Vanessa Atalanta = Red Admiral


[Madeline Evans]

The Red Admiral butterfly has nothing to do with the navy but is corrupted Red Admirable. It is widespread from N. America through Europe, Asia and N. Africa. Although common in Britain and Ireland in almost

any habitat from mountain to seashore, it is in fact a seasonal migrant. The adult butterflies have a tendency to hibernate in exposed places and so very few manage to overwinter in Britain. Those that do, survive mainly in ivy.

They breed early in the year in Spain and N. Africa. Those adults and their offspring continue to move northwards with the improving weather, breeding as they go, sometimes reaching Britain in small numbers as early as March.

There are often large numbers of butterflies here in the autumn through to October and November. Their numbers are increasing.

Each newly arrived male defends its chosen territory vigorously. The eggs are laid singly on the upper leaves of nettles - usually in the middle of large patches and the female takes no further care of them.

Each female can lay two broods in a season. After about 7 days the larva emerges and immediately folds a leaf together to make 'tent', securing the edges with silk. Within this structure the young caterpillar can feed in relative

safety. Several leaf tents are made as the caterpillar grows, shedding its skin, each progressively larger. The spiny caterpillars come in two color forms - black and a yellow green, both with yellow markings down each flank.

When fully grown the caterpillar chews part way through a nettle stem causing it to fall over. It then spins together several of these, now downward pointing, leaves to create a shelter in which to pupate.

This is the chrysalis stage. The adults emerge from the chrysalis, which is patterned with metallic gold spots, in approximately 12 days as the imago or adult butterfly. Late in the season, any flower-rich habitat is likely to attract

the butterfly, including gardens where buddleias, stonecrops, and Michaelmas-daisies are all popular with Red Admirals. Favor orchards where fruit is rotting on the ground.



Abandoned/betrayed/isolated, separated




Assimilation of food

Birth – physical

Brain tumor/cancer

Children and babies/growth, maturation


Under pressure to conform





Inertia, stasis/lethargy/stuck/transitions










Sexual balancing


Twitching, jerking



Female organs




Nervous system


Helps you to be still and know God. Enhances meditation and focus. Promotes creativity: through the mind and imagination, through the use of the voice and the physical creation of children.

Reaches from the heights to the depths: touches the most depraved levels of consciousness and human nature and also rises to the heights of divine love.

Needed for the darkest recesses of the soul, the darkest of karmas, for those who have done great evil either in this life or past lives, who carry with them awful responsibilities for what they have done.

Accesses and clears pockets of negative energy, especially in those souls who are otherwise evolved and functioning at a high vibration. Goes back into karmic and ancestral past.


Enormous transformation. Transitions, growth and development on all levels.

Allows the letting go of the past so there is space for the new to come in.

Dying and birthing.

Can enable those in positions of power to see the light for the first time. For powerful men. Will allow politicians and people in power to change and adjust and do things new.


A big Heart opening remedy. Much love in all the provings.

Removes fear from the Heart, removes the need for judgement and makes you more understanding and accepting of others - the expression of unconditional love of the opened heart.

Stops the Heart Chakra from closing down after loss or bereavement.

Heavy heart, heartache, broken heart. Recovery from loss and bereavement - heart feels bruised & fragile.

Sensation of a cold rod or an ice crystal at the Heart Chakra.

Those who have been scapegoated, betrayed, where they have shut down as a result.

Very few symptoms for the physical heart. Agitation of the heart alternates with calmness and serenity.

Depressed. Future holds nothing. Stuck. Can't see way forward. For those living in the material world, cut off from higher self, spirit, who think all that stuff is nonsense, but have no joy in anything.

Sense of disconnection, isolation, abandonment, inability to reach out to another, unhappy.

Those who discover something is not as they thought it to be. Releases trauma locked in throat. Constriction of throat, desire to cry but can't.

Morbid thoughts cannot get rid of - e.g. that husband dead. So tired and depressed that when I came out of the proving there were ten loads of washing to do and no food in house.

Opens the mind. A thirst, a craving for spiritual knowledge. Awakens inner sight.

Stimulates intuition, clairvoyance and the imagination.

Enables those who work with the imagination to bring through higher levels of their creativity.

Affects thinking. Helps to bring people out of mental dominance. Gives an understanding of power of thought and creative use of thought.

Loss of ability to think, act, no motivation, depression, loss of spiritual contact.

Inability to meditate through mental activity

Balances Heart and Brow.

Schizophrenia and other forms of mental illness - split in consciousness. Separation from the Source, of the personality from the soul, of the soul from the body.

Mental confusion, congestion, chaos, madness connected with the spilling of blood.

Teenagers where there is confusion and a loss of sense of reality. Sensation of things being surreal. For creative people - poets, artists, musicians - who get stuck, end up in their heads, become mad, possibly schizophrenic.

Will help release potential for madness.

Releases people from low expectations of themselves. Opens you to contacting your own power. Brings in personal power by allowing the individual to contact the higher aspects of soul.

