Stoichactis kenti = sea. anemone./= Stichodactyla gigantea/= Discosoma giganteum/= Priapus giganteus/= Carpet anemone/= Gigantic sea anemone/= Giant carpet anemone/= Anémone tapis/= Patchy giant anemone.


Vergleich: DD.: Aster. Cor-r. Spong. Fuc. Siehe: Coelenterata


= Sep. + weicher/easily affected by the suffering of children/childhood/nostalgia;

Vergift: Act predominantly as cardiac stimulants/neurotoxins;

Negativ: cold symptoms, accidents, and skin rashes;


Repertory:                         [Melissa Burch/Suzanne Sieben]

Mind: Abrupt



Ailöments from abuse

Want of amativeness in women

Ambition increased - competitive


Anger (towards husband/violent anger with desire to be alone)

Anxious - „As if he had not done his duty“/Fear - to accidents of child/to accidents of loved ones/of one's own age/of being attacked/of death/Fearless

Awareness heightened - for body/feels centred in body

Benevolence/full of cares about others

Clarity of mind

Company aversed to

Want of self-confidence

Confused („As if under drugs“/of identity, as to his peronal boundaries/> talking)

Content (harmonious with oneself)

Contradiction - intolerant of

Death - thoughts of the death of his father

Delusion - smell of urine/“As if umbilical cord is there/sees angels/blood boiling in body/heavy curtain hangs between her and others/is disabled/is dissolving/divided

into 2 parts/is double/driving a car - closing the eyes/of flowers/is forsaken/no one would care for her/heart is open/is about to receive injury/is insulted/things happen

in slow motion/has neglected his duty/has no protection, defence/body is smaller/specters, ghosts, spirits/time seems earlier



Desire for fast driving

Dwells on his childhood/on past happy moments


Energized feeling

Wants to fight


Forsaken feeling

„As if helpless“






Indifferent (to opinion of others)

sensation of integrity




Desires romantic love

Desire to swallow large doses of medicine


Making mistakes (speaking/spelling/writing wrong words)

Being a observer

Obstinate (resists wishes of others)

Sense of orientation decreased


Pities herself


Wants to give up her responsibility

Retiring - desire it

Sad (from disappointed love/at seaside)

Sensitive (to colors/to all sensual/external impressions/to flowers/to pain/to rudeness/to people's truthfulness


Starting from  noise

Striking with rage

Desires support from family and friends

Thoughts - of her father/persistent/thoughtful

Tranquil (serenity, calmness, morning on waking)


Withdrawal # hurry

Dreams: abused (sexually)/accidents /adoption/(cradh of an) airplane/amorous/killing animals/arguments/beach/blood/brain spilling out/(neglected) buildings/car/

children (aging/adopting them/rescuing/for responsibility)/being choked/churches/coition/competition/native country/being criticized/danger/death (of relatives)/

dirty (buildings/place)/dolphins/drowning/electrocution/bein tightly encircled/excelling in mental work/explosion (bombs)/falling/relatives/own family/father/

mother/fights/fish (piranhas)/made of pink granite flowers/food/funerals/golden objects/high places/being homeless/house/hunger/hurry/imprisonment/infection/

injuries/being stabbed/man being insane/insects/insults/jewelry/kidnappers/robbers/sealing/killing/kings royalty/knives/beautiful landscape/black magic, voodoo/

mammae/can’t remember names/mortification/murdered/music/mythical creatures/nakedness/without needs/poverty/nostalgia/plundering/police/reprimanded by

teacher/is rescuing/sand/sea/sexual/prostitutes/shameful/singing/smell of (old) urine/snake/speeding/spinning/strangers entering house/teeth [breaking off/falling

out (in little pieces like sand)]/trees chopped down/walking through open country/war/water (in swimming)/waves (huge wave approaching)/wedding/wolves

Head: Heavy - dull/in occiput

Itching of scalp

Pain + pain in nose/“As if cut with a knife“/dull in occiput/in forehead above eyes/lancinating (in temples)/“As from a nail“/in occiput/vertex ext to neck/> riding

in a carriage/sharp/in skull/stitching

Tired feeling

Eye: Discoloration red - spot

Inflamed acute l.

