Ciconia ciconia = Weißstorch


[Liat Kimchie Braude]

White Stork from the Order Ciconiiformes, Family Ciconiidae, the stork had an accident three years before, cared for in a hospital for wildlife in captivity; it can’t return to nature because is blind in the right eye.

It was arranged that 10 people would participate in the proving but 2 women became pregnant prior to the proving and decided not to participate. So there were 8 left altogether. A blind proving conducted according to the principles of Hahnemann and Jeremy Sherr.

Potency: 4c, 6c, 9c, 12c, 15c, 30c and placebo

Available from Super-Pharm in Israel in potencies: The starting matter was a feather and a drop of blood from the stork.

Key phrases:

Maternal instincts




Watching the desert from above, A bird's eye view

Desire to get pregnant

Delusion: my head became a triangle

Want to remove my skin to rearrange the organs rinse with warm water and reassemble them

Dream: I see myself like a big bird, they told me Ilooked like a stork.

They gave me someone else’s baby to be responsible for. I came to the kindergarten to pick up my son and they told me to take someone else’s child.

All I can think of is the other mother; I desperately want is to see the child's mother; - - - - -

Births, pregnancies, babies, kindergarten

House, homesickness, organizing and cleaning

Major themes:

Meeting with people from the past - a reunion, nostalgia, meeting past lovers, phone calls from past lovers.

Spiritual abundance and austerity - a sense of abundance, money, investing, perfect, sense of mission, high spiritual capacity, watching from above as a birds-eye view,

reclusive behavior / escape, feeling drained, see auras, Desire for healthier food, Yoga, introspection, higher consciousness.

Home-family, birth, order and cleanliness:

Desire to be home to clean, cleaning, and making jam, cooking homemade food, baking bread. Sense of domesticity and a strong need for order, I wash the floor a lot, painted the kindergartens

in beautiful colors and I made up and reorganized, desire for order, for home, nesting house, a sense of home, want to be with the family, want to build a new nest, desire for freedom,

Thinking about pregnancies and being pregnant. Desire to be with children.

Freedom- a strong desire for freedom, free, within the space of freedom to dothings perfectly.

Desire to do things in a perfect manner; perfectionist.

Desire to be in nature. Trips travel.

Unity, separation, and one soul mate search

A guy after a breakup:" I'm in kind of air, air, air", "clinical death-like calmness after a long time, a good quiet". [Testimonies from people who have had clinical death feel and experience it as

all in one; unity and peace

Want to build a new nest, talks about love and spouses

Feeling of love at the first meeting.

The choice of the path depends on your partner (choosing life’s path depends on the partner she will have)

I'm alone again

Need to be in a relationship, the desire to make love, cuddle and find my one true love

I saw my one and he did not see me

My one does not want me, busy with his things maybe I'm not his one

Desire to compromise for the one

Fights - irritability, impatience, fighting, fights with children, a sense that they are ungrateful and do not appreciate

Fights with her husband

Dream: of rupture of membranes (amniotic fluid)

* The children house = a children's home in the kibbutz. Method was practiced in the 50's after the establishment of Israel, for parents to be able to go to work they would leave the children

in the children house in the kibbutz, where they grow, eat, play and sleep, distant from their parents. the parents see their children for few hours during each day and on the weekends.

Fears: Heights and roads

Physical: Respiratory problems, asthma, cough, runny nose

Feeling of tightness in the chest


Stiff neck as after whiplash

Back pain

Rashes on the body as a "stork bite" [a common type of birthmark seen in a newborn. Most often temporary. The medical term for a stork bite is ‘nevus simplex’. Also called a salmon. patch]



Thirst, Profuse sweating

Watery eyes and burning

Poor sense of smell

Tinnitus ears

Knee pain

Pain in joints; pain in the ankle, hip does not use its ability to nest high up but instead lays on the ground, it and the eggs will be trample das with the people of Israel if they not raised and elevated

their nature; they also will be over ridden and trampled on.

According to "Midrash", (interpretation of biblical stories) this means the ability to rise up and get high achievements, to turn talents into practice.

Three degrees see the Midrash in stork features:

Self-sacrifice. Sympathetic with her friends and rushing to help; to assist joyfully and gracefully

All these features are desired by the true "Hsidi" (a student of the Torah)


Repertory: (eine 2e Repertory Siehe unten)

Mind: Ease, feeling of

Absentminded; Dreamy

Family, Desire

Freedom; Desire




Cleanliness; Desire for cleaning

Weep; Cannot


Yielding disposition

Travel; Desire to

Weeping; avoids it

Desire to weep; but tries to avoid it, holds back

Contact with People from the past

Touch a gg.

