Stichodactyla haddon = Teppichanemone/= Haddon’s Sea Anemone


Has limited ability to move, but quickly retracts into itself when threatened. It also employs stinging poison in its tentacles for predation and defense.

Proving symptoms include confusion as to personal boundaries, sensation of no defense or protection, about to be injured, ”As if on drugs”.


Senses heightened: sensual impressions, pain, rudeness

Quivering, trembling, electric shocks, internal sensitiveness

Pains: shooting, burning, stinging, itching, biting, rawness

An intolerance to even the slightest pain with an absolute unwillingness to experience it (Cham./Coff.) (so desires strong painkillers)

Sadness from disappointed love

Forsaken, homesick, sentimental, self-pity

Ungewöhnliche Prüfungssymptomen:

Sensation of being an observer

Sensitive to whether others are being truthful

Fear of one's own age

Delusion that a heavy curtain hangs between herself and others

Organized, competative, ambitious, angry                  

Desires to drive fast

Desires large doses of medicines

Imagines smelling urine

< at the seashore (swimming in the sea)


Vergleich: Siehe: Meeresgruppe + Molluscae



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