Itching (l.)

Pain - burning/smarting, biting/during coryza

Swollen lids - r./morning on waking

„As if tired“

Vision: wavering

blurred; outlines of objects;

Nose: Congested

Coryza (r.)

Discharge (thick/white/yellow)

Obstructed (at night/+ headache)

Pain ext. head

Complaints of frontal sinuses

Contracting like a fist

Face: Eruptions - herpes about lips

Soft expression

„As if swollen“

Pimples on chin

Mouth: Taste burnt/sweet

Sensitive - palate


Teeth: „As if loose“

Pain in general r.

Throat: Tonsils inflamed (l./r./sore)

Irritated ext. to eustachian tube

Mucus - thick/white

Pain - r. ext. to l./rawness/sore (lymphatic glands)/obstructed by mucus


Stomach: Nausea

Thirst/appetite easily satiated

Female organs: sexual desire diminished

Leucorrhea before menses/greenish/brown after menses

Menses protracted, prolonged

Menses milky; Menses stringy, scanty

Larynx und trachea: hoarseness

Respiration: snoring from obstruction of the nose

Cough: night/paroxysmal/with sneezing/tickling at night/violent

From itching in larynx

Chest: heat

Pain in l. Mamma

Eruptions (itching/mammae)

Back: Pain [in cervical region (on waking/cutting)/in dorsal region/stitching)]

Itching in lumbar region/eruptions

Pain in general in scapulae

Extremities: Pain [ankle (r./r. followed l.)/> walking/burning]/cutting in foot/in (r.) forearm - right

Swollen lower limbs

Thick skin on Tipps of fingers

Itching, legs

Sleep: Sleepy in morning on waking

Waking (after midnight 2 h. - 3 - 4 h)/from slight noise/after 1 hr

Fever: from intense heat from in throat

Skin: dry

Eruptions - eczema - bathing in the sea/itching (on waking)/urticaria/rash stinging, biting/red spotted

Generals: < air at seaside/< bathing in the sea

Clothes too tight


Efficiency increased

Food and drinks: Desires: desire/salt;

lack of vital heat


Inflamed sinuses

Mucous secretions - increased/ropy, tenacious

Pain - appear suddenly /“As if electric shock“/intermittent

Sensitive internally

Electric-like shock

Temperature - change of cold to warm

Quivering/trembling - morning/evening/externally of muscles/internally (with weakness)/with palpitation

Cold coryza

Clumsy, unwieldy

Falling to ground



Chronologic: [proving took place in Auroville (a interspiritual community in India)]

Synchronicity: The first Aurovillian, who was murdered in 30 years, a week before the proving began. 3 of the provers were initiators of a new psychiatric intervention group/

3 Aurovillians had psychotic episodes that required hospitalization. One supervisor was involved with a kidnapping that was initiated by the boyfriend of the victim.

These events were only background experiences to the proving, however, the themes of making boundaries and not letting other people affect you, and a sense of righteousness permeated many of the provers’ experiences.


Wirkung: leproid

Allerlei: lives in shallow water in groups/waits for prey and looks like a beautiful open flower, tentacles swaying in the current.  However, as soon as the tentacles sense a fish, the nematocysts fire, and the tentacles contract bringing the prey toward the anemone's mouth.

Sea anemone color pattern can be important for field identification, but color itself is highly variable in most actinians or sea anemones, and is of little diagnostic value. Symbiotic algae may affect anemone color, either by imparting their own golden brown color, or by stimulating the animal to produce a pigment that protects the algae against excessive sunlight. Therefore, anemones often blend in with corals and with sand, explaining how such large animals may be so difficult to detect in nature.



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