Comparison Palladium + Niobium


Niob.: Great ambitions to be the best, to be special and different. Their desire for praise and compliments also very big. In this respect they are very like Palladium.

Pall-met.: will openly ask for praise and gracefully receives the compliments that are bestowed on him or her. Niobium find it hard to receive compliments. Deep inside they feel that they deserve it,

but they have nothing to show for it yet. Or they may feel that they don't deserve any praise because they really feel worthless. In both cases they'll brush off a compliment with a nervous little laugh.

In spite of this they still feel rather special and are keen to keep up a certain status. They often look down on the sort life that ordinary people tend to live, it is all a bit too vulgar to their taste.

They are likely to come from a well to do family where they got the message to behave in an honourable fashion. They have to be dignified, as a woman, as an artist etc. But on the other hand they

also got the message not to have any pretences. So they are torn between having to be honourable and dignified, and on the other hand not to have any pretences about what they can do and what

they might achieve. If we look at mythology we see that the chief complaint of the gods was that Niobe ascribed her luck to her own efforts -to her own ego- instead of thanking and honouring the

gods. The gods punish her for her pride by killing all her sons. When she still carries on singing her own praises they also kill all her daughters. Back to present day life: these people might also enjoy

watching others who are not afraid to be the centre of attention.

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