Citrus nobilis


[Sally Williams]

The orange eaten all around the world was born a sour fruit, growing wild in China. Dating back thousands of years, the orange was probably being cultivated by the Chinese by 2500 BC.

It may also have found roots in the Assam area of India and in Myanmar.

Mysteriously, for thousands of years oranges seem to have remained an Oriental treat, not written up in the Middle East, not mentioned by the Greeks. Those which reached the west in the earliest days were of the sour variety. Eventually the Romans obtained oranges the hard way: after long sea voyages from India which finally brought young trees into the Roman port of Ostia, probably in the 1st century AD. After the fall of Rome in the 5th c. AD, orange cultivation and importing both died out for centuries.

Orange trees most likely were planted across North Africa by the first century AD. The Moors, the Muslim natives of the region, brought oranges with them to southern Spain in the 8th or 9th century. By the 1200’s orange groves were a feature of an area from Seville to Granada, as well as regions of Portugal. Another Muslim group, the Saracens, brought orange growing to Sicily, the island off the toe of Italy’s boot, at about the same time. 

The orange first ventured across the Atlantic Ocean in 1493 with Christopher Columbus. Columbus carried seeds of the orange, lemon and citron, or possibly young trees, from Spain’s Canary Islands to the island of Hispaniola, today shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Soon several of the Caribbean islands were growing oranges on European plantations with slave labor.

We have no record whether the oranges were sweet or sour or both. Seedlings reached Panama with the Spanish in 1516 and Mexico two years later. The native Americans living there were intrigued with the orange trees and tended them with care. At about the same time the Portuguese were planting sweet oranges in their enormous South American colony of Brazil, also with the labor of enslaved Africans.

The Spanish brought oranges to their settlement at St. Augustine, Florida in 1565 and by 1579 the groves were flourishing. Again the native people of the area became enthusiastic about oranges, planting them in their own groves and also carrying them as food on hunting trips. Today 9 out of 10 oranges grown in Florida is processed into juice. California produces the most eating oranges in the U.S.

Brazil is the world’s leading producer of oranges. One half of all the world’s orange juice comes from Brazil, and it provides 80% of the world’s trade in concentrated orange juice.

About 90% of the country’s production is based in the Sao Paolo region, on Brazil’s southwestern coast.

Anita Bryant: Tropicana/Colonialism 

Oranges are often used as a symbol by royal houses. Ruling powers assume the privilege to occupy an indigenous land and impose their culture and values and consume their land and resources. Imbedded in the attitudes of colonialism is  - we know best and we know better because we are the superior culture. For example, in 1690 the above-referenced protestant William of Orange defeated the catholic King James at the Battle of The Boyne setting the stage for British and protestant occupation of Ireland. The Orange Order, one or the cultural institutions that enforces protestant superiority, was and is a fraternal organization of protestant men that to this day attempts to impose its norms on Northern Irish society.

Parentage/origins of Temple Orange: 

Temples oranges are actually Tangors; a hybrid that occurred naturally between oranges and tangerines. A man named Boyce in 1896 first discovered the fruit trees in Jamaica. Boyce sent bud-wood samples of the tree to Florida where W.C. Temple obtained a few and propagated them by grafting them onto other rootstock. He recommended them to a friend of his, H.E. Gillett who owned a nursery. Gillett named them after his friend Temple, and began selling the trees in 1919. Cultivation took off in popularity in 1940.

The Temple orange is also known as the Royal mandarin.

China: Glück, Kindespietät; Bitterorange: Schicksal



Childishness: Playful, giddy, giggling, singing, teasing, joking.

Inclusion/Exclusion Sharing/Not-Sharing: 

Focus, attention, determination, order:


Ocean, sea, seashore, underwater, swimming, flow, flowing: 


Is anyone else reporting feeling pregnant? I have every symptom of early pregnancy but no positive test so far (cycle due on Thursday) and a sterile husband (vasectomy 3 years ago). I have never had this happen to me before so I’m assuming it’s the proving but also worried something else is going on in my body (I’m in touch with my woman’s care group and they advised to wait until a missed period to come in for blood work).

