Culex pervigilans (Culx-p)




= Ars + Insekt;

Repertory:                                                                                     [Alastair Gray]

Mind: absentminded (reading)


desires activity in business

> mental symptoms in open air

„As if alone“

anger - causeless/with despair/by interruption/when misunderstood/at trifles/towards husband/during rage/reproaches from others/reproaches to hearing/at trifles/violent/

on waking

anguish with weeping 

antagonism with herself 

anxiety („As if pursued when walking“/from suppressed diarrhoea/“As if he had not done his duty“/from anticipation/about future/about own health/about household

matters /from pain/about business/about family)/

fear (of impending disease/of driving/of failure/something will happen/something unpleasant/sudden events)

breaking things            

brooding over imaginary troubles



cares - full of (domestic) affairs/about others


checking twice or more - must do it

cheerful causeless            

company - aversed to (strangers/desires solitude/> alone/intimate friends/avoids sight of people)/desires company of friend/loathing of company

concentration difficult - needs to repeat what is being said/studying/driving/writing

confidence -  wanting (of self confidence)/determined/firmness/positiveness

confused - mental/as to own identity (depersonalisation)/“As if separated from body“/from mental exertion/and sleepless/writing/“As after being intoxicated“/to concentrate/

on attempting to/of thinking

> consolation/< conversation


cursing (threatening death and destruction)

delirium - repeats the same sentence

delusion [as if suffocating/own head is too heavy/misfortune approaching/everything seems to narrow/has offended people/was pursued/mind and body are separated/being squasedh/walls will crush him/has done wrong/under attack/movement delayed like a robot/separated from body/disease will break out/is not appreciated/body looks ugly/floating in air/was so light he (could float)/has suffered wrong

despair (from smallest criticism/from disappointed love)


disgust of own body

disorder - sensitive to

distances judged inaccurate

disturbed - adverse to being


dullness (with sleepiness/long unable to think)

duty to much sense of            

dwells on past happy moments

elated - exhilaration

ennui (studium)

estranged from friends and relatives

indifferent to loved ones

estranged from husband

extravagant - squandering money


fight wants to

forgetful  (words while speaking)

grief over trifles

hatred and revengeful

hurry - in mental work/in movements/to arrive for the appointed time


ideas abundant - clear



indifference (apathy/to beloved ones/in company/to everything/sexual passion diminished/during headache/to life)

indignation # with mirth/at misdeeds of others

intolerance (of noise)


irritability (afternoon/easily/from noise/when spoken to/wishes to be alone/towards husband/during menses/leap when roused/from trifles)

kill desires to (beloved husband/sudden)

always too late

lazy morning


exaulted love for her family

memory weak - for what was about to do/for what has just done/of memory (for places/for events/for what wants to say

mental exertion - </aversed/fatigues/impossible


mistakes in words - misplacing/omitting/in localities/speaking (in sounds transposing)/writing with wrong letters (confounding/transposing)/wrong words

objective - reasonable

> occupation

order – desires it in ones life 

philosophy - ability for  theorising

prostration [during headache/(light/slight) mental exertion/from talking

quarrelsome (# silent grief/recriminations about trifles/with aversion to company)

quiet disposition/wants to be quiet wants

rage fury (with cursing/at trifles)


reproaches himself


restlessness - anxious

Sadness (morning on waking/anxious)

self control increased/self indulgent/self satisfied - content

senses dull - blunted

sensitive to quarrels 


shrieking (in anger/feels as though she must shrieks/at rifles)

slow at work 


> social meeting

speech - repeats same thing

studying difficult



> talking complaints/< thinking of complaints

thoughts persistent/of the past (journeys)/stagnation/vacant/vague/wandering (while studying)


touched aversion to being (being caressed)

tranquility (# sadness)

trifles seem important


violence at trifles

weeping (>/after anger/(eyes are dry) desires to weep/from despair/sobbing with weeping/at trifles/weeping trifles/from vexation)

loss of will power

Vertigo: looking upwards (#) downwards/on motion/tendency to fall to l./from vertex

