Comparison Mezereum mit Ranunculus bulbosus in Neuralgia


Frei nach: A. Dorothy Harris M.D.




Ciliary neuralgia

sharp pains of intercostal neuralgia after Herpes zoster with burning


sharp pains of intercostal neuralgia

Ranunculus bulbosus

Neuralgia of the stomach/ovarian neuralgia.



= vegetable An von Merc. (antisporic/antidote zu Merc.)






Mind/skin/eyes/mucous membranes/bones

neuralgia, herpes zoster, rheuma.





sensitive to damp/cold/warmth, < night










no pleasure in anything/nothing makes a real impression on his mind/poor memory

phlegmatic and gets angry with others over TRIFling things/too distracted to keep anything in mind for more than a short time.



mental activity DIFficult

indifferent to everything/-body/desires company and averse to talking; dares not be alone/afraid of ghosts/quarrelsome/irritable and restless (evening)



With this dizziness has contracted pupils.

aching in bones of the skull/burning and itching of the scalp/eruptions of various kinds.


Dizzy with tendency to fall

severe headache

Headache more over the right eye/pressing headache in forehead and vertex (< change in weather). „As if head enlarged“. Burning pricking of the scalp/no eruptions.




Eyes with dryness and „As if enlarged“/ciliary neuralgia (after eye operation). Neuralgia about the eyes, with the pains shooting downward. „As if a cold wind were blowing into them“.

„As if ears were too open“/“As if air were blowing into them“ („As if air went through the ears into the throat“).

Nose: diminished sense of smell/sneezing/fluent coryza with excoriation


pressure in the eyes

smarting of the eyeballs

Nose: hay fever;



More burning

teeth feel longer than normal/toothache < at night/> drawing air into the open mouth.

burning in the throat and pharynx (ext. into the oesophagus)

burning in the roof of the mouth and in the throat

Less burning



more used in facial neuralgia/pain come quickly and leave the parts numb, lightning-like pains coming from the r. infraorbital foramen, ext. the temples and corners of the mouth. pain comes suddenly talking or eating. During intervals between pains twitching of the muscles. In lower face PAIN at the mental foramen „As if a hole being bored“. Pain irregular, comes day or night and lasts several minutes/seems to run along the course of the inframaxillary nerve. The motion of the jaw is interfered with and saliva runs from the open mouth.



spasmodic and whirling neuralgic pains in face and jaws

dry heat in the face and the cheeks are bright red.

cramping, numbing pressure beginning in the l. zygoma and spreading toward eye/temple/ear down neck to shoulder. (pressive pain in occiput/sudden stitches in side/“As if ants running over the chest“. < warmth (entering a warm room).



nausea, vomiting, aching and burning in the stomach but not actual pain

Flatulence/ constipation


stitches in the left side of the abdomen and both have a sensation of burning

Both have diarrhoea


irregular attacks of neuralgia of the stomach without apparent cause. Pain in the pit of the stomach with distressing soreness and with burning. Wants clothing loose and wants to bend backward for relief. RestLESS/ some jaundice.

Abdomen: colic with cutting pains and great tenderness to touch




sticking pain in the kidney region

burning urine with red sediments, and haematuria

remedies have a corroding leucorrhoea.

occasional ulcers in the bladder

chronic ovarian neuralgia seems to be excited by atmospheric changes



Chest: intercostal neuralgia following herpes zoster (burning)



stitches in the chest with every change of weather, the sharp shooting pains of intercostal neuralgia



Neck/back: pain with stiffness.

Limbs: pain in right shoulder and soreness in the right axilla.

drawing pains, pains in the periosteum of long bones, and syphilitic ulcers

Neither has actual neuralgic pain in this region

Neck/back: more of the stitching pain

Limbs: stitching in arms and hands.

sciatica especially in women, with stitching, burning pains



 sensitive to washing with cold water

< touch/motion/changes in the weather/< at night.

< change of weather to wet, stormy weather




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