Spacey; druggy, alone, isolated, detached, floating feeling/Clarity: 

Anxiety; Dreams anxious, suspicious, paranoid, self-conscious, don’t want people watching: 

Restless/Peaceful, calm, clear, blissful: 


Aggression/Withdrawal: agitated, angry, irritable: 

Double/ Synchronicity: 


Scary, anxious dreams: 

Dreams seem real

Dreams of friends, parties, dancing, laughter: 

Vertigo: < moving head: 

Looking over Left shoulder.

With nausea.

Moving head.

< movement.

Light headed.

Suddenly dizzy, swaying of body.

Dizzy in dream


Rhythm pulsing in head in response to sound.

Heaviness in occiput.

Boring pain left eyeball and through to back of head.

Pressure in occiput (r.)

Pressure on crown.

Pain l. side neck muscle.

Pain through r. temple and into l.

Pain across forehead.

Pain l. side of head.

Top front of head full feeling and ache.

Sharp stabbing pains in head with movement. They shoot to Right inside of forehead and Right base of skull.

Headache like band around head.

Head feels heavy, mid-horizontal plane.

Came home from work feeling really sick. Like a headache, head felt it weighed 5000 lbs. As the day went on everything felt heavier and heavier and heavier.

I have noticed this tender spot on the back of my head the past 2 days and I did not bump my head.  I only notice it if I touch the area with my hand.  Don’t notice it when combing my hair.  It is hard to pinpoint.

Am noticing that my head still feels heavy - almost like there is extra water in there pressing on my brain - and ears still feel full, both.

Head still feels full and somewhat fuzzy. most of that feeling sits in parietal lobe.

Afternoon-jaw, cheek bone on right side feels bruised, wonder if I slept on it funny or why it is hurting.

Woke up with a headache this morning and it hasn’t left yet so I think I am goingto take a Motrin for it.

Morning sickness sick and I had a headache.

Eyes: Glassy, watery. Staring for 30 minutes. Top Left side, Left eye hurts. Both eyes throb. Across eyebrows, eyeballs ache           < touching.

Boring pain left eyeball and through to back of head.

Eyes feel really heavy.

R. Eye –behind-quick ache-chill still really tingly behind eyes.

Both eyes burn. Right eye fogged over, itchy at inner edge. Left eye feels large and burns. Right eye, upper lid itches. Left eye aches.

Muscle at upper inner edge of left eye burns.  It is the muscle that pulls the eye inward.  Eyes, both have been tearing yet vision remains clear.

Driving home from work really tired almost dizzy. Headache above right eye, right eyeball aches. Eyes burning.

Vision: Visual acuity at a distance challenging.

Clarity of vision in doing.

Foggy right eye.

People at table are in sharp focus, people on outer edge are fuzzy.

Need to keep focal point near or nausea worse.

Vision field getting clearer.

Focus on succession helped with pain of action.

Visual is so clear.

Visual clarity; clear and sharp.

I have not had to wear glasses to write during the trituration.

Clearness, could see better.

Ear: Ear pain, Right sided, pinpointed but deep; boring pain.

My ears and face feel hot.

Right ear sharp piercing pain, worse for sound.


Both ears hurt. Right ear is much worse than Left, feels like it is too full, sharp pain, outer ear right is very hot to touch.

Right ear still feels over full, but no longer painful.

Also woke to some shooting pains/sensations in my left ear, however I also had a previous condition in my left jaw that had come about by a bad cold/flu with an ear infection in that ear.

As we are moving about the kitchen getting breakfast and whatnot, I feel like my husband is mumbling (more than usual) and I can’t hear clearly what he is   saying.

Last night my right internal ear was very itchy.

Plugged right ear is back. It’s about balance.

Ears still feel somewhat puffy.

Right ear pain.

Ear pains have returned… sometimes thread-like through the center of my left ear. Always ‘flickering’ in a sense.

Some ear sensations still going on.

Nose: Runny.

Left nostril clear and then white.

            Odors suddenly pungent.  Not noticing odors before.

            I can smell the ink of the pen.

Left nostril stuffed. Nose itches.

Stuffy nose, mucous in mouth, lots of sneezing to clear.

Sinus pain is less. Sinuses feel swollen and dry and now are expelling clear fluid.

LOTS of sneezing.

Sneezing fit, stuffy nose.

Sneezing and congested.

Stuffy nose and cough at 4:30am.

Dry throat, itchy nose, coughing and sneezing.

