Stannum muriaticum (Stann-m)


Vergleich: Siehe: Stannum + Chlorum


Vergiftung: Abgemattet/traurig/ermüdet, wenig beweglich/stolpert/Zuckungen; appetitlos; schmerzunempfindlich, Magen/Lungen angegriffen, Geschmack metallisch;

Negativ: Epilepsie;

Ursachen: Unterdrückte Ausscheidungen;


Glieder: Hautausschläge - in Gegend der Fingernägel

Allgemeines: 11 h/13 h


[Elizabeth Thompson]

A remedy from the mineral kingdom and a salt of tin. We think of tin as rather a dull metal but it is part of the silver series which we associate with people who are musicians,

talented in performance and creative by nature. In order to gain accuracy with our prescribing we are learning to understand the mineral kingdom in terms of the structure of

the Periodic Table: which row does someone need a medicine from and which column is most suitable? or row 5 of the Periodic Table in column 14 and Stannum patients

can feel a lot of anxiety around performance as if they are somehow failing.

Someone who needs Stannum has an inner experience that their performance is no longer admired and they can feel discarded and on the sidelines.

Patient said: “I am a performer and I like to perform. I am a violinist but I did lose a lot of confidence. I was so anxious, I would vomit prior to a performance.”

There was also another element to Alison’s story which would match the experience of the chloride -muriaticum- element, in row 3, column 17 of the Periodic Table and one

of the halogen group. The chloride element has a relationship with mothering and being mothered and there can be the experience to feel that one does not get the attention

and reassurance one has needed and this leads to disappointment and feelings of being let down. When the halogen state is felt strongly it can make one feel hot, restless

and caged, with an anxious desire to escape or get away. Both of these substances, Stannum and muriaticum relate to physical problems as well. Stannum has a relationship

with cancer and with voice problems,

with a loss of voice or stammering or a sense of weakness with the voice and hollowness in the chest with a hard, deep, painful cough, > holding the chest. The stomach can

feel weak and empty and there can be problems with the ovaries. Alison had a knife-like pain in the ovary at ovulation and the silver series can relate to the testes and the

ovaries. The muriatic element can often have a physical relationship with the sinuses and with nasal discharge and post-nasal

drip and there can be pain in the sinuses or tenderness in the breasts which can sometimes be related to the menstrual cycle.

Great thinkers in homeopathic practice have helped us understand these medicines and be able to predict how an unknown remedy might appear. Stann-m. is not a

well-known remedy and yet seemed to be a good match for thie patient as an individual. Nothing replaces a proving, as often the emergent properties of a substance in

nature and the symptom picture that emerges through a proving, cannot be predicated, but there are many remedies we would not be able to prescribe whilst waiting for

provings to be carried out.



Stannum perchloratum (Stann-pchl)



Allgemeines: 11 h/13 h


Vergleich: Siehe: Chlor



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