Oplopanax horridus = Devil.'’s club./= Alaskan ginseng./= Echinopanax horridus/= Fatsia horrida/= Panax horridum


Oplopanax horridus derived from 2 Greek words: hoplon = weapon and panakos = panacea.

The First Nation in BC used Devil's claws as teas or poultices or in steaming to treat Tb., in the proving there is a hint of the possible Tubercular miasm with the sensations of being trapped, the need

for space and being better in open air. Further provers experienced a dry ticking cough that was intermittent and there was blood in the sputum (hints towards Tb.).

Skin symptoms a red rash - the First Nation used Devil's club for measles - and a vesicular eruption that resembled Herpes zoster eruptions.

The spines of Devil's club break easily and in bed themselves causing infection: local heat, inflammation, pain, and redness, eventually a pimple is formed with a green/whitish head that eventually

erupts. The provers did not experience such symptoms but while preparing the plant material got stung by the plant 3x and observed the symptoms reported. The infection is supposed to be caused by Staphylococcus sp. If this plant is capable in causing such infection by definition -Like cures like- it might be able to cure Staphylococcus sp. infections.


Botanical Features: Deciduous shrub, 1-6 m high, heavily armed with yellowish, needle-like, brittle spines up to 2 cm long.

Native range: Western North America. Habitat: Moist woods, near streams; most abundant in old growth conifer forests.

Leaves spirally arranged, simple, maple-shaped palmately lobed with 5-13 lobes, 20-40 cm across.

Flowers small, whitish, in dense, upright, conical-shaped, terminal clusters to 18 cm long.

Fruit a shiny, flattened, bright red, berry-like drupe in upright, terminal clusters, inedible.


Entire plant has been described as having a ‘primordial’ appearance.

Medicinal Uses

‘Devil’s club is probably the most important spiritual and medicinal plant to most indigenous peoples who live within its range. Different parts of this plant are used by over 38 linguistic

groups for over 34 categories of physical ailment, as well as many spiritual applications. . . . Phytochemical research has revealed that this plant has antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and

anti-mycobacterial properties, and these are undoubtedly related to its widespread use in traditional medicine.

‘. . . Among all of the traditional medicinal uses of devil’s club, its most widespread is for the treatment of external and internal infections, including tuberculosis. The efficacy of many of the treatments

is undoubtedly related to devil’s club’s significant antibacterial, anti-mycobacterial being active against bacteria in the genus Mycobacterium, antifungal and antiviral properties. Devil’s club is also

commonly used by many cultural groups to treat arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory ailments and as an emetic and purgative. It is also used as an aid in childbirth, post-partum, for internal haemorrhaging,

as an analgesic, to treat stomachand digestive tract ailments, broken bones, fever, dandruff, lice, headaches and as a treatment for cancer. Several parts of the shrub, including inner bark, inner bark ash, whole stems, roots, berries and leaves, are used in a variety of ways to effect these treatments. However, the most common type of preparation is as an infusion or decoction of the stem inner bark.

‘. . . Western herbalists report that the roots of devil’s club and to a lesser extent the inner stem bark are a strong respiratory stimulant and expectorant and recommend their use for rheumatoid arthritis

and other autoimmune conditions, as well as to treat eczema, sores and a number of internal and external infections.

Devil’s club is also commonly recommended for the treatment of type II adult onset diabetes, a use of devil’s club that is also extensive in indigenous communities. . . . Since devil’s club is still widely

and increasingly, used as a treatment for late onset type II diabetes and is listed in a recent review of anti-diabetic plants, additional research and more rigorous clinical trials are required to validate and

characterise or to disprove hypoglycaemic properties in devil’s club.’ [Lantz 2004]

Spiritual Uses

‘In addition to ethnographic accounts of medicinal uses, there are also numerous sources that describe spiritual applications of devil’s club. These include purification and cleansing; protection against supernatural entities, epidemics and evil influences; acquisition of luck; to combat witchcraft; as ceremonial and protective face paint; and in rituals by shamans and others to attain supernatural powers.

