Jade(it) = Na(Al,Fe3+)Si2O6


Mysterious-and-True” = geheimnisvoll und treu

Positiv: Intelligenz/Wohlwollen/Demut/Keuschheit/Wohlergehen/self-realization. strengthens our spirit, allows to step back, observe our lives from a detached viewpoint and act spontaneously, expressing wisdom. for longevity. kidneys, expel uric acid/kidney stones strengthens the adrenal glands, peace, more vivid dreams and answers to complex life situations have been reported. kidneys, water element, adrenals. serenity and meditation. work with the dying;

Negativ: Nieren/Nierensteinen;

Repertory from meditative proving:


Releases burdens




[Jeremy Sherr]

The Jade proving was an enjoyable one for me, perhaps my best ever. I felt like an emperor. Kings and queens seemed like lower beings compared to where I was. It was not

a sensation of power, or haughtiness, but a purer feeling of knowing and confidence. I knew what I knew with great certainty, and for the first time I realised that there was

an eighth chakra, situated above the head at the tip of the wizard’s hat, a lofty vantage point from which we connect to the power of heaven.

Jade is beyond earthly riches. Considered more valuable than diamonds and gold, in Chinese mythology it symbolises the gateway between heaven and earth. Its alleged ability to preserve the power of life after death, literally bestowing immortality, makes it even more invaluable. I decided to prove it following the provings of Adamas (Diamond) and Sapphire, so as to extend my study of gem stones.

Jade is found in many regions of our planet, however it is associated mainly with China, and is regarded by the Chinese as the most noble of all gems. Jade carvings can be used to trace almost the entire history of this country. In 1997 I visited China, where I saw a jade exhibition of breathtaking beauty, and was introduced to an expert on jade. I procured a small, but expensive, piece of jadeite, egg-shaped and stunningly attractive. I loved the deep green shade and had a longing to dive into the depths of its mysteries.

The proving, which took place with Dynamis UK, brought out the lavish aspect of jade, indulging in the finer things in life: champagne baths, expensive concubines, luxury foods, fun and laughter. Yet it had its dark sides. The jade route from Burma to China is filled with gambling, slavery, danger, drug addiction and AIDS. The proving bought up the image of the Norse trickster god, Loki, powerful and ‘up to no good’ mischief. Ancient blood lines, extended families, murder, deception and a jaded sensation are only some aspects of the complex picture. It will take time to form a coherent totality.

Most impressive for me was my wife Camilla’s proving, where, without knowing what the proving substance was, turned into a Chinese tai chi master for a day, claiming that Chinese culture and martial arts practices are superior to all others. She seemed filled with universal power, which she achieved by aligning herself physically and morally with heaven. From her proving we learnt that this alignment can only be achieved by bending at the knees; that to become an emperor one must learn how to serve. This theme of alignment with the universal axis indicated a relationship to another nobility: the noble gases. It is possible that this is not a common remedy. I have only seen three cases since its proving in 1999. Yet when nobility, luxury, or depravity call, this remedy may prove invaluable.

[Stephanie Hile]

Jade Proving Diary

Homeopathic Jade - one of the most beautiful remedies in the MM. At 1M the energy it stimulates rises through each chakra giving strength and purity. It feels lik a 'hard' remedy. Perhaps its hardness is the basis for its strength-giving aspect. The beauty and clarity of the stone is the basis for the clarity and light it provides. The combined effect produces a wonderful sense of renewal, revitalisation and determination.

If Jade has a voice it says ... "I will go on."

There is an affinity for the Kidneys; in T.C.M. they are source of one of the main essences of life - Jing. You are born with a certain amount but it can be replenished.

At one point, I experienced a pleasant tingling sensation in that region, and subsequently a pleasant upward stream of energy.

Using a simple Chi-Kung circulation technique I found I could direct the flow into any chakra or area, feeling as if I was washing and clearing out subtle deposits of toxicity ('Ama' in Ayurveda).

I slept lightly but woke refreshed.

