Comparison arg_n_+_lyc_+_acon.


Both Argentum nitricum and Aconitum have sudden anxiety attacks. The difference is that in Argentum nitricum they appear in fixed situations, for instance while passing

a certain point, in closed places, high places, before an engagement or a journey, etc. In short, Argentum nitricum has more of a phobic kind of neurosis whereas in Aconitum there is anxiety neurosis with nonspecific yet intense anxiety states.

Lycopodium is likely to be the psoric counterpart of Argentum nitricum, being involved in a struggle which is concerned with self-control, high places and success.

This correspondence is seen in the following rubrics in the case of Argentum nitricum: “Undertakes nothing lest he fail”, andis  its counterpart in Lycopodium:

“Fear of not being able to reach his destination” and “Fear of undertaking anything”.



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