‘Two of the most widespread spiritual uses are bathing with a devil’s club inner bark solution for personal protection and purification, and its use, particularly the spiny or de-spined aerial stems, as an amulet for protection against a variety of external influences. External and internal cleansing involving the use of devil’s club was, and is, of paramount importance to many of the cultural groups

throughout devil’s club’s range. The inner stem bark of devil’s club has also often been used in solution to wash down fishing boats, fishnets and to purify a house after an illness or death, and, as charcoal, to prepare protective face paint for ceremonial dancers. John Thomas explained that amongst the Ditidaht, and many other neighbouring groups, devil’s club is considered sacred and “along

with red ochre paint is considered to be a link between the ordinary, or profane world, and the supernatural, or spirit world.” ’ [Lantz 2004]


Proving Lucy De Pieri [Canada], 9 provers [8 females, 1 male; 2 placebo], C 30; 2007.

Mind: Positiveness. A total of 7 out of 9 provers experienced an increased sense of confidence, calmness, of being able to easily work throw situations that in the past would cause anxiety and irritability. Provers also reported an increased feeling of wellbeing, and being able to relax easily and relax others.

Delusions: Body is weightless; being a fish, having fish eyes; lost in the wood; belonging to the opposite sex; stabbed in the back; carrying a heavy weight; being in a different world.

Wanting to give up responsibilities [2 provers].

Will-power strong or sensation of having two wills [2 provers].

Dreams: Danger, being unprotected, being vulnerable; danger to others; flood, large areas of water.

Vertigo: & redness eyes, involuntary closing of eyes, > cold application; & hunger; & sensation of heat in nape of neck, > cold washing.

In room, > open air; & nausea, < indoors/in car;

Head: Ache above eyebrows, < heat/smell of food/walking; > cold, dry applications/lying down/pressure/+ desire to pull hair from back of head.

Dull pain occiput, ext. forehead, > alcohol/sleep;

Nose: Congestion nose on waking [3 provers].

Throat: “As if empty”.

Sensitive, < cold air/cold drinks/dryness/smoke/swallowing/touch;

Stomach: Bursting pain stomach < walking, > lying down.

Rectum: Constipation, stool remains long in rectum without urging.

Bladder: “As if distended”.

Limbs: Pain knees, stitching on first movement, < cold, > lying down, covering.

Generals: Desires: asparagus/cold beer/white bread/butter/coffee [2 provers]/garlic/honey/raw mushrooms/prawns/salami/sweets [3 provers];

Sexual desire increased in menopausal and post-menopausal women [3 provers]; orgasm reached easier.


Brain as if loose, < motion.

Dust in eyes.

Hot steam out of ears.

Lips “As if chapped, dry” [while not].

Tongue underneath numb, “As if burned”

Hips and thighs unbending as if steel rods.

Coldness in bones.

[Lucy De Pieri]

‘Dullness was a common sensation that the provers experienced, so it is not surprising that there was a need for stimulants. Provers had craving for beer and coffee even if they didn’t usually drink coffee, or had aversion for coffee prior to the proving. Depleted, drained together with vertigo or being light-headed was often experienced before breakfast or a meal. Note the language of water by using the term “drained”. The sensations were resolved with eating. Other sensations were pinching, pulsating, cramping, like a pin prick, sore, stinging, dryness or dust in eyes, brain loose and moving back and forth, bitterness, tingling, as if burned, numbness, something stuck, rawness, tickling and chilly.’


Positive: Calm;

Negativ: Oplopanax horridus needs protection/a theme during the proving.

1. Deep sense of calmness (no need for company, some want to be alone at peace), 2. Dullness or depression (less vitality/crave company).

Effort, struggle and limitations were experienced/once a “head of steam was built up” it was possible to proceed. Another aspect is that the task continued despite the effort, the struggle and the limitations, hence it was a double task and mastered.

I have to make an effort to concentrate. Want to be free with no responsibilities.

Concentrating brings me back to what I need to do for the day and my inner state is fighting with the idea of having to do chores things. I want to let my mind go to another world and let it stay here for a while and leave everyone else out.