Sneezing, stuffy nose, palms sore and tingling. Sneezing, itchy arms-mostly right stuffy nose this afternoon. 17 h. went out to a bar with friends after work. I had a been and some snacks.

Shortly after one friends husband arrived, I was all stuffed up and really could not breathe-it was hot too.  I tried to blow my nose and was scared, claustrophobic when I couldn’t clear it. 

Decided to go outside and get some air. After about 10 minutes I went back upstairs and had my friend open the window near out booth.  I stayed clear for a while but  realized  soon enough it was the husbands cologne that set me off. After they left I was much better.

Energy low, congested runny nose more on the right.

Bothered significantly by the air in the bedroom. Around 5h. think about filling the humidifier and running it.  Dry stuffed nasal passages; smell and feel of dust in the bedroom; horrible night. sneezy, stuffy nose.

Head is full I can feel it in my sinuses.

Itchy and sneezy

Sneezy and stuffy nose around noon


Big sneeze, followed by very itchy left thumb-so itchy I scratched it with my teeth. Lots of sneezing..

Mouth/Teeth: In afternoon thirsty on way home.

            Canker sores; right cheek, lower gums.

            Cold sore; right corner.

            Gums; tingling, numbness, sensitive.

Drooling; salivating. Metallic taste in mouth. Difficult to swallow. Dry mouth.

Top lip feels swollen. Dry mouth.

Feels like cotton. Cotton mouth, some what dry but no need to drink. Mouth feels noticeable.

Gums humming. Really tingly-gums

Roof of mouth toward back of arch in palate is feeling the way it does when I start to get sick, sort of an ache with a small throb or burning, tongue is tingly, toward tip, face is very hot,

feel sweaty. There are lines on left side of my forehead from face to scalp- red like I have been scratched- if I was scratching or rubbing there, I was not noticing it.

Can feel a canker sore has developed on my tongue. On the edge, left side.

Teeth cold or sore?

Arch of mouth still sore but less so.

Driving, am very thirsty.

Enjoyed dinner. Flavors very sharp, distinct. Just realized that I have been drinking a lot of water when at home.

16 h. notice my gums have been humming and tender today (could be all the sugary food! : )

Brushed my teeth and hit my lower right gum.. It did get sore and red which    I just assumed would go away but instead I now have a rather large and really  sore canker sore there. Sore gums. Upper right half way back above one tooth. Very sore to touch.

In corners of mouth on the bottom very chapped.

When I got up that morning my upper right teeth hurt.

My canker sore is really bothering me. <  in the afternoon, around 3 it really starts to throb, pulse, hum, all of these things. Whole mouth hurts (r. side where the canker sore is).

Canker sore on my right cheek.

New canker sore, upper left cheek.

Feeling like something brewing on my lower left lip, in the corner. I want to mess with it. I don’t get cold sores, but maybe this is what it feels like when they’re happening?

Cold sore right corner of mouth.

Canker sore is improving, but really slowly. It is better upon waking, worse around 3 and much worse when reading out loud to my kids in bed at night.

Throat: Pain, wanting to clear it.

Feels empty, thirsty.

I want to swallow and it feels like a small lump in my throat.

“Sore” throat. Dry throat without thirst. spit making bubbles.

Mouth tastes yucky again.

            Sore throat.

            Bad taste in mouth.

            Mucous in mouth.

            Right tonsil feel large.

            Throat still dry –scratchy, keep feel like clearing it.

            Throat still dry, throat really needed to clear.

            Constantly clearing my throat, unusual, throat scratchy still- a little sore.

            Throat still scratchy-burning.

            Throat sore-whole head base of neck tender.

            Throat still sore want some echinacea and goldenseal.

My throat was still really scratchy but the sensation had shifted. It Felt really open, like a tunnel. It was also very sore.

Dry throat, deep clearing throat

Dry throat, itchy nose, coughing and sneezing. Sore muscles.

Itchy throat, very mucousy

Increased thirst, thirst, no energy

I was very phlegmy with coppery taste.  Lots of throat clearing.

Stomach: Nausea; constant, <noise and food, >movement: 

Trouble sleeping with sudden post-nasal drip, feels like it is flowing from L sinus into throat, soon followed by nausea.

Nearly vomited when laughing.

Burping (doesn’t ameliorate nausea).


Swallowing to keep from throwing up.

Need to keep focal point near or nausea.

Drumming at table < nausea.

