire for genuine understanding, coming from the feeling that the state is too etherial.

    Delusions, floating, walking, while; flying; light incorporeal, he is. Vertigo.

    Exhilaration. Euphoria, alt. quietness, desire for. Light, desire for.

    Sensitivity: Oversensitive. Senses, acute. Noise, scratching on linen silk.

Sensation: Pressing together. Def: crush. force. Stitching, tearing (muscles).

Miasm: Sycotic and Syphilitic. Ringworm (means: exertion vs. prostration)

Cross the Miasm and Sensation: Pressed down by something. Put under pressure. Then released.

Therapeutics: Longing for alcohol. Nausea. Sensation of digging in stomach the morning after. Pain in the kidneys, urethra and penis.


DD.: Mineral analogues: Natriums (sensitive and emotionally withdrawn)/Kaliums (become two dimensional, emotionally controlled and rigid people with a strong sense of duty)/Calc (are easily hurt and

try hard because they want to be appreciated). Sensitivity, Reverence, Ambition and Aversion to business, Loathing and feeling forsaken are found in Puls. Calc. and Kali-c.;


Weibliche Genitalien: Menses fehlend (nach Erkältung)


Vergleich:  Siehe: Piperales


Allerlei: ätherisches Öl



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