OVERwhelmed at the thought of laundry, homework, journaling, ANYTHING. Just very lethargic Feeling I am going against the flow. Hard, tiresome, looked at the long road ahead, but you have to make it all the way. Have to take a deep breath and keep going. Weighty, carry a burden.

Dullness was a common sensation and a need for stimulants (craving beer/coffee).

Depleted, drained (note the language of water) together with vertigo or being lightheaded was often experienced before breakfast or a meal and > eating.

Difficult concentration/slowness and difficulties in decision making and a deep sense of calmness evolving into a sense of dullness/ennui/depression. Probably one of the most popular symptoms experienced was the deep sense of confidence and the “can do” attitude that came with it.

Physical symptoms: nausea/loss of appetite/stomach problems/weight gain/constipation/vertigo and lightheadedness/sudden flashes of heat that resembled the typical menopausal hot flashes.

Strong affinity for mucus membranes with a number of symptoms + dryness and with swelling, with pain in the extremities and in the kidneys.

Other sensations: pinching, pulsating, cramping, like a pin prick, sore, stinging, dryness or dust in eyes, brain loose and moving back and forth, bitterness, tingling, „As if burned“, numbness, something stuck, rawness, tickling, chilly.

>: cool water/cold dry applications/movement/out of doors/lying down/pressure/eating/stretching/warmth;

<: cold/dry air/smell of food/open air/heat;

Desires: coffee/garlic/prawns/asparagus/white bread/salami/sweet/crackers/mushrooms;

Potentially cured symptoms: 

Nose stopped running during hay fever

My allergies don't bother me anymore

My allergies are pretty much gone although everything is blossoming outside. Especially the

Japanese plum tree in front of my window always made me sneeze and made my eyes itchy

On my way home I wasn't bothered by any trees or flying pollen

Hay fever symptoms really much better

I had a touch of itchy eyes when I woke up but nothing like I normally have at this time of

year. Now my eyes don’t itch anymore

Had runny and stuffy nose before start of proving, it disappeared after taking remedy

Ganglion disappeared


Oplopanax horridus grows in moist but well drained soils. It is often found along streams in British Columbia, where it's huge leaves shade the water. The salmon, an icon in BC, spawns in such shady areas before dying. A study from the University of British Columbia with the use of radioactive traces placed on the salmon was able to find nutrients from the decomposing salmons in the local vegetation. As bears eat salmon and Devil’s club berries, such traces of the radioactive salmon were

found inland. This interesting finding was also experienced in the proving.

One of the prover talked about water, as seeing water in front of her, to the extent that she is looking with fish eyes! She was in the water. Note the provers at this stage did not know the substance. The theme of water and fish was so strong that during the extraction meeting some of the provers were convinced that the substance of either salmon or a stingy jellyfish!

The theme of water and fish was also found in dreams, where there is also the struggle of the salmon as it swim up stream. However, the water was not always benevolent, dreams of heavy flooding were also experienced.

Thinking about that green water a lot. It’s like green phosphoressence and I see it in front of my eyes/in my head a lot since taking the remedy. It’s s fun, happy to see that.

Felt like I have fish eyes.

Dreamt last night about a flood of a river. Lots of lots of water and swift and deep moving river. Lots of green around (trees, etc) despite gray skies. Reminded of the sense of the fish fighting on the line and greenish water.

The theme of water, swelling and dryness was also experienced in the body. As well as increased in thirst and an increase of urination despite being thirst-less


I tripped on a stair that petered out from a full stair to no stair, although it was marked

yellow. Because I had my hands all full I couldn’t stop the fall with my hands and fell on my L side. My right ankle is totally sprained and swell to double its size.

I’ve definitely noticed an increase in thirst today, having put back at least 7 glasses of water between 17 h. and 22 h. (in 5 hours)

Once the Oplopanax horridus is burned it produces a black ash that mixed with bear fat was used by First Nation warriors for war markings. War marking has the function of scaring the enemy away by making the warrior more fearsome and perhaps giving more the warrior more confidence.

