Tilia platyphyllos


Vergleich: Findhorn Flower Essences: UNIVERSALITY - Cultivate harmonious relationships. Transform feelings of separateness or discrimination and recognise your interdependence with all life. Open to and anchor unconditional, universal love.

Comparison. Tilia cordata with Tilia platyphyllos

Siehe: Malvales + Lebensbaum- + Baum-gruppe 


The Lime flower essence of Tilia platyphyllos & her archetypal force.

One case “A tree with a heart‘ of Vondrāskovā was very special for the symbolism of the Lime-tree.

A case of a girl with atopic eczema, impetigo, fever and weakness. I have stressed some important words and sentences where the dynamis of the Lime is shown. Remember the old habit in Europe of planting a Lime-tree for newborns. And wonder what trees can mean to this family: the father had heavy losses and had a heart attack, the mother reacted with despair and an abortion and the daughter with ailments of the skin and itching and sadness because children and her teacher refused her.

Then I found a book about blossom remedies which are similar to Bach blossom remedies. The flower essence of the Tilia platyphyllos was mentioned. Remember the hybrid Tilia Eureopea from Tilia cordata and Tilia platyphyllos. The latter one has much larger heart-shaped leaves than the Tilia eureopea which in her turn has larger leaves than the Tilia cordata. It makes me wonder if the theme of the heart connection can be in proportion with the leave size.

[Marion Leigh]

The Lime flower essence of Tilia platyphyllos

The themes of the blossom remedy of Tilia platyphyllos were written by the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in 1976. She is a homeopath who developed blossom essences from plants surrounding Findhorn. The essences of flowers should like homeopathic remedies have the potential to restore balances on all four levels of C1 to C4. Flowers are containing the highest concentration of the dynamis of a plant. With the help of the sun she made infusions of the ethereal oils and the dynamis of the flowers. Prescribing these essences happens on keynotes and intuition. As a medium she got information about the Lime-tree which shows remarkable similarities to the themes elicited with the provings and the trituration. Remarkable similarities with the keynotes oneness and universality.

Keynotes: Oneness & Universality

Essence of Lime helps us open our hearts to the light and love of our universal being. From this awareness we experience our interrelatedness on earth and create harmonious relationships in our lives: Universality.

o Knowing and experiencing the self as universe,

o transfer from identification with lower to Higher Self,

o unification of individual consciousness with collective consciousness and environment,

o transmuting self-preservation into detached world service,

o humanitarian activity through recognition of need, service, relationship and sense of responsibility; group consciousness.




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