Gives the ability to become greater than we ever thought we could, pushes back personal horizons. Expands our potential, who we think we can be. Gives permission to be yourself, to do your soul purpose.

Gives resolution, determination not to succumb to failure of confidence.

A great healer of relationships between sexes.

Detachment in relationships causing problems with partners. Issues about communication and not communicating - giving up, not bothering to try.

Integrates and balances masculine and feminine energy.

Helps in transformation of relationships and balance of male/female energy both in the individual and between couples.

Balances out the aggressive tendencies which have been playing out through the female consciousness, allowing finer feminine energy to be contacted. Allows masculine energy to awaken and relax.

Balances out both extremes.

A great remedy for new children coming in.

DD.: Calc. Sil: shy, slow, followers, not leaders. Will help them to walk their own path.

Children who are sickly and delicate, not eating well or not utilising food they are eating. Will improve appetite and nutrition. Arrested growth in children in any area. Delayed maturation, height, etc.



A lot of symptoms in nervous system (numbness and paralysis).

Profound effect on the nervous system.

Numbness, tingling, delusion of size, phantom pains, the refusal of the body to obey the will through nerve degeneration.

Spasticity - soul not in control of the body.

Cases of MS that defy diagnosis or where the diagnosis and the symptoms do not agree, or where the symptoms are unusual for the diagnosis.

Ability to regenerate nerves especially useful in children badly damaged in accidents, brain damaged at birth through physical trauma not through lack of oxygen; after brain surgery.

Sensation as if hands huge, heavy, numb, tingly, weighing me down.

Tingling of fingers and l. arm.

Legs feel very heavy.

Limbs contracted, nervous system is on 'go' all the time.

Damage or disease affecting the nerves of the spine.

Shooting pains in L side.

Twitching under the eye.

An amplifier of conscience.

Helps with balance between being an individual and being part of a group - very important for the Aquarian Age. Good for teenagers who are drawn along with the crowd.

Those who feel bound by convention or by other people's expectations. Inertia which may only be overcome by act of will. Too tired to fight.

Loss of purpose and direction, doubt and anxiety, lack of confidence.

Blows away fear and terror even if they were hidden. Loosens, frees, joins.

For those who find it difficult to let go, change, be flexible. Encourages optimism and positive thinking.

Integration of the whole being on all levels. A sense of relaxing and opening. 

Helps stabilise the body on all levels for receiving new energies and allows them to be anchored.

General heaviness, sluggishness, tiredness, lethargy. Likes damp.

Feelings of heat. Also cold - chill moves inwards < wrapping up.

Rolling, falling to the left, feeling bigger and bigger, like a paralysis as well.

Effects of vaccination, in particular meningitis and measles vaccines. The power to release enormous darkness manifesting in deep pathology.

Can help to release people from traumas of chemotherapy and given before, may stop them having it.

Head: a lot of headaches, pains in the head and symptoms around the head.

For all kinds of head pathology: headaches, brain tumours, brain inflammations. Heaviness of head.

Great compression in head, like tight hat/helmet, sometimes with nausea, like migraine.

Headaches especially around left eye, nose, face, ear, neck and shoulder.

Very light at the top of the head.

Vertigo: Sudden surge of dizziness.

Face: feels congested and heavy. Great stuckness in the head, nose bunged up, post nasal drip.

Eyes: ache (and nose)

Mouth: Tingling in teeth, to do with amalgam fillings, electricity in the mouth.

Neck: lots of neck stiffness, crunching, cracking. Tense neck and shoulders. Frozen shoulder.

Throat: profound effect on the thyroid especially thyroid problems in puberty and menopause.

Throat and upper chest constricted.

Throat full of mucous. Tacky throats. Throat painful, raspy and burning.

Abdomen: lots of diarrhoea. Bowels loose, stools very small, barely formed. Nausea.

Female organs: excellent menopause remedy. Hot flushes. Sharp pain r. ovary ext. back of pelvis, stabbing pain, comes and goes.

Female fertility problems; will help with ovulation, establish cycle.

Earthbound, materially minded women, mentally tied to work, unable to conceive.

Useful during labor, especially for children finding it difficult to incarnate i.e. difficult birth.

Skeletal: powerful effect on bones, joints, structure of the body.

Stiffness in the neck and extremities (fingers).

Rheumatic pains in fingers and joints.

Pain - ache, over right hip and adjacent part of the back.

Spine: back feels squashed, compressed. Spine feels numb.

Sleep: dreadful.

Dreams: of being chased by an alligator; of someone being pregnant and taking it in turns to do the labour: I did my turn really well and the baby was being born; of being late, running, manic, being lost,

escaping from danger.


Works in a totally different way from Earthworm and the two remedies cccc won't work together.

For the nervous system. Goss = And here the vegetable analogue is Cotton, the mineral is Ametrine (see Amethyst).

Quick in action. Can be repeated frequently. Use alone, alongside other remedies or in combination. Will speed up all processes of change.

Can be used alongside remedies for the worst pathology. Without the underlying state being addressed, pathology will not be released. Not all will be able to make this release, but at least it gives the soul the choice.


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