The theme of violence and of protection is clearly seen in several dreams.

The concept of protection is not limited to individuals but it extends to the protection First Nation traditions,

of people's health, of plants and the whole planet and is experienced in very vivid dreams.



Repertory:                                                               [Lucy De Pieri]

Mind: Desires acceptance

Anxious when something is expected of him/Fear to become obese/of insanity

desires to remain in bed - morning

cheerful - evening

Concentration active/difficult



< Conversation/< company/aversion to company, desires solitude/desires company/enjoys company

Delusions - being alone/body looks ugly/body = weightless/standing on bubbles/concentration difficult bubbles/ energy moving into opening heart/with swoosh lung/having fish eyes/fish fighting on the line or hook thrashing about/fish fighting in green water/being a fish/is forsaken/is loast in the wood/hard to pull myself down to earth/belonging to the opposite sex/stabbed in the back/water in front of my eyes/carry a heavy weight/being in a different world

Disappointed with sadness

Postnasal catarrh

Feeling of easy

Just wants to enjoy life


Foolish behavior

Spontaneous feeling of harmony

Hhatred of persons who offended him

„As if heavy“

Feels helpless

Injustice is unsupporteble


Irratable (during pain)

Silly laughing

Makes mistakes writing (wrong words/wrong letters)/typing

> Music



Easier to meet responsibilities (wants to give up responsibilities)

Thoughts go rapid

Tranquility - „As if drinking chamomile tea“/after energetic day/morning on waking/not bother by little problems/settled, centered and grounded

> Weeping (from music)

„As if had 2 wills“

Strong will power

Vertigo: Afternoon

+ red, discolored eye > cold application/+ hunger/+ closing the eye involuntarily (> cold application)

During chill upwards from back

Excited feeling

„As if heat in neck“ (> cold application)

 < Motion of head

With nausea - in afternoon/in evening (> open air/< indoors/< in car

In a room > open air/afternoon

Vertigo: during chill from back upwards

Head: Energy increased from mouth to crown chakra

Heat flashes r./“As if internal heat“ and cool to touch

Heavy, dull, pain

„A if brain loose“ (< motion)

+ involuntarily closing the eye/+ by pain in eyeball, „As if muscles stretched“ (> cold application/> pressure/in bones/dull (< after eating/< heat)/< exertion/> eating/ext. l. ear/ext.  forehead/above eyebrows (> cold dry applications/> pressure/> lying down/< heat/< walking/< smell of food/desires to pull hair from back of head/ext. eyebrows/above eyebrows/in forehead in morning/dull in occiput (ext. forehead > sleep/> alcohol)/intermittent pulsating (afternoon/night)/> rest/< wine

Eyes: Agglutinated in afternoon,

Red > cold application

Dry  in morning

Heavy (afternoon/+ nausea, concentration difficult)

Heat flashes r.


Itching + sneezing, nose discharges

Lacrhamtion (with sneezing)

Pain - burning > pressure/“As from dust“/in r. eyebrow

„As if tired“

Ears: Heat flashes/“As if hot steam is coming out“

Pain ext. head

Nose: Congested sinuses

Catarrh - followed by complaints of Frontal sinuses/postnasal

Congested nose upon waking

Discharges clear - upon waking upon/sneezing on afternoon/crusts, scabs, inside, bloody, r., morning/dripping at noon/green in morning/yellow clear/yellow green > evening/posterior nares dripping

Dry - + burning pain/inside

Pain - burning/stinging

Sneezing - morning/+ itchy eyes, nose discharges

Face: „As if lips chapped“ (upper lip morning)

Red (> cold washing)

„As if lips are dry) but are not/Lips dry licks them frequently

Eruption - blotchy, red (chin/cheeks)/on cheeks < heat/on chin (< heat)/vesicles on lower lip

Flashes of heat in r. cheek

Pain - r. jaw > motion

Rough skin l.

Tingling „As if are chapped“

Mouth: Tongue white [„As if burned“ (underneath)/“As if burned“]

Numb tongue/swollen, cannot whistle

Odor - putrid

Taste - bitter in morning

Ulcers - canker sore, small, corner of lips

Teeth: front teeth numb/sensitive tender, brushing (< r.)

