Vergleich AIDS nosode, Lac humanum and Carcinosin - Signatures Miasms, AIDS


[Misha Norland]

The relationship between AIDS nosode and Lac humanum is noteworthy. In Rajan Sankaran’s provings of Lac humanum, as in the AIDS proving, themes of houses, self-loathing and rejection came prominently into the foreground. Not surprisingly, milk and blood have features in common. Milk is derived from blood. As blood circulates through the body, it ‘touches’ every cell, bringing to mind the AIDS nosode theme of belonging and its opposite of feeling outcast. The key common theme of AIDS nosode and Lac humanum is relationships, how we nurture and how we touch or don’t touch. Part of the Lac humanum idea is ‘good mother, bad mother’ (partly because the mother’s influence helps to socialise us); the AIDS idea is that of blood brothers, ‘good brother, bad brother’ - trust and its opposite, betrayal. Blood brothers can be a group or tribe, like the gay community, or a religious brotherhood seeking to realise spiritual ideals.

Like Lac humanum types, many Carcinosin adults have an unresolved question in their psyche: “Am I for myself -not conforming- or am I for other people - conforming?” Carcinosin is primarily about the price you pay for conformity, about being squashed into shape. Lac humanum is about the price you pay for individuality - isolation and alienation. This picture of Lac humanum represents such a generalised conflict for so many that in order for it to be a prescribing feature, it must dominate every aspect of the case.

In Lac humanum, the central issue revolves around individuality versus conforming to the group; self-interest versus helping others; going off and doing one’s own thing versus staying at home and attending to family obligations. The opposite of Lac humanum’s individuality theme is universality. This, as we have already posited, is similar to the AIDS theme: “I flow into you and you flow into me.” The opposite of Carcinosin’s theme of conformity is “I shall not do what you want of me - get out of my space!”

The opposite of AIDS’ theme of no barriers is “I am completely separate from you”.



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