< noise, food.

In afternoon nausea > driving.

Indigestion, burning.

Burning in stomach moving up towards throat. Stomach pains, cramping – intense, sharp.

Cramping across mid-abdomen.

When I got home I ate some, didn’t feel satisfied only as if my abdomen were hard. I got into bed b/c I still didn’t feel great, trying to read.

Feeling nausea.

Burped. Indigestion from stomach to just above breastbone-burning Indigestion again moving higher to the throat.

Lots of burping which is unusual for me, especially while laying down.

Stomach is churning, yet I still desire to eat.

Feeling very sick. Eyes, head, stomach. Don’t want to move at all. Movement makes the nausea worse (it is both in the stomach and in the accommodation of the eyes). Ate about ½ portion of dinner and it remained in the stomach- and, oddly, the churning stopped.

I had a scare last night and thought I was having a heart attack, but it turned out to be a huge gas bubble.

Burping from upper chest area.

No sleep, must get ready for work. Make tea to bring with, dark, rich tea.

Indigestion, more intense burping and indigestion.

My three year old vomits 3x in the car. The last proving she got really sick..

Some (nausea) this afternoon, probably noticed around 4pm for about an hour. It wasn’t about the proving, the intensity about the nausea, not the proving.

Burping; 16.30 h. still burping.

One thing that happened around 16.30 h. today was i got burning sensation in my diaphragm and it radiates up, I don’t know if it would be considered heartburn because the pain is not as high as I would expect. it came on with vigorous exercise. it hasn’t resolved yet. food and drink made it worse.

Had some nausea around 4, lasted about an hour.

Came home to find my 6 yr. old son very sick. Violent vomit, no fever. Partner had said that he threw up everywhere (but the bathroom). Huge mess to clean.

Actually feel incredible fat, weighted, full , bloated, not getting hungry (again, I understand that only eating sugar is not a wise idea).

I am burping more than usual. I am feeling nauseous and tired most of the afternoon. Son still sick, all through the night he would vomit, so much so that as he woke up he could not ever roll head around to get it in the bowl he had. A messy night/early morning.

One thing that is typical for me that has increased is my gag reflex. Typically when I am extremely stressed I will gag for no apparent reason.  I also tend to gag     when I brush my teeth. For the past two days, I am not only gagging, but I threw up last night after an episode of gagging while brushing my teeth.

On the drive down I got very nauseous and I had purposely eaten because if I run out the door with just having had my supplements I can get nauseous.

Stomach girdish. Feel it into my throat and into my right jaw bone.

For me, yes , this is atypical when I get diarrhea. It was quite forceful. I was extremely nauseous and crampy. I omitted once, tons and violent in its delivery. I was  really restless all night up most of it running to the bathroom but yes, I am better now today so all in all it started around 3ish yesterday and feel better this morning. I am weak and food is not appealing but the nausea is over and just a little cramping. Not fun!!!

Nausea is better, it is constant, lot of cramping (unusual), vomiting was quick and intense.

Felt skinny yesterday, but today feel bloated.

Threw up yesterday and by 14 h. stomach was feeling not quite right. Spent from 15 h. until bedtime (at 19 h.) on the couch. Stomach flipping over and over. Wanting to throw up, but never quite getting there.

Morning sickness sick and I had a headache . Suddenly I had this incredible pain in my gut (belly button area) that doubled me over.  I could not stand up straight. I got to a chair and could sit but if I got up I could not stand.  After about 30 minutes I could stand but my belly was really sore.  I drove home and didn’t feel very good and went to bed early.

Feeling tired in achy in general, stomach still distended, full.

There is till a heaviness in my stomach, I get full quickly and feel rather large, like my belly is huge, but weightiness is not in my whole being/body like it was early in the proving. It is more just in my stomach.

Abdomen: Was very sore l. shoulder and upper abdomen all around, tight diaphragm-felt better to belch.

I ate too much and the nagging twinge in my upper abdomen got really tight and sore.

Feeling solar plexus is heavily involved. It is tight and restricted, everything seems to revolve around it.

Stitch in abdomen tight, painful, annoying.

20 h. Abdomen stitch sore.

All day my abdomen felt tight and distended. The stitch at the top feels like a sore tendon-strained? I used ice instead of heat to see if it would feel better. No change.

