Comparison Ranunuculus bulbosus und Bryonia


[Charles W Hodgkins]

Bry. = a member of the watermelon family/a polychrest - has 3 fields of action:

1) respiratory,

2) gastrointestinal,

3) arthritic,

Robust, firm fiber and dark complexion with tendency to leanness and irritability.

Symptoms shown in the evening, open, air, warm weather after cold days.

Main effect being on serous membranes and their viscera: dura, pericardium and pleura.

Always a toxic case. It affects the constitution of a robust, firm fiber and dark complexion with tendency to leanness and irritability. It prefers evening/outside/open air/warm weather/after cold days to manifest its action most markedly.

In the respiratory field we have the hard dry cough, sharp shooting pains; in the gastrointestinal field the coated tongue, dry mucous membranes, feeling of stone in the stomach, nausea when arising; in the arthritic field the red, swollen, tender joints-and all these symptoms explained by dehydration toxicity.

For these reasons Bry. is sluggish, < on motion; profuse hot sweat with intense thirst: < from warmth/exertion/touch; cannot sit up; > lying on painful side/from rest/pressure/cold things.

Skin: yellow, pale, swollen or dropsical, hot and painful. Hair very greasy. Right-sided remedy.



1.      muscular tissue and skin and has its most characteristic effects upon the chest wall (pleurodynia).

2.      It acts on nerves and serous surfaces and is mainly left-sided.

Variable sensations as seen with the bruised sensation under the sternum, ribs, intercostal spaces, to pains of a stitching, shooting, character.

Generals of this drug are dullness of the senses, quarrelsome, angry mood, easily provoked, does not like to be left alone. Modalities: cannot lie on the affected side,

<: inspiring or moving; < dampness, cold, drafts, touch. Can’t rest; anxious, oppressed breathing; >: sitting up, walking or bending forward; Skin: Burning, intense itching. Eczema with vesicles. Corns sensitive.



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