Comparison Calcium carbonicum + Silicea


[Farokh Master]

Clinically Calc. and Sil. are very similar, closer study reveals differences as detailed below, which demarcates the two remedies.


SILICEA                                                                                                      CALCium carbonicum

Origin             Mineral kingdom                                                                                          Animal and mineral kingdom

Miasm             More psoric                                                                                                   More syphilitic

Constitution   The head and abdomen are disproportionately                                         Large head that is disproportionate to the rest of the body, with general obesity

                       large (like Calc), but the body is small and emaciated                   OR      absolute emaciation with skin hanging in folds + an abnormally large abdomen.

(never fat or plump)

Chilliness        General coldness and chilliness; cannot get warm enough                         Coldness is seen either in general or of single parts and it is usually an internal

                       inspite of external heat and covering.                                                           Chilliness or a sensation as if has worn some damp stockings.

                       Occasional flushes of heat, but the child cannot tolerate the                 Marked flushes of heat, with rush of blood to head and chest and burning feet,

                       slightest bit of uncovering even then. Needs to be wrapped             causing the child to throws away the covers at night (Sulph).

                       warmly (head and feet).

Constipation   not >                                                                                                             Child feels better when constipated.


Convulsions    Ailments from suppressed foot sweat and vaccination.                            Ailments from fright and suppression of eczema.

                       Epileptic attacks < at new moon.                                                                 Though the child has general < at new moon, it is not so marked in cases of epileptic


Nervous system          Hyperirritable and hypersensitive and restless,                           Sluggishness, stupidity and indolence more marked.

                                   Despite exhaustion and depression.

Sluggishness in nervous affections contraindicates Sil.

Perspiration    Entire head (scalp/neck/face) covered with offensive sweat                      Limited chiefly to the scalp. Excoriation or soreness of feet not seen.

Sore and raw skin of soles and toes due to offensive foot                        Offensive sour perspiration, but less marked than Sil.

sweat. Intolerable, sour, carrion-like odor of the foot sweat.

Polyps             Not so marked.                                                                                             Tendency to formation of polyps (nasal/aural/intestinal).

Suppuration    Stimulates formation of pus, and thus hastens suppuration.              Favors resorption of pus, and thus also encourages calcareous formation in parts.

Foreign bodies are dislodged from the system through its

power to produce suppuration.



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