Rectum: Have diarrhea. Very watery. Tried to eat some toast…moments after eating I need to RUN to the bathroom. Feel nauseous. Cramps come and go, not sure what better for…..

For me, yes , this is atypical when I get diarrhea. It was quite forceful. I was extremely nauseous and crampy. I omitted once, tons and violent in it delivery. I was  really restless all night up most of it running to the bathroom but yes, I am better now today so all in all it started around 3ish yesterday and feel better this morning. I am weak and food is not appealing but the nausea is over and just a little cramping. Not fun!!!

Another symptom I have had and has gotten < as time has moved on is constipation. I am going everyday but as we have been progressing through the days of this remedy my stools have gotten harder & harder.  It is like trying to pass cement!  I have the urge everyday and I go everyday but it is difficult and there is some straining.  The stools have changed from long and hard to what my mother would call “marbles” but these marbles are very difficult to pass.

Our dog had diarrhea, in our daughters room, first bowel accident ever.

Stool: Soft stools since day one.

Stool olive green.

Chest: Breast tenderness

Needless to say two hours after I gorged myself I had intense chest pain. The pain ran from my heart to l. ear. Ache was a sharp tearing pain and an ache at the same time. I felt panicked and almost called you. Once I burped twice I was fine.

Morning sometime-noticed left breast has been tender on and off the past few days.

21 h. sharp pain in chest on left side (not totally unusual)

Morning-both breasts feel full and tender. Did I mention that this is unusual for me-the only times I have had sore breasts is when I am pregnant (which I am not).

Morning , both breasts tender, annoying feeling-bothersome.

Cough: I started coughing hugely I coughed so hard my head hurt. I got really dizzy and floating and I had to get off the highway as soon as I could. 

Back: Tightness around left side of neck with numbness coming up head to ears. Right neck in back, same slight pain.

Base of neck sore tender neck base of head sore, want a quick massage, want deep pressure rub on neck head, scalp

Pain radiating down form lower left back to heal. Lasting. Turned into aching/dull pain, pulsing a bit. 15.45 h. really hurting, lots of pulsing or humming all the way down while standing or sitting.

> laying down with legs in the air. 18 h. back still humming.

Woke up with a very sore back burning all over lower back. Stretched out on hard floor feels better.

19.30 h. reading to daughter in bed, lots of cramping on left side of body (side, hip to ribs) shoulders, upper back sore but most likely just from hauling loads of gravel and dirt to our culvert in road that needed fixing yesterday.  Back aches.

Neck and headache

Spine feels stiff and sore.

Back pain, an old symptom.

Right mid back pain.

            Ache left side neck.

            Ache to back of neck.

            Soreness base of neck posterior ally.

At the very base of spine it was hurting and now pain has gone all the way from head to base of spine and now it is gone. It lasted 10-15 min and then was gone. Woke me at 1am. The pain was sharper and more compressed than the others had been. Left as suddenly as it came and now I feel the energy is not in me any more.

Extremities: Arch of L foot pain, squeezing, burning pain. Fingers swollen.

Ache above Left knee.

Pain running down left, back hip- focused like a string, sharp or biting.

Sharp pulsing pain R hip muscle.

Shoulders muscles ache.

Boring pain bottom of R foot just below ball of second toe.

In bed the hip pain in R hip flexor lasted hours, It was not apparent after I woke.

Tingly, shivery, chilly.

Sweaty palms.

My feet are cold.

Low current under arms to fingers.

Current in arms and chest and hands.

I want to hold my hands, my palms together it is completing the circuit of the current.

Pain in L leg that came on during trituration was gone by 9pm.

Left arm and right leg numb and tingling and burning right to finger and toes. Then it switched to the right arm and left leg.

And palms have been clammy and cool all day.

13:30 h. sting in right calf. Left upper arm, triceps, sore and left elbow sore.

Stayed under the warmth of the covers for some time.  When I finally got up my fingers on both hands were swollen like cooking sausages!  Huge and very white in appearance.  I wondered if they got any larger would the skin split.

Swelling in fingers has gone away and they now feel stiff. Stiffness seems to reside in the middle joint.

Last night my lateral arm muscles, top of shoulders and nape of neck muscles were very sore. It felt like I had lifted weights the day before and my muscles were re-cooperating from the fatigue.

Both hands, stabbing pain in joint of thumb, where they attach to wrists.