Head: pain > darkness

constriction in forehead

eruptions hard

headaches in vertex pulsating

heat (in vertex)

heaviness (on exertion)/heavy (on holding erect)

lightness contents had greatly diminished in weight

„As from a lump“

motions involuntary

pain - > breathing/< touch/+ nausea/bending forward/boring inward in temples/> closing/dull (in forehead)/ext. outward/in forehead (r./> closing eyes)/above forehead

(during mental exertion/reading)/

behind forehead (< reading)/increasing suddenly (and decreasing gradually)/> lying (in dark room)/< mental exertion/from mental exertion/< motion/with nausea/pressing like a cap/< reading/> sitting/

from stooping/in temples/walking

pulsating - in brain/in vertex

tingling in vertex

tired feeling

Eye: agglutinated on waking

close - must/spasmodic/desires to close/closing involuntary/

dry/dull/heavy (lids)

pain - aching/exerting eyes/“As from sand“/photophobia/cold wind blowing in/tired/

heaviness lids

opening the lids difficult keep the open  hard to

pain - burning/aching (morning/< bright light)/burning (with exertion of vision with/reading)/in center of balls/must close/> closing/from daylight or strong light/pressing (morning/< light)/pulsating

sore (< light)/stinging

photophobia in daylight

swelling lids - edematous (upper)/“As if swollen“

“As if tired“

twitching in lids upper l.

Vision: dim walking in open air/foggy

Ear: „As if full“

inflamed lobe r.

pain - l./lancinating/meatus/piercing/pulsating/stitching (l.)/swallowing > l.


„As if stopped“ (< noise)

swelling - r./in lobes

Hearing: acute - to noises from running water

Nose: discharge (bland/watery)

Itching (must scratch until raw/itching inside)

Obstructed + watery discharge

Smell sensitive to strong odours: tobacco

sneezing paroxysmal/violent

„As if swollen“/swelling in posterior nares


Wet feeling in nose constant

Perspiration hot/before menses/on single parts (in front of body/upper part of body)

Face: dry lips

eruptions dry

heat (flushes)

itching (in upper lip)

licking lips

numb [r./extending/cheek/lips (upper)]

pain in lips/prickling

paralysis in lip


Mouth: numb (lips)

Tingling (lips)

taste - bloody/pasty/metallic

saliva gluey 

Ulcers - inside cheeks/tipp of tongue

Coordination disturbed

Throat: dryn (coughing)

hawk disposition from dryness

„As if a lump“ - r./swallowing/burning/sore


„As if swollen“/“As if thick“

Stomach: appetite - diminished/wanting (during menses)/

Distension + painful by pit of stomach painful

eructions (burning/after eating/after sweets)


Nausea during pain (headache)

pain (cramping/during urination)




Abdomen: bubbling/cracking and crackling/gurgling

„As if diarrhea“ (would come on)


„As if lump in abdomen“

pain [r./cramping morning/stitching (l. ext. to r.)/in region of umbilicus (cramping/stitching)

> flatus/> pressure/< walking

on motion/tearing (cramping)/during menses/during urination


Rectum: „As before diarrhoea“/“As if empty“/“As if lump“/“As if paralysed“


Hemorrhage from anus/hemorrhoids (external/bleeding/like grapes/large/painful/protrude)


Pain - burning/from hemorrhoids/sticking

Urging (for stool felt in stomach)

constipation (difficult stool/ineffectual urging and straining/insufficient)

Urging - night/passes away before closet can be reached/before stool

Stool: clay coloured/knotty/nodular/lumpy/mushy/odourless/soft/yellow orange/shooting out

Kidneys: pain region of kidneys

pain - sore/bruised r.