Fear; driving a car of

Head: Congestion


Hole, sensation, left to right

Pain, occiput


Dream: knights were attacking him with daggers, and then a feeling of being stabbed in the chest with an arrow

of a tsunami

of death, by accident

war camp, being in a

Birds; a group of birds group that came to drink water and only the Ciconia didn’t come down from the sky because of the pollution on earth.

people from the past

Sleep: Sleeplessness

Sleeps late


Position; one leg behind the other  (like a stork)

Face: Acne

Eruption, chin

Nose: Sinusitis

Smell diminished

Coryza; watery

Eyes: Tears burning

Sensation while drinking wine of fumes that burned her eyes

Mouth: Aphthae

Yawning, constant

Dry, night

Ear: Noise, in left; Tinnitus

Perspiration – burning/itching

Throat; Cough, Tingling

Throat; Heartburn, evening

Neck: stiffness

Pain, Whiplash


Chest: Oppression

Eruption in Axillae – Moist/Burning

Expectoration on coughing; discharge, green chunks

Cough: Suffocation

Respiration: Difficult

Perspiration: Profuse

Back: Pain, Lumbar region

Vertigo: On motion of right to left

< Motion; > Rest;

Stomach: Thirst


Appetite diminished

Appetite increased (Diminished appetite more prominent)

Abdomen: Swelling sensation


Rectum: Constipation

Haemorrhage; from anus; copious

Female Organs: libido increased


Ext; Pain; Hip; as if contracted

Ext; Pain; Knee, Right, extending hip

Ext; Pain; Ankles

Ext; Skin, Dry; leg; hand

Skin: Redness; Shiny

Bladder: Urine, urgent – constant/frequent

Generals: Lassitude



Heat, Sensation of

Heat; Burning

Easy satiety

Food and Drink: Desires: Healthy food/(smell of) eggs; Aversion: Eggs; (Aversion to eggs was more prominent)


Fullness, sensation, in the whole body

< Warm


[Olga Fatula]

The white stork (Ciconia Ciconia) is a large marsh bird of the Ciconiidae family.

This is best-known representative of storks. It is a white bird with the black wing tails, a long neck, a long thin red beak and long reddish legs. When the wings are closed, the stork creates the

impression of being all black in the rear part of the body. The length of a white stork is 100-125 cm, wingspan 155 - 200 cm. Adult white stork very seldom voices a low-key cawk, more often,

it hisses or clicks with its beak. Baby birds of a white stork peep and cry in a voice similar to kittens’ miaow. When it feels threatened, they go in thanatose.x

The average lifespan of a white stork is 20 years.

White storks live in both Europe and Asia. They spend winters in India and the tropical part of Africa. Migrating storks fly only in the daytime. They fly at a high altitude, often soaring. For this purpose, they select the most convenient aerodynamic conditions, terrain-wise. They avoid flying over open water.

White storks inhabit low meadows and boggy areas; quite often, they nest near human habitation.

Diet consists of small vertebrates such as frogs, toads, small fish and snakes, and various non-vertebrata: grasshoppers and locust, earthworms, maybeetles. When searching for food, storks walk slowly and quietly, however,

having seen the prey they quickly run up and catch it.

Initially storks nested on trees near human: habitations arranging huge nests made of twigs. Subsequently they used for this purpose roofs of houses and other constructions, including those made by people expressly for this purpose. Storks use the same nest for a number of years. The older is a nest, the larger it is. In most massive nests, storks coexist with various small birds.

Males arrive for nesting late March – early April, somewhat earlier than females, at times covering up to 200 kilometers a day. The male mates the first female appearing at his nest.

A couple hatches their eggs together, making specific ritual poses and snapping their beaks. As a rule, the male is on duty in the daytime and the female at night.

The parents feed their chicks initially with earthworms. At the age of 70 days, baby birds become self-sufficient and in the end of August, they depart for the winter being routed by instinct, without adults.

Storks are perfectly introduced in tales, proverbs and legends of any nation hosting them. The stork is usually associated with good luck:, happiness, protection, and beneficence.


Main themes of the proving

Strength. Power. Energy

“The feeling of power and victory marching inside.”

“Calm sea. Strong storm.”

“Strength and a pivot inside.”

