Panacea = Allheilmittel


In Greek mythology, Panacea was the goddess of cures and healing. In medicine, a panacea is a substance supposed to cure all diseases.

Panacea and her 5 sisters each performed a facet of Apollo's art:

Panacea: goddess of cures

Iaso: goddess of recuperation,

Hygieia: goddess of disease prevention

Aceso: goddess of recovery

Aglaea: goddess of natural beauty

Theriak = Panacea


All-s. = Theriak der Armen

Anag. = Ackergauchelheil/= Moreron male/= Cure all/= Scarlet Pimpernel/= Poor man’s Mercury

Ange-a. = Erzengelwurz/= Archangelique/= Garden-angelica/= Theriakwurz

Ant-met.: English alchemist Roger Bacon [1220-1292]: Antimony is a "a heavenly medicine to prevent and to cure all kinds of disease and ailments of the human body."

In gout, leprosy, apoplexy, dropsy, epilepsy, catalepsy and analepsy, hectic, pest, and fever.

Aral.: = Amerikanische Narde/= Nard americaine/= Spikenarde/= Wurzel/= Life-of-man/= Small spikenard/= Petty-morel.

Arn. = Wolf(erei)/= Saukraut/= Bergwohlverleih/= Fallkraut/= Teufelsabbiß/= Mönchswurz/= Engelkraut/= Leopard's Bane/= mountain tobacco/= Panacea lapsorum

Cent-u. = Tausendguldenkraut


Coll. = Griesswurzel/= Recine de beaume de cheval/= Stoneroot/= Horse Balm/= Rich Weed/= Heal-all/= Canada Snake-root

Fermentierte Kombucha (= Tee. der Unsterblichkeit)

Erio. = Herba santa

Gins. = Allheilkraut

Guai. = national flower of Jamaica/national tree of the Bahamas = Pockholzharz/-holz/= Lignum vitae/= holy wood/= green-heart/= ironwood.

Jaspis. Schild vor der Brust/Schwert in der Hand/Schlange unter den Füßen/schützt gegen alle Krankheiten/erneuert Geist/Herz/Verstand." Rote Jaspis am besten bei Übelkeit + EssLUST

während der Schwangerschaft/erleichtert Entbindung/Unterleib.



Moringa moringa. = Drumstick Tree/= (Asiatische/Guilandia) moringa/= (Pferde)Meerrettichbaum/= Behenbaum/= Klärmittelbaum/= Wunderbaum/= Benzolive/=  Mother’s best friend/=

Morango/= Moringuiero/= Munaga/= Shajna (I)/= Sàndalo ceruleo/= Sitachini (Nepal)

Nigella. damascena and sativa seeds widely used for medicine in Arabian countries from Morocco to Pakistan/S. Europe. A panacea in Islamic folk medicine and used for mostly the same

purposes as passed down from Pliny and Dioscorides

Op. = Teriak/Theriaak

Oplopanax. horridus = Devil's club/= Alaskan ginseng

Panax. quinquefolium

            Alternaria panax = plant pathogen to Zing

China: Jade./Cinnb./Hämatit.

Pimp. = Theriac Venezian

Prunella vulgaris = All-heal/= Bijenkorfje. Lamiales.


Stachys.: = All-heal

Symph. = Beinwellwurzel/= Himmelsbrot/= Grande consoudé/= Comfrey/= Bone set/= Beinwurz/= Bienenkraut/= Chüechlichrut/= Eselohrwurzel/= Hasenlaub/

= Honigblum/= Milchwurzel/= Schadheilwurzel/= Schmalwurz/= Schwarzwurz/= Speckwurz/= Wallwurz/= Wottel und Zottel/= Wundallheil

Valer.: = All-heal

Visc. = Mistelbeeren + Blätter/= Hexenbesen/= duivelsnest/= vogelslijm/= Birdlime/= All-Heal/= Druid's Herb/= Golden Bough.


[Dr. V. Krishnamurthy]

Rescue Remedy, one of the Bach Remedies. is a near-panacea where life is in danger in medical emergencies arising from traumatic causes - serious accidents (road and industrial accidents,

extensive burns & scalds, snake/scorpion and other poison bites, electric shock etc. excepting, of course, fractures.) These are not diseases per se, but endanger the life of the victim arising

from external causes, otherwise called 'trauma' in medical language.

Within minutes after accident, put two pills into the mouth of the victim. (Not being a 'doctor' or 'qualified & registered medical practitioner' if you are afraid of giving 'medicine' to anyone,

you may dissolve 5-10 pills in little plain water and apply the solution anywhere on the skin of the victim. The medicated water applied on the skin gives the same result if taken orally.)

Moments later, after one single dose of Rescue Remedy, we would see results.


    "Wijn is een panacee voor verdriet."

    "Poëzie is een panacee voor de melancholie."



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