Bladder: urging to urinate on hearing water running or putting hands in water 

Female genitalia: menses 1. bright red, 2. dark

 menses - bright red/clotted (dark/large)/ropy/tenacious-/stringy/too early/too frequent/too scanty/too short (2 days)/ceases suddenly/too late (2 days/and profuse)/fluid blood contains clots/copious (and short)/> hot applications/warmth/pain (> lying/sharp/in vagina ext. upward/(in vagina) during menses/bearing uterus and region/causes shreaking/only when flow absent)/protracted/thin (like meat water)/watery/in gushes

pain - aching (uterus/vagina)/burning in vagina/cramping in vagina/stitching in vagina.

weight sensation of uterus.

coition aversion to

eruptions itching vesicles

excoriation perineum

leukorrhoea itching/albuminous

pain - bearing down in uterus and region during menses/cramping in uterus during menses/stitching ext. upward

sexual desire - wanting/diminished

Larynx and Trachea: hoarse in morning

Respiration: difficult on waking (wheezing waking)

Cough: difficult

Chest: constriction (swallowing)


pain - under r. mamma/in sides bending forward/in sternum/stitching (periodical/r. ribs)/in sternum ext. to back

palpitation of heart   

„As if a ball“

perspiration on chest/under mammae

Back: Heat flushes ext. head.

pain - in dorsal scapula (l./under inner angle of r./r.)/pressing/stitching (in scapula/l./r.)

Extremities: cramps in r. calf

eruptions - pustules

heat flushes in upper limbs

numb 4th finger/r. hand

eruptions on hand [back (red spots)/elevated/red spots]

numbness  hand  right pg 1239           

pain - ankle l./aching (in joints of hand/thigh)/burning (thigh posterior)/cramping [in foot (l./metatarsal bones/moving)/calf/inner (l.) thigh)/1st l. joints of fingers/in tibia/shooting thigh/during menses/posterior thigh (l.)/twinging]

Hand - pulsation in l./stiff/trembling (> grasping/on holding object/raising it high)/weak

Dream: Many

Sleep: sleepy - morning/afternoon/sitting

Disturbed from anxiety/by dreams/by thoughts/Disturbed by thoughts

Falling asleep in daytime/difficult           

Sleepless (night/from anxiety/from irritability/from slight noise/from restlessness/from activity of thoughts/from vexation/on waking  after noise)

Waking difficult


Great need of sleep


unrefreshing (indisposed to rising)

Waking difficult morning/too late/with soreness

yawning frequent/during sleepiness

Skin: burning

Itching and burning

Red spots/eruptions (spotted)

dry - rough

pain - stinging

Generals: aversion/sensitive to smell of tobacco

< (hot) bathing/< in a warm room/< sitting/> pressure/> in open air/> physical exertion

lack of energy/lack of reaction            

Food and drinks: Aversion to: everything/food; <: sweets;  Desires: vegetables/green food/wine;

heat flushes - ext. upwards

heaviness - externally/internally

lassitude (sitting/on waking)

numbness of affected parts

pain - stinging „As from bees“/stitching like beestings/< walking

relaxation physical

sluggishness of the body

trembling externally by anger

weak (evening/on waking/on rising/exertion/during menses)

weary (morning/afternoon/sitting)

„As if wind“

< yawning



[John Henry Clarke M.D.]

Clinical - Vertigo every time he blows his nose with a sense of fullness in the ears.

Kent présenté par le Dr Robert Séror.

Mind: Picture of something on fire; itching (and burning)/rubs and scratches wherever the eruption appears. 

Impatient/willing to quarrel/anxious/fear of death; poor memory/disclined to work; is BUSY scratching to relieve the itching and BUSY walking to relieve the restlessness,

that interruption makes impatient and ready to quarrel.

Head: The dull frontal headache begins on waking at 5 h. and passes away after lying awake for a while; during the fore-noon there is pain, fullness and pressure in forehead with heat of the face, < in spells until afternoon when it ext. to the outer part of r. orbital ridge and ext. through to the occiput +  nausea which lasts until evening.

Some of the head pains go from the cerebellum to the forehead or r. temple/boring pain in the temples come on several times a day; the pain coming and going across the forehead just above the eyes; a rending (= schießend) pain in back of the eyeballs.

1. Headache < least motion, 2. intense vertigo coming in the afternoon in a spot over r. eye. Itching and stinging of the scalp.

Eye: In r. eye a feeling of fullness ext. 1. parotid gland, 2. sub lingual, 3. r. side of the face and head.

The margins of the lids sore/crusted over; lids inflamed < in the morning with a discharge of sticky fluid; eyeballs inflamed with stye-like ulceration.