Left thumb joint still pains, and the pain is spreading to include first two fingers. Left hand joint has been painful to use (out raking leaves) and useless for any lifting, even small weights like piles of leaves (I have used my father’s trick of using my arm to lift instead of my hand). Left knee weak-feeling, like it’s wobbly at the core.

19.30 h. left foot cramp. Thoughts: I thought about the strong pressure/pain and the tingling in my palms, as well as some cramping/plantar fascia of my left foot.  The thoughts were about stigmata. The itching and pain seems to drill into the palms in the center.

Right arm and left leg felt pulled, lame. Left shoulder not a lot of range of motion. Right knuckle really sore.

Late morning-notice that my left big toenail has been really sore

Walking on break, left large toe, sudden stabbing, radiating pain, like a pain explosion. Radiated upward into foot. Gone as suddenly as it came.

Sore upper arms right thigh pain /ache loose left knee joint- somewhat sore.

8 h. Woke to a big ole Charlie Horse (= painful spasms or cramps in the leg muscles) in my right calf (normally when I have them it’s the left). Aches all day- I felt crooked.

Tripped on the sidewalk-my right ankle rolled.  I grabbed a sign post to hold on. My ankle didn’t snap but there was some residual muscle strain and achiness.

Tendon and muscle pain in arms, legs, elbows and knees. Preventing sleep.

Woke several times due to Charlie horse in left calf.Left shoulder very sore this afternoon-need to move it, left hand as well-may be    residual from the stumble Saturday night.

Forearms are hurting, old symptom. Left arm worse. Cold and numb feeling in legs and feet especially in right.

Left arm range of motion limited. It really hurts right up into shoulder, deep.

In general I noticed that my fingernails appeared to have grown more than normal and are stronger than usual.

Sighing/Yawning/Sleepy/Sleepless: Trouble sleeping with sudden post-nasal drip, feels like it is flowing from L sinus into throat, soon followed by nausea.

            Yawning (wrote 9 times in her notes).

            Sighing  (wrote twice).







            Going to go home and sleep.

            Want to lay my head back and sleep.


            Feel very sleepy and calm-want to curl up with a book on comfy couch and woodstove. Eyes feel really heavy.

            Yawning-really sleepy, felt like closing my eyes.

            Laid down for 20 minutes

            Slept on couch all afternoon and watched a Discovery program on Jesus, which is not normal for me.

            Head back want to go to sleep.

            Fell asleep easily at 1 am.

            I took 3 hours to fall asleep. Tossed and turned and could not get comfortable.

            No sleep, must get ready for work. Make tea to bring with, dark, rich tea.

            Have been tossing, reading, stretching, but not sleeping.  I think, maybe now that it is dark out, I will sleep.



            Very tired, falling asleep at keyboard.

            Fell asleep on couch by 8/9pm.


            Falling asleep at desk all afternoon-nothing helps.

            Seriously falling asleep at desk.

            Dozed in car on way to dinner 17 h.

There has to be something going on with the time thing and my sleeping - I am falling asleep on the couch, waking at 1:30 h., going to bed, waking at 4:30,

going back to sleep, waking with the alarm and then going back to sleep, ending up waking up late.


            7:50 h. sleepy, rested on couch for 20 minutes.

             Tired, bone weary tired!

Went to bed early, slept deeply never waking once. Slept a full 8 hours (unusual now with this odd schedule).

9 h. cannot keep eyes open.

Did not sleep well at all. I could not get comfy.

Laid down in my sons room while he was sleeping. Fell asleep for a short time. I am feeling nauseous and tired most of the afternoon.

Last night I kept hearing my son throw up 6 times plus.. it would wake me but I felt so heavy and tired that I never got out of bed. I let my partner take care of him… something I would NEVER normally do…NEVER.

I fall asleep on the couch, wake up, go to bed, wake up 4 - 4:30 h., go to sleep, get up late.

15 – 17 h. sleepy.

            19 h. Exhausted! 19:30 h. falling asleep at the table.

Another night of tossing and turning.

Tossing and turning with no sleep. Tendon and muscle pain in arms, legs, elbows and knees. Preventing sleep.

Finding it difficult to get up in the mornings - sleep pattern is still disruptive.

Still very tired all day today. Slept on the couch for a while this afternoon.

            Yawning and humming during the day.

