Comparison: Bell. + Glon. + Meli.



Left side predominant - Paraplegia – The more frequent the pulse, the more violent the headache. Pulse sometimes double (compare Digit.) or intermitting.

Walking up and down at night on account of headache. Anxious feeling in pit of stomach with pain there. Yawning and inclination to bend head and spine backwards. 

Weak memory. Vertigo when stepping out-doors …. Vertigo or cramping in the back of the neck when bending head back. Coldness, sometimes general with exception of head.

Throbbing in head from back to front part. Headache worse after lying down and when stooping, and in damp weather, better after sufficient sleep, out-doors, and after vomiting.

In megrim one sees everything half light and half dark. Face ache, worse from warmth of bed . Under-lip feels swollen. Nausea, better during sweat. Breathing (expiration)



Right side - Hemiplegia. The pulse Retarded quite as often as accelerated or unchanged with the pain. Pulse sometimes intermittED. Running about at night (insane fear.)

Anxious feeling around the heart. Yawning and stretching. Memory active or weak. Vertigo > stepping out-doors). Complaints > bending head back. Sweat, sometimes general

with exception of head. Beating in head from front to back and to sides. Headache generally > after lying down/stooping. Generally < in dry weather/after sleep/outdoors/by vomiting.

Double sight. Faceache > warmth of bed. Swelling and lips “As if swollen” (upper lip). Complaints < during sweat, > after sweat. Respiration either accelerated or retarded;

particularly often quick inspiration and slow expiration.





Bell: sudden/determined/persistent/fierce entrance into the body (rush of blood to head and face/hot red face/dilated pupils/throbbing carotids/sparkling eyes/bounding pulse/excited mental state/sensorial hyperæsthesia/restless sleep/red, burning hot skin/dry mouth, yet frequently + aversed to water/ dread of drinking/loaths all drinks except lemonade). Tends to delirium/brain irritation (child). Many pains run downward from the head/come and go quickly, no matter where or how long they last/sooner or later localizing somewhere chilly and SENsitiv.

> wrapped up in a room/in a semi-erect position. << afternoon; < draught/cold application/having hair cut/noise/jar/light/touch/lying down. R. more markedly affected than l.

plethoric habit, pleasant and jolly folks, but irritable when sick; Child: sensitive/twitch from slightest ailment/easily delirious/suddenly develop serious symptoms. Organic inflammation and tissue changes. < vinegar.



Congestive/more sudden/

violent than Bell.

Acts explosiv on the organism. Suddenly/vioLENT it determines blood to the periphery, so quickly, so surely it does this that the antipathic uses of this wonderful drug bid fair to outdo its homœopathic uses.

Bursting PAIN come in shocks. Throbbing, pulsations, blood rushes to head and heart and arterioles or great blood waves and surges with sensation of overfullness and bursting in different parts [patient frantic with pain/every jar/every (slight) concussion  increases the pain]. Similar with heat/stimulating things.

More tendency to sudden and violent irregularity of the circulation due to climacteric disturbances, menstrual suppression, exposure to HEAT (sun-stroke/open furnaces/gas jets/summer). Insanity caused by long-continued heat of sun. Headache with confusion of ideas/loss of sensation of location (loses his way/cannot tell where he is/cannot find his room/familiar thing seem strange/even unconsciousness).




Congestion to the brain equal to  Bell. and Glon. Intense redness of the face, with throbbing carotids often > profuse epitaxis. Violent throbbing congestive headache, > epitaxis/lying down/profuse urination.

gradual filling up and weakening of vessels (rupture):  hæmorrhage (epistaxis) great and immediate relieves all suffering. < approach of a storm/changeable whether/< talking/motion. > vinegar, fiery red face, Smothered feeling or oppression of the chest, often combined with a cough relieved by violent nosebleed.

Acts very rapid, relieving irritable nerves/local rush of blood (brain/headache/insanity/spasms). Ø is given by smelling.


the relief of hæmorrhage and the very red face which proceeds, and < changeable/rainy weather, seems to distinguish Meli. from the others. This glowing redness of the face is probably its chief guiding symptom. Meli. like Bell. frequently indicated in infantile spasms, in nervous children during dentition, by with Meli. more apt to have constipation marked/no desire for stool until there is a large accumulation, the stool is painful, difficult, and anus constricted.































































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