Rending pains in the eyeballs; could not keep his eyes open yet it pained to keep them shut; eyes feel tired. + heaviness            .

Ears: parotid glands swollen/soreness on pressure; pain as if mumps commencing: sharp pains in both ears followed by watery discharge of the same sticky character that

0is present in the saliva.

Nose: watery discharge with bloody scabs on the inside; small scabs come from the nose which may be dry or moist and bloody; usually mixed with a copious discharge which may be greenish or light colored

and the head feels stuffed; the itching, stinging and tickling are always present; rubs and scratches because his nose itches in-/outside and the more he rubs it the more it burns so he stops for a while until he is

driven to rub and scratch again only to be compelled to stop while there is little skin left on his nose.

On top of his nose is a shining redness like a rum blossom; the nose is swollen and the eruption on it contains a clear colourless fluid; as the swelling goes down it is followed by itching and to rub it only increases

the desire for more rubbing.

Pain in the posterior nares with green scabs with bleeding after removal of the scabs.

Epistaxis morning and night on blowing the nose.

Red like erysipelas; shining red, and sore to touch; it is more marked on r. side in the beginning and then ext. both sides of the nose and to the face.

An ineffectual desire to sneeze.

Face: Pain over r. malar bone going to the l. next day and here you will see one of the characteristic red spas the size of a 25 cent piece feeling as if red pepper had been rubbed in; from the malar bone shooting

pains to the temple and forehead in the evening, < by setting the jaws together.

The sub maxillary gland swollen and tender on pressure.

The eruption on the face and between the eyes contains a colourless fluid; there will also be swelling and puffiness under the eyes; in keeping with this remedy we find the heat and redness of the whole r. side

of the face with a sore bruised feeling.

Mouth: Constant wetting of the lips < dryness and burning; a symptom common to many remedies perhaps from nervousness; saliva leaves the lips sticky; whitish saliva leaves a bad taste in the mouth in the morning

on waking; a sickish taste as if he had been drinking warm mineral water.

Tongue coated white/dry/swollen/thick on waking/numb (with ulceration at the tip following scarlet fever). Edge of the tongue covered with a double row of small painful vesicles.

Periodical attacks of salivation for months; at night the pillow is wet and in the daytime the saliva accumulates and causes continued swallowing (Merc).

Throat: On rising in the morning must spend much time hawking up from the pharynx dark green scabs and strings of tough mucus tinged with dark blood and coughing from the trachea green scabs corresponding

to the green discharge from the nose.

Burning and dryness of the throat with soreness in throat and in the posterior nares on swallowing solids or fluids.

R. side of the throat always sore.

Magen: Appetite increased but the food does not digest; it sours in the stomach; appetite ravenous and he must have his dinner on the minute or he feels faint; (morning/cannot wait for breakfast); sour condition of

the stomach with nausea (day and night); thought of food can bring on nausea with gagging and retching and inability to vomit; with the disordered stomach are sickening pains and eructations of much offensive gas.

Thirst for cold water which causes burning in the stomach with urging to stool, followed by loose and dark brown offensive stool, much tenesmus lasting several days and gradually subsiding into painless diarrhoea.

Abdomen: On the abdomen blotches the size of a 25 cent piece,

Itching/burning, with little pimples on the blotches; this is the form of the eruption wherever it is present.

A dull pain r. in the region of the kidney ext. up the back to the occiput.

Cramps in abdomen during stool with rumbling and the passing of much offensive flatus; these colicky pains come on about 10 h. lasting from 1 to 3 hours.

The usual desire for morning stool is absent;

Rektum: Itching and burning of the anus; it is scalding hot and raw as from a bite; burning of the glans penis and there is a strong smelling discharge from the glans; the itching of the scrotum comes from spots like bee

stings; these spots are of the usual circumscribed character that swell and burn and itch; rubbing < itching/stinging/burning (= general).

Stool: scanty, lumpy, and expelled with effort; the first part of the stool is hard and scratches the anus; it is followed by a soft stool; after stool he has the sensation that he has not finished so he sits and strains until

stool comes. (Merc.)

