Commons in Cicuta virosa and Conium maculatum


Aversion to company (strangers).

Bloody discharge from the ears.

Child loves to dance.

Cyanosis, with blue discoloration of face and fingernails.

Desire for cabbage and indigestible things like chalk, charcoal, clay, earth, lime, slate pencils, etc.

Desire for sympathy.

Fear of people.

Foolish behavior.

Froth from the mouth.

Gets frightened easily.

Gets into a rage easily, with tendency towards violence.

 Glandular swelling.

Grinding of teeth.


Milk aggravates.

Pain and stiffness in the cervical region.

Pulse: Imperceptible, slow, small, and weak.

Pupils alternately contract and dilate in the same light.

Rolling of eyes.

Sadness or gloominess after injury to the head.

Scorbutic gums.

Sensitive to noise.

Sobbing with weeping.

Spasms in the oesophagus, with difficulty in swallowing liquids.

Spasms of the facial muscles with lockjaw or risus sardonicus.

Staring protruded eyes.

Startles easily: from noise or in sleep, as if from fright.


Stupefaction after injury to head.


Tonic-clonic convulsions with tetanic rigidity.

Weakness of memory with difficulty in concentrating.



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