Barium arsenicosum (Bar-ars)


Vergleich: Siehe: Barium + Arsen + Vergleich Arsenmitteln


Thema: Entgegengebrachtes Vertrauen; Lösung: 100% einsetzen;

Positiv: Gewissenhaft/Verantwortung tragend/unabhängig/präzise/gut organisiert/sorgsam (eigene + anderer Gesundheit)/hilfsbereit;

Negativ: A. Fröstelt, B. Frühes altern + eingreifende chronische Krankheiten;


Misstrauen; scheu/nervös/ängstlich [Kleinigkeiten (in Gesundheit)]/Panik/Unruhe;


Gemüt: Selbstvertrauenmangel


[Dr. Rajan Sankaran]

Baryta arsenicosa cannot trust people though he needs them. Baryta sulphurica feels scorned by the person he is dependent on.

A mineral remedy of the syphilitic miasm. The feeling of Baryta is that of complete dependence due to personal incapacity.

The feeling of Arsenicum is of being isolated and hence insecure. The Arsenicum person sees the world as threatening and chaotic.

He feels lonely yet feels threatened by people, so he cannot trust people though he needs them. Main: “I cannot trust the person on whom I am totally dependent”.

In the compensated state Baryta arsenicosa can be very conscientious, independent and responsible. The patient is fastidious, methodical, highly organized, efficient

and industrious. He is very caring for others, very friendly and will not offend anyone. He is very careful about his own health and also the health of others.

In an uncompensated state the Baryta arsenicosa person can be shy, bashful and nervous, extremely anxious about the smallest thing, especially with respect to health.

He can get panicky, frightened and restless. He does not trust anyone including the physician and often changes doctors: irresolute, very dependent, yet mistrustful.

Physical symptoms:

    Chilly patient.

    Early senility: very deep seated, chronic, progressive disorders. Diabetes, ulcers, hypertension, etc., coming on at an early age.

    Sudden acute manifestations may be found.


Unverträglich: Potenzen unter D 6



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