Female organs: The itching of the vulva is so intense that she feels as if she could tear it to pieces; this symptom returned at intervals for years, cured by Culx.

Menses come too soon with a profuse dark clotted flow; violent pains in the uterus compelling her to go to bed.

Throat: Hoarse can scarcely speak a word; hoarseNESS in the morning.

Respiration: Deep sighing breathing with constant desire for a deep breath; breath foul and it seemed as if he could smell it himself.

Cough: distressing cough caused by burning in the chest; a whistling strangling choking cough with red face and water running from the eyes or it may be a dry hacking cough, present day and night; the cough is mostly

in the morning with the feeling as if he would vomit; with the cough there is pain low down in the back; there is coughed up a small amount of yellowish white expectoration; sometimes there is one constant racking

cough lasting fifteen minutes ending in a long loud inspiration with blue face and protruding eyes followed by great languor and sweat.

Constant desire to sneeze and cough # discharge of quantities of mucus from the throat which does not relieve the inclination to cough.

Chest: In the apex of the r. lung there is soreness < deep breathing or raising r. arm, and occasional dull pain in the lower part of the r. lung; a painful condition when you consider the desire for deep breathing

which is present with oppression and anxiety in the chest; other symptoms give him much trouble; a sensation of fullness in r. lung, soreness on stooping, leaning forward, raising the r. shoulder, and with it all

there is, the sensation of a rubber band around the r. lung; not all the pains are dull, there are sudden cutting pains running up and down lasting a minute; there is rawness, a bruised feeling in the right chest;

drawing, clawing pains in the right lung going to the left lung and staying there; these pains lasting several hours each day; with these conditions you would expect soreness on stooping, leaning forward, or

raising the right shoulder.

Extremities: Hands/fingers hot and burning, „As if frozen“, with PAIN; the burning of the palms and on the thumb is as if the hand had been rubbed against nettles; itching, burning, as if he must tear the flesh

for relief while the back of the hands felt cold and benumbed.

Rose red, colored, burning eruption on the arm < heat; arms and hands are numb and prickling; there is the everlasting itching that is present all through this remedy; the eruption with its colourful fluid, burning

after scratching and with it the desire to tear the skin off.

Coldness of the r. hand while the left hand is warm.

Lower limbs feel heavy with an uneasy restlessness > open air; his feet are tired all day long yet he must drag himself into the open air for relief; he wishes that he knew some place where he could put his poor,

tired, heavy limbs that would give him rest.

On the thigh there is the blotch the size of a twenty-five cent piece, with little pimples on it, that itches and burns like a flea bite.

There is aching of the legs from the knee down; there is no position that will make the pain less so, he must get up out of his chair and take a walk in the open air; there is little comfort to his feet while walking

as the soles are tender and there is intense itching on the tops of the feet.

Sleep: restless with much tossing about in sleep; the heat of the bed causes him to waken frequently; he must rise early in the morning to move around for relief, he is unrefreshed by sleep which has been restless,

and full of dreams of quarrels, fights, and of the dead.

Hot flushes „As if a chill“ would follow, followed by warm perspiration which is strong smelling and sticky; this stickiness is also noticed in the saliva.

Skin: His skin torments him almost beyond endurance, itching, burning, heat, all combine to make him miserable; the skin feels better while scratching but worse after scratching; there is no comfort at home or abroad,

in bed or out of it and a place of amusement is not to be thought of; he scratches which makes more trouble yet he must scratch to relieve that terrible, constant itching; you may truthfully say that this remedy has

many outward manifestations.

R. sided with the feeling of having been poisoned; sharp stinging pains all over the body like needles; lightning like; darting here and there, < light pressure; > hard pressure.

Head, nose and limb symptoms seem to grow < until 19 h. > 20 h.; in an hour or two they are gone; symptoms seem most severe from 18 – 19 h.

All symptoms, pain, itching, burning < in a warm room/> in open air, although he is so tired and weak that he can scarcely move, cannot walk straight, with soreness and aching all over the body, yet he is so nervous

that he finds it impossible to keep still; there is almost constant motion of the hands and feet.


Antidotiert von: Oci-c. (Haut einreiben mit Pflanze)





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