“This energy inside me is strong and influential.”

“This motivation inside me does not allow me to come to a stop. I am over endowed with stamina.”

“Feeling of my own insignificance in relation to this big world. There is determination and abilities to master it.”

“Desire to move powerfully and energetically.”


Spiritual practices. Ascetics / Superfluity

Chi Kung, mantra, yoga. Kundalini. Samadhi.

“Looking into myself.”

“Looking into my consciousness.”

“Saw horror dreams of incorrect Chi Kung practice.”

“Penetrating deep into own inside senses.”

“More concentration when practicing yoga.”

“Strict to myself. Self-restrictions.”

“Keep a strict regimen.”

“Surfeit. Desire everything and a lot of it.”

“Desires are unnatural.”

“Putting too much salt in the food.”

“Sex, lengthy.”

Dream: “Went after my partner like a sex glutton.”


Certainty / Uncertainty

The theme has expressed itself with the provers in different contexts and variations.

Mental balance. Endurance.

Clear awareness of the direction.

The right choice.

Orientation. Determination.

“Sensation that there is a line, an Ariadne’s thread, and you know which way to go. As if nearby, at the right hand, there is a grey thread with whitish glow. You orientate by it, it shows you which way to go.

I went places far from home but always walked out precisely where needed.”

Nervousness. Restraint.


Uncertainty. Indecision. Doubts. Panic.


Study of medicine, biology.

Study oriental practices.

Study homeopathy.

“Recollected the smell of the school and my inquisitiveness.”

“Decided to change profession, entered another university.”

“Careful browsing through everything around does not annoy me.”


Activity / Idleness

Activity. Physical training.


Long walks.

“I stroll around. Rambling about 10 km each day.”

“I walked 12 kilometers on the top of a monorail. I knew which way to go.”

“Walked tremendous distances without fatigue, without any unpleasant sensations in my legs.”

“Desire just to stroll was an inherent requirement that resulted into many kilometers of walking. Did not want to make use of transport.”

“Desire to move strongly and energetically.”

“Laziness. Loath to do anything.” Aversion to any activity.


Tiredness. Time for a rest.

“Gaping about, staring at crows and floating in the clouds.”



“Desire to talk to people, even strangers.”


Familiar people.  Unfamiliar people.

Classmates, school friends.

“Relations with my girlfriend are strained.”

”Cohabitation is unpleasant.”

“Became very communicative.”

“Tenderness, embracing.”

“Desire to hide in the cuddle forever.”

“We should all live together in the country house.”

“Communications with men turn out to be easier.”

“Scared of men.”

“Confrontation towards men.”

Dream: “I keep passing in a tram by many familiar people and the girl who was my classmate in the 10th form.”

Quarrels. “Inflated with bitchiness straight in the morning.”


Aggression. Fear. Helplessness

Aggressive groups of people.

An Indian prison.

Close-handed fight.

Martial arts. Fights.

Dream. “Beaten with sticks.”

Dream. “A flock of bikers attempts to capture the house.”

Dream. “Shooting of a Jackie Chan film, where he fights with a partner.”


Secret services. A spy.

Music, aggressive.


Nightmares, horrors.

Dreams. Monsters. Transformation of people into monsters.


Nature. Sunset

Dreams about country house.

Dream. Wandering in the countryside.

Desire to be out in the nature, to go to the countryside.

Walked to the park, picked up herbs.

Filming scenery.

Desire to acquire a chameleon.

Discussing animals: lizards, snakes.

Desire to study biology.

Desire to film the sunset.

Dream. “I was walking by a factory; there was a giant red sunset.”

“This is as simple and ingenious as the sunset.”

“Bought fertile soil and replanted flowers. I had not done it for many years before.”


Unity / Separation

“Separation from the partner.”

“Feeling of unity with the friend.”

”Cohabitation is unpleasant.”

Tenderness. Embracing.

“Desire to hide in the cuddle forever.”

“We should live together in our country house.”

“We worked as a team; I liked the feeling of unity.”


Time. Changes. Childhood / Old age / Death

Dream: “Time, the interval before death.”

“Made a boast of my long beard in front of everybody.”

“Expecting death in prison.”

“Death of an official of high standing.”

“They put old men into prison to go into a Samadhi state and to die.”


Careful attitude towards own body.

“Did not miss a single puddle. I liked to stride in them. A sensation of childhood overflowed me. Happiness because of it. A new taste of life. Water, splashes, mirroring. I fancied that I have different body forms.”

