Cuprum formicium


There is the sensation as if one is about to come down with a cold or flu without actually coming down with one. Feverish in the afternoon, with weakness, sensation of flushing, or restless sleep.Fullness or stopped-up sensation in ears or raw throat.

Mind: Aversion to company with depression.

Anxious dreams of being bitten by deadly snakes but surviving.

Talking nonsense in sleep.


Repeatedly singing the same song.

Generalities: Influenza.


Perspiration during fever.

Fatigue and lethargy “As from low blood sugar”.

Vertigo: Feeling light-headed.

Head: Pain – bursting/throbbing/congestive/”Like a band around the head that is only painful when touched/in forehead behind or above the r. eye/< from touch or external pressure.

Ear: Fullness or stopped-up sensation. Pressing pain.

Nose: Copious discharge from the sinuses.

Itching and sneezing.

Face: Eruptions of painful pimples on the chin.

Throat: Pain - sore or raw or dry, occurs on waking, or when feeling flushed.

Itching in the pharynx.

Stomach: Decreased appetite.

Vomiting with diarrhea and after eating.

Abdomen: Pain - cramping in the muscles, or before menses, or in the right iliac region.

Rectum: Constipation without discomfort.

Diarrhea with vomiting and after eating.

Itching and irritation.

Stool: Increased frequency and loose

Female genitalia: Leukorrhea thick and copious.

Itching of the vagina and between the labia.

Painful menses.

Menses protracted by spotting.

Expectoration: Frothy and white.

Cough: Dry and hacking.

Chest: Pain from coughing at night.

Swollen the breasts before menses.

Extremities: Stiffness or pulsation in the joints.

Pain - aching in the big toe/sore or stitching/in joints of the body that improves/burning pain in the hip or gluteal muscles ext. to the thigh.

Sleep: Restless with warmth and perspiration.

Fever: Clammy sensation and shakiness in the afternoon with fever


Vergleich: Siehe: Cuprum + Acidum formicum



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