Natrium aceticum spp.


Vergleich: Siehe: Natrium + Acetatgruppe


Natrium aceticum (Nat-act) = E 262



Natrium aceticum

Gemüt: Angst (i.B. auf die Zukunft)



Wahnideen (Ansammlungen von Dingen, Schwärmen, Menschenmengen etc.)

Kopf: Schmerz in Schläfen nachmittags

Auge: Granulierte Lider

Öffnen der Augen, der Lidspalte ist schwierig

Nase: Schnupfen < vor Menses

Mund: Trocken

Magen: Völlegefühl

Männliche Genitalien: Ejakulation schmerzhaft

Weibliche Genitalien: Entzündete Vagina

Glieder: Spannung in Gelenke

Haut: Hautausschläge - Rupia

Allgemeines: 11 h./nach Mitternacht - 4 h

Krebsleiden - Sarkom

< nasses Wetter



Natrium oxalaceticum (Nat-ox-act)


Natrium oxalicum ?


Nase: Schnupfen < kalt Luft

Magen: akut entzündet

Bauch: Geschwüre in Duodenum

Nieren: Nierenversagen

Weibliche Genitalien: Entzündete Ovarien

Atmung: Asthma, asthmatische Atmung

Brust: Entzündete Lungen (chronisch)

Glieder: Schmerz in Gelenke - gichtig

Allgemeines: Entzündete Nebenhöhlen

Hypertonie Lungenbeschwerden


Lähmung einseitig nach Apoplexie


[D. Riley]

Important Proving Symptoms and Themes Noted by the Investigators

Severe intense headaches: hammering/pulsating

Strong mental and physical irritability

Mind: Strong mental and physical irritability.


Anxious (morning)

Aversion to the family

Desires company

Prefers to be alone < by company

“As experiencing premenstrual symptoms”

Mental confusion < in company

Delusion – “As if floating” and an expansive feeling

Dreams: murder/dead people/losing things (purse)/explosions/being chased/a stranger entering

the house/vivid

Irritable (their family)


Depression and sadness

Desire to touch things

Vertigo: Vertigo-like floating

Vertigo + heat and with sensation of heat in face

From motion

+ Nausea

Head: Intense headaches - pulsating and hammering/ in

forehead/temples/r. # l.

Heat in forehead with pain in head

Tingling at the top of the head “As from tension”

Itchy scalp > scratching

Headache after bathing

Pain – morning on waking/in forehead (ext. sides)/in sides/l. # r./ext. eyes/above eyes/in temples/occiput (ext. forehead)/> lying/dull/hammering/with flushes of heat/sharp, lancinating/with ear pain/”As if in a vise”

Pulsations/throbbing in the forehead.

Eye: Dark circles under the eyes

Dry with burning

Lids twitching

Vision: Blurry

Ear: Pain – aching in front of the ear + headache

“As if plugged” on waking

Nose: Coryza

Dry inside with a constant desire to blow the nose

Pain - burning

Coryza - morning while walking

Copious discharge (from posterior nares)

Yellow discharge



Sore inside on waking

Sneezing on waking

Face: Hot with flushing

Numb feeling of the r. cheek

Pain - raw at the corners of mouth

Mouth: Sensitive, sore pain “As if aphthae are breaking

out on the tongue and gums

Excoriation of the upper palate

Increased salivation during sleep

Food tastes earthy, like old wood.

Throat: Pain - like scratching as from a cold

Pain when swallowing


Stomach: Increased thirst


Appetite – decreased/ravenous

Distended (morning)

Eructations from an airy stomach > back pain

Heartburn after eating burns and extends to the throat


Nausea with dizziness

Pain – cramping (causes waking)/while eating during the menses/morning/causes doubling over/after

drinking milk/before stool/gnawing/> pressure

Thirst (morning)/unquenchable

Abdomen: Flatulence (morning)

Sensation of fullness


Pain - cramping in lower abdomen/shooting in the 

Inguinal region + shooting in the urethra

Rectum: Constipation

Diarrhea - sudden/after eating

Flatus - during middle of the day/during stool

Urging for a bowel movement sudden after rising in the


Pain – extends upward into the intestines after


Increased urging for stool

Stool: Forcible/frequent/watery and soft

Bladder: Increased urge to urinate

Urethra: Stitching r. lower abdomen

Female genitalia: Changes in menstruation

Increased menstrual flow

Menses 5 days too early
>/< Improvement of menstrual cramps

Menses longer than normal

Chest: “As if an expansion”

Speech and Voice: hoarse - > eating and drinking

Back: Eruptions – boils/large pimples

Pain - aching in lumbar region/> from burping

Stiffness or tension in cervical region or between the


Limbs: Awkward/clumsy resulting in cutting the hands

or bumping into things

Cold hands/feet

Athlete’s foot between toes

Goose bumps on the legs

Hands – hot/trembling

Pain – aching in the fingers/palms/bones of the leg

Burning in thigh

Sleep: Difficult falling asleep


Sleepy in the evening

Sleepless after midnight

Waking early

Chills: # fever/”As if getting a cold”.

Perspiration: > from increased perspiration that feels 

like a flush of heat

Odor after bathing

Skin: eruptions

Generalities: Food: Desires: cold drinks;

Aversion: cheese;

Heat flushes - sensation of heat

Excessive physical irritability – “As from an allergic reaction”.



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