“The beginning, the new.”

“Get rid of everything old."

“To do little but to change a lot.”


Art. Creative work

Dream: Harry Soukachev’s concert (a Russian pop singer).

Dream: “A design order for me and my classmate to execute on a blanket. We have to elaborate and create the Da Vinci Code.”

“Went to the theatre in the evening.”

“To invent something unusual. To devise something majestic.”

Dream. ”A concert in our yard, Jackie Chan participating. During the whole concert I practiced combat maneuvers.”

“They gave me a disk of “Aria” group to listen to. The aggressive music.”

“I had goosebumps when talking of music.”



Dream: “Maggots, dug out from a pit surrounding a tall building were strewed around along the road.”

Desire to acquire a chameleon.

Talking about animals: lizards and snakes

Dream. “A Labrador dog is running in my house but I don’t see mine. I find my dog in the bathroom. Plastic bags are put on its head and legs and stuck into its chaps.”

Dream. “I brought a dog into an empty room. I found there two parrots. I gave them food; they pecked it.”

“We picked a cat out in the street. Craws tried to peck it to death.”

My partner set upon me like a vulture.”


Phrase constructions

“The day was colored by motley shades of unusual affections.”

“My planet is on ash breeze today.  The mighty storm of emotions has departed.”

“The day was drowsy owing to the weather and wet owing to Masha’s tears.”

“The after-rain clouds pretend to be dyed by aquarelle.”



Recurrent themes of transport:  Underground, trams, travelling, bus.  As an opposite, unwillingness to make use of any transport.

Secrecy: Dream. A friend of mine says that he is the agent of two intelligence services, a double secret service agent.

The energy of the source


The manner of arranging the living space:

“We shaped up our living room.  The decision came straight at once, unexpectedly. We strived at airiness, like in the clouds. Brought in a mattress, I laid on it. It is a feeling of domesticity, I watch my girlfriend to move something aside. As if I lie on the clouds and behold. As if we decorate a nest. Airiness as in the rainclouds, something charged with water. Desire to strike root, to settle down. It is a square room but we attempted to make

a circle by moving cupboards. Decorating the build of the room, we made it as if a round one like a ring. We made every effort to separate our living space from any external interference. We wanted

to cover the windows with cupboards, to create insularity, to build a fence around our bliss to protect it from strangers’ glances. We manhandled the mattress, declined offers to give us a lift. We did

not argue. As if both of us knew what should be done and how. It was heavy but nevertheless a big fun.”


A tendency to walk straightening spine:

“Sensations that something makes you walk with a straight back, to “pull” the spine. As if the spinal column goes itself, ahead of the rest. There is no choice, no way to stoop. An exceptionally straight back. It is not the chest forward or the belly up. Both are on the same level, everything stays within a definite line.”


Black and white.

Dream in the first night. “Two of my friends are in a minibus. Both wear black suits, white shirts and black ties.”



Generals: Light sensation, in the whole body

Full sensation, in the whole body

Strength sensation in the body

Tiredness, strong

Desire to have a rest

Warmth sensation left half of body

Physical training > exercises

> Strict day regimen

General < in the morning

Sweat smells offensive

Head: Pulsation – in forehead/in brows

Chin, hot flushes

Cheeks, hot flushes

Brows, hot flushes

Eye: R. eye pulsation

Vision: improved

Stomach: Food

Appetite - increased/“wild, canine. Scaring quantity of consumed food”/bulimia

Desires: Food of any kind/sweets;

Extremities: Legs - “As if filled”/”As if all blood went downwards”

R. foot - “As if wet”/”As if immersed in hot water”

Skin: Eruptions/acne (suppurating, smelling offensive)

Acne < due to day regimen violation

Sleep: no desire, overfilled with energy

Drowsiness - in daytime/after beer


Vergleich: Siehe: Aves: + Wasservögel + Migration


Allerlei: Mythe: Ciconia ciconia (= Storch) bringt Kinder durch den Schornstein/bestraft unartige Buben/= Knecht Ruprecht ähnlich

In Celtic myth, the salmon of knowledge swims in a sacred spring or pool under the shade of a hazeltree; the falling hazelnuts contain all the wisdom of the world, swallowed by the fish.

"stork bite" [= birthmark in a newborn (often temporary). Medical term: ‘nevus simplex’/called a salmon patch].

Türkisches Sprichwort: wer einen Storch fliegen sieht, wird ewig unterwegs sein.



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