Vergleich: Hysterica - Neurasthenie



Vergleich: Siehe: Anthroposophy.x and Psychiatry.x (James Dyson)










Emotional developed delayed

Too young

Child: dreamy



Accelerated cognitive development

Overly awake

Rational, intellectual emphasis

Potty trained early

Physically and emotionally „aged“




Tends to diarrhea


Certain kinds of food difficult to digest

Atonic constipation

Menses heavy/prolonged

Sweats easily

Exhales strongly

Active + exhausted quickly

Face dysplastic











Attention/gaze  extroverted

Imitates strongly

Thinking not structured

Perceives strongly

Aimlessly hyperactive

Awaking difficult


Attention/gaze introverted

Caught in brooding

Thought structured

Perceives poorly

Strong boundaries

Expressing restrained

Hesitant, weak actions

Falling asleep difficult

Twitsches asleep




Inflamed in head/neck


Pedantic/anancastic (= obsessive) behaviour





hysteria                                                                                             neurasthenia

estrogen type                                                                                    gestagen type

Rubens type:                                                                                     Cranach type:

With an hysterical constitution/the rounded                                    With neurasthenics, tending to be undernourished,

forms we know from Rubens paintings,                                           young women with the figure of a young boy

one sees juicy pustules and superficial papules.                               sthenic young men, deep-reaching nodules

adiposity, pyknic habit                                                                     asthenic habit

tendency to migraine                                                                        tendency to atopy (atopic syndrome is an allergic hypersensitivity affecting parts of the body not in direct contact with the allergen).


Hysteric Constitution


Absinthium D1 dil.

Amara drops

Anagallis D1 dil.

Gentiana lutea D1 dil.

Gentiana lutea Rh 5% dil.

Gentian Stomach-globuli

Bitters stimulate the perception and working through of food

Plumbum met. Praep. D 6/deficient definition and delimitation of sense experiences, too strongly identifying with colors, tones, etc. For deficient emotional distancing

Application: 4 weeks

Minim D6 trit. Tendency towards addiction (alcohol)/at least 4 weeks, not longer than 3 months

Plumbum silicicum D6 = Plumbum met. Praep. D 6/more suitable for physically tender constitutions/if symtomps intensified with Plumbum D6. Long-term constitutional therapy.

Application: at least 4 weeks, not longer than 3 months, then pause for 4 weeks and repeat another 3 months.

Antimonit D6 trit or in exceptional circumstances: for dissociative symptoms and transient psychotic symptoms. Application: 4 weeks, then a week’s pause, another 4 weeks, etc.

If therapy was started with i.v. dosing, then transition to or oral administration.

Stibium met. praep D6 trit./for deficient emotional structuring and missing delimitation (= Abgrenzung) outwards, also with dissociative symptoms and psychotic symptoms

Application: at least 4 weeks, then a pause for a week, etc.

Gencydo 1%, 3%, 5% (Cit-l. + Cyd.) for signs of an overflowing fluid organization, also for a tendency towards hayfever, a water-soaked constitution and at the same time a tendency towards dissociative

symptoms. For decreased pain sensation in the skin

Also as an acute intervention for hysteriform dissociative conditions, but also suitable for long term constitutional therapy.

Application: subcutaneous injection starting daily with 1% concentration, injected between the shoulder blades or in the calves, later increasing to 3% or 5% concentration as tolerated.

Bryophyllum D1 dil, Bryophyllum 50% trit. For fearful restlessness and panic

Application: Generally 4 weeks, then a pause

Quartz D10 trit. For insufficient structuring of the skin and constitution in the upper pole and deficient definition of borders in relation to the surrounding environment.

Application: Long term (6 months).

Tea: Bitter teas particularly suitable, such as yarrow, wormwood, and others

Baths: Not to be used with pronounced hysteric symptoms, only with secondary neurasthenic symptoms:

Arnica essence bath: for a history of past traumatization

Footbaths: Mustard/Lavender

Compresses: Mustard calf compress


Neurasthenic Constitution:

Bitters: For stimulating appetite and digestion

Absinthium D1 dil.

Abrotanum D1 dil.

Amara drops

Anagallis D1 dil.

Gentiana lutea D1 dil.

Gentiana lutea Rh 5% dil.

Gentian Stomach-globuli

Geum urbanum D1 dil.

Argentum D6 trit. mainly suitable for intractable conflicts which seem impossible to resolve, past illnesses and trauma. Stagnating course.

Hardened, dry physical constitution and premature aging

Application: for 4 weeks, but discontinue earlier if lively dreams or a worsening of depressive symptoms develop.

Sulfur D6 trit. For constipation, inner coolness

            Hardened, dry physical constitution

Stagnating course: Lack of fevers, no fever reaction

Application: Generally 4 weeks, but discontinue earlier if signs of inflammation or a worsening of depressive symptoms develop.

Mistletoe: Mainly in higher potency for chronic depressive states, with a deficient fever reaction, with overwhelming endogenous depressive states.

Tea: Linden, lime-blossom tea, Chamomile tea

Full baths with essences or teas

Calamus tea for significant exhaustion and weakness, for stomach problems and incomplete digestion

Prunus essence for significant exhaustion and weakness, deficient vitality

Sulfur bath for hardened, dry skin and absence of fever

Oil Baths

For general weakness of the life forces, deficient warmth “sheath” and warmth formation,

Exhaustion: Prunus, Melissa, Thyme, Hypericum, Lavender, Rosemary, Solum-uliginosum oils

“Over-heating” Baths: For symptoms resistant to chemical antidepressants and psychotherapy, absence of fever, low body temperature (under 36º C)

Contraindicated: history of tuberculosis, heart rhythm disturbances

Footbaths: Rosemary in the mornings

Evenings lavender, mustard, sulfur

Rhythmical embrocations

For stimulation of generalized up-building: arms, back and legs

Whole body embrocations



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