Throat: „As if something alive“ drawing moisture for its own devices

Dry - after midnight/on waking/< swallowing

„As if empty“

Disposition to hawk (clearing mucus in throat and mouth)

 crusts, green, adherent, streaked with blood

Pain - „As if raw“ < swallowing (> food/in center/ext. head/ext. sinuses)/“As from swollen glands“

Sensitive -< cold air/< dryness/< smoke/< cold drinks/< swallowing/< touch

Swelling - of esophagus gland > eating/> warm drinks/swelling painless

Tickling + tendency to hawk

External throat: itching

Neck: „As if hot internally“ and cool to touch

Pain . sore (> movement)/sore ext. l. shoulder

Stiff - difficult to move at first, then moves/painful (r./internal heat increase/ext. to pelvic region/sore r.)

Swelling l.

Stomach: „As if something alive“

Appetite - diminished (thirst increased)/increased (+ „As if stomach full/for starchy foods)

Distended with restless sleep (> lying l. side)

Heartburn + distension, disturbed sleep

Heavy < breakfast

Pain, bursting pain < walking/> lying down

Burning in evening

Nausea in forenoon/with vomiting

Oppression + oppression of chest

< Solid food

Thirst increased

> Vomiting/vomiting until stomach is empty (> walking)/

Abdomen: Pain - during digestion (> stretching/> lying down)/in intestines (+ pain in lumbar region)

Distended with weakness/at noon

Pain cramping + fullness of bladder,

Rectum: Diarrhea with weakness

Constipation - = incomplete, unsatisfactory, stools/stool remains long in the rectum with no urging

Stool: Pieces small (throughout the day)/hard

Kidneys: Pain - sore r. in morning/l. sore


Bladder: „As if distended“/“As if full“ with thirstlessness

Urination frequent with thirstlessness

Female genitalia: leukorrhea (afternoon/evening)

Sexual desire - with headache/increased in menopausal woman/increased in post menopausal woma like ovulation

orgasm reached, easier

returns - after the regular menstrual cycle has ceased

Respiration: Impeded, obstructed - from oppression of chest

Cough: Breathing deficient

<: Exertion/Expiration;

Dry - morning/< afternoon/on waking/tickling from low down trachea

From dryness in trachea


Tickling - air impurities/< dry air/< exertion/< smoke

Expectoration: copious/hawked up mucus, green, streaked with blood/yellow/morning (clear/gray/greenish)/sticky/tenacious (gray in morning)/clear in daytime/thin in daytime

Chest: Catarrh - abundant, from chest/< milk

Congested with mucous of lungs

Oppressed - + by oppressed stomach/with difficult respiration

Back: complaints of (between/r.) scapulae

„As if internal heat“ and cool to touch

Injuries in cervical region

Pain - morning/aching/biting/burning > movement/dorsal region (stitching pain „As from needles“/under r. scapula walking/aching/dull/ext. stomach/“As if steel rod“ in hips ext. thighs/intermittent/in lumbar region [hips (sore above/> heat/> lying down)/sore ext. to hip]

In sacrum (biting/burning deep seated)/sore, < walking downhill/sore > rest/painful stiffness [in sacral region (> movement)]

Spasms in sacrum region < standing from sitting

Stiff - dorsal region morning (ext. sacral region r.)

Extremities: Hands and toes cold with vertigo

Spasmodic contracted muscles and tendons in feet

Cramping - in arch of l. foot (at night/> stretching)/in l. thigh (ext. l. hip)

In third finger red spot itchy/scratchy

Eruptions - vesicles on base of thumb

Ganglion on r. back of hand

Inflamed in hip joint

R foot numb [with paraesthesia (> walking)]

Lame - ankle after sprain/l. foot after sprain (< pressure/> stretching/< touch)

Solid nodule on foot/wrist (< pressure)

