Comparison Rhus-t. and Baptisia


[Dr. E.A. Farrington]

The distinction between Rhus t. and Baptisia is not always easy.

Rhus-t. has restlessness, caused more by rheumatoid pains than by muscular soreness alone. The tongue, under Rhus-t. has a red, triangular tip. Delirium of a muttering character,

unaccompanied, by these delusions respecting personal identity. Neither are the putrid discharges of Rhus-t. quite so offensive as those of Baptisia.


Comparison Rhus-t. and Bel-p.


[Shrikant Talari]

Pain in throat with yellowish expectoration, after drinking cold water while playing, working in farm or during any physical exertion, then most commonly the remedy is Rhus t.

But the remedy is Bel-p., Bel-p. also has ailments from getting cold immediately after being heated like Rhus t. With pain in the muscles or body ache after getting wet in the

rain while being heated, then the remedy is Rhus-t. Throat infection after drinking cold water when heated is Bel-p.



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