Tired enough to fall asleep in the car whenever riding.

Skin/Itching/Shingles: Nose, face, head, scalp, corner of eyes itching.

Left eye itching.

Eyes itchy, hurts to rub them.

Right nipple itching.

Scalp itchy.

Itching on stomach, but I feel a small bump like a bug bite.

            Right eye tingle.

            Nose itches, burns.

            Sweaty and itchy behind left knee.

            Left side of nose itches (says several times).

            Eyebrows tingly.

            Nose hairs itch.

            Left shoulder itch.

            Itchy right hand.

            Itchy head left side forehead.

            Right breast itch.

            Left ear itch (says twice).

            Itch behind right ear (says twice).

            Itch above left eye.

            Itch inner, outer ear canal.

            Forehead itches.

            Inner nose itch.

            Tingly- anxious, anticipation.

            Right shin lateral itch

            Itchy left arm.

            Itchy left nose.

            Itchy under right eye.

            Left arm (forearm) sting/itch.

            Fingers itching LEFT.

            What causes this itch that is preceded by a stinging, fire ants?

            Itchy ears, especially left.

            Left hand itchy, very “coming into money”

            Like the itches are connected from side to side

            Scalp itchy.

            Belly itchy-left side.

            Itchy on head.

            Both hands-palms and fingers ache with tingling in fingers of left hand.

            Left ear tingle (sore, not itch) when drinking hot beverage.

            11:15 h. itching started , shifting in places-elbows, lower arms, itching hands, neck, arms, leg  Itching intensified, over more of body, face, finger tips, possibly more intense on left side

but itchy on both sides of body, itching in vulva. Hands continue to tingle.

Itching again left? Sore tingling palm LEFT, itching vulva.

            Left hand tingle-stinging, itching random locations.

Left palm tingling, itchy, face itchy, right ear itchy, privates itchy, hands still tingly.

Itching starts-left hand, left armpit, leg, shoulder, palms itch and sting.

            Hands itchy and tingling.

            Itchy inside elbows.

Left eye VERY itchy with a little tearing, itchy throat, very mucousy.

            Itchy palms, especially right, itchy arms-mostly right.

            Hands still tingling.

Hands tingling and itchy

Left hand already staring to itch, tingle

Itchy and sneezy.

Itchy palm-right hand and later in the day, face was briefly and mildly itchy over the nose and cheeks.

Left hip/side was itching. As I looked at my skin, I saw that here are about 20 red dots/bites in clusters of three, but some shingles. They went around to my back. Not sure if they are spider

bites or what they are, but they itch and of course that makes everything itch, but particularly on the bottom of my right foot and under my left arm. So far no bites/bumps there.

Not much itchy today, hands tingling.

            Left palm itchy and tingly, traveling to right.

            Still tingling, LEFT strong, continuing very strong tingling in left hand.

Athletes foot between toes (old itch) very itchy and top of big toe left foot.

Big sneeze followed by very itchy left thumb-so itchy I scratched it with my teeth. Then left hand VERY tingly-stopped and moved to right hand. Then both hands tingly, but less so. Itchy, itchy, itchy!!, left palm tingle, left fingers itch, left leg itches, right leg little itch, face itchy, left eye itch, wrists itch, left index finger worse, with sting and sore joints, all itchy has that stinging with it. Serious tingle in left hand, itchy face.

Itching started, left palms tingling.

Left palm tingling and itches.


            Chills, sweater on and off.

            Hands, vagina, armpits sweaty.

            Sweaty but wanting to be covered.

            Sweaty bum.

            Hot flushed neck.

            Face feels flushed.

            Sweaty and itchy behind left knee.

            Left eye sweaty.

            Sweaty, just got so hot.

            Sudden chill, goose bumps.

            Hot red cheeks.

           Cold, quivers internal.

            Hand sweaty.

            Hands clammy.

            Dry hot face, cold clammy hands.

            Red, hot cheeks.

Must lie down and be warm. Bundled up in a fleece-lined sweatshirt, heavy socks, and I am under a pile of blankets. Slept about 8 hours, woke 3 times to pull off covers and then got cold and pulled them back on again.

Red face, feeling flushed.


Sweating and hot.



Vergleich: Citrus. e fructibus/Cydonia. e fructibus wa

Siehe: Sapindales + Citrici allgemein



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