Ankles swollen after sprain

Pain - in feet - arch spasmodic at night/aching/r. sore/in hips [ext to thighs (unrelenting/“As frim steel rod“/r. sore (> heat/> lying)/knees (evening/< cold/> covering/> lying down/lying on painful side/stitching < first movement)/in legs [sore ext. pelvic bone/“As after a long walk“/l./l. sciatic (> stretching/like electrical shock)/pinching under l. buttocks]/pulsating in knee joint/sore

[r. (shoulder)/intermittent/foot cannot hurry]/in thighs l. cramping

Paraesthesia in l. leg, after sitting crossed-legged

Pulling legs

„As if pulsating“/„As if pinching“ under l. armpit

Sprain in foot heals very slowly

Sensitive to pressure

Stiff [l. leg (sudden 16 h. > rubbing)/r. shoulder]

Swollen second fingers in distal joints < pressure

Throbbing medial in . knew > walking

Swollen feet painful > lifting

Sleep: deep unrefreshing

Desires to sleep in afternoon,

Heavy in afternoon

Falling asleep difficult

Light - much tossing around

Position changed frequently


Refreshing (in post menopausal women/despite short sleep)

Short in afternoon

Sleepy - morning/and restless/during pain

Stupor - drowsy

Tired despite good sleep

Waking - difficult/too late/“As having slept one's fill“

Unrefreshing, prolonged sleep/indisposed to rising

Yawning in forenoon

Dreams: <(<(<( viele )>)>)>

Chill: lasting all day/internal „As if coldness in the bones“/desires warmth, but cannot get warm

Fever: afternoon

Internal heat (+ stiff neck and head pain)

desires to be covered, wants to hold cold pillow on head and face

Skin: „As if lips are chapped“

Red r./after scratching

„As if dry“ [skin (< after washing)/lips]/rough

Ganglia on r. back of hand

Eruption - blisters of lower lip/red blotches/painful boil, watery discharge with pressure/red rash with itching/rash irritated by cold water/after washing/burning rash/rash < heat/scaly red

Sensitive to touch with red swelling

Rough below nose

Tingling „As if lips are chapped“

Generals: desires open air, > wind

Boiling sensation in blood,

Cold feeling in bones

Energy drawn away from me/excess of energy (+ heat/morning)/good

Exertion physical <: desires sleep desires in afternoon

Faint - in closed (> open air)/+ nausea (morning/with heavy eyes with difficult concentration)/with (intermittent) vertigo

Food and drinks: Desires: asparagus/cold beer/white bread/butter/coffee/crackers/honey/garlic (at night)/raw mushroom/prawns/salami/sweets/sweet soda drink;

„As if heavy“ > breakfast

„As if hot“ internally

Laboratory test: low blood glucose

> music

Pain - achy body/all over body

Desires physical activities in open air


Body sluggish

Tired from dreaming

Vibrations „As if fluttering“ - with anxiety/> food

Weak in morning (+ nausea)/afternoon/evening/“As if forced down“ = ceiling of vitality

Weary - sudden/before lunch desires to ly down/in morning > breakfast

Weather - > rainy weather/< cold weather/< hot weather

Weight loss


Vergleich: Siehe: Apiales


Wirkung: Antimycobacterial (Staphylococcus aureus/Bacillus subtilis/Pseudomonas aeruginosa/Escherichia coli/Mycobacterium tuberculosis and avium)/antifungal activity (Candida albicans), anti-microbial effects on upper and lower respiratory tract

Allerlei: N. America


Phytologie: Inner back of the stems used arthritis/ulcers/diabetes/digestive track


Rheumatism and stomach trouble.

Roots and stems were used as a cleansing emetic/purgative. In steam baths for rheuma/stomach trouble.

Colds and rheuma

Tb. (of the bone)/menses (after childbirth).

Breastfeeding problems/to stop the flow of milk

Head lice

Berries were rubbed on the scalp against lice and dandruff/makes hair shiny


Upper respiratory problems

Boils and infections (as a poultice for swollen glands, boils, and other infections).

Protection from spirits in form of a face paint


Tea made from the inner bark is drunk by many people today for diabetes.



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