    The overall 'feel' is a bit like Silica, but much nicer. Nephrite does contains silicates of Ca and Mg.

    I felt quite focussed during the day, but by 17 h. I was getting a bit of a headache ... it felt like my brain-case was too hard. My lower back felt a bit stiff too.

I had a lie down and I drifted into a nice relaxed and refreshing state for an hour or so.

2nd Day: I feel quite 'bright'. In meditation the energy was quite definitely 'stuck' in my head - normally I meditate on my heart chakra, which is usually a 'softer' slightly more diffuse feeling

3rd Day: yesterday, I felt SOFT. I let Sophoclese T. Cat sit on my knee for once. I found myself crying for the ooor old thing. The hardness of the remedy found something

                                                            HARD in me to resonate with, Hard vs. Soft ... "Law of Similars", do you see

Jade also know as SANGYESHAM PISHTI, which is used to treat, kidney disorders and hypertension of cardiac and renal origin.

    It also helps children build bones and develop more intelligence.

 4th Day: doing the shopping I noticed that I felt exceptionally un-hurried, really just much more "chilled-out" than usual. Cool!

 5th Day: felt well bothered about an incident last year, where I had to suppress my anger - ...in a situation where I HAD TO 'be nice' ... or get the sack. As a rule I don't like

being nice when I'm annoyed. The conflict is that it feels like I'm letting myself down by being a pathetic wimp ... or worse, just being a daft twit for even being there. I'm a pushover. Too soft.

Too much thinking ... felt like some 'zzzzs'; woke feeling softer and quite fluffy.

 Got a tune on my mind ...

            "Love is the answer ...

                ...Gotta let it grow" (John Lennon).

Homeopathic remedies can often point out buried, unresolved and ongoing emotions from the past!

    Perhaps the theme of the remedy: TOO HARD vs. TOO SOFT ...

    ... and its resonance, like water, finds it own level and then comes to rest in a balanced and peaceful place. 

    Where there is emotional hardness there is softening. Where there is softness there is strength.

    Perhaps the miasm of Jade is Cancer: "Things will be destroyed if I do not keep control" (Sankaran)

    Potential Use: Where the emotions have become hardened by frustration and anger. It is almost as if the fire of anger (Pitta) has baked the emotions dry.

    All that's left is Vata - the intellect.

    Perhaps its a remedy for those who never cry, but who really need to feel the softness of tears.

    In terms of Scholten's Stages it seems to correspond with the middle and with right side of the Periodic Table. Stage 9, which just before the peak is only satisfied with perfection. Stage 11 is just

over the peak, feeling slightly disenchanted and needing a little extra impetus to get back on top. There is more struggle in Stage 12.

Quite like a tired old 'Carcinosin'. Stage 13 has almost reached the point of giving up. 

    Jade may be helpful in resolving the crisis of confidence found in all of these stages.


Vergleich: Crassula ovata (= Jadeplant/= Friendshiptree/= Geldbaum/= Judasbaum Saxifragales.).

Malachit w = (CuCO3 . Cu(OH)2)/= Kupferspat/= Kupfergrün./= Schreckstaun./= Silver Peak Jade

Nephrit. (= kidneystone/= Beilstein/zur Herstellung von Waffen und Werkzeugen gebraucht).

Portulacaria afra (= Elefantenstrauch/= Jadebaum/= Portulaccarie/= Strauchportulak/= Spekboom Sukkulenten. Caryophylalles. Bonsaigruppe.)
Vesuvian = Kalifornische Jade

Hydrogrossular = Transvaal Jade

Aventurin. = Indischen Jade

Serpentinit = Koreanische Jade

Auchenorrhyncha. = Zikade

Siehe: Natrium + Aluminium + Silizium + Grüne Gruppe + Edelsteine


Allerlei: hilft Träume. behalten wann unter Kopfkissen gelegt

Jade a particularly tough, green stone that has a long history of being used for amulets, talismans and jewelry, weapons. (China/E. Asia).

Jade emperor = Höchste Gott. in Taoismus, China

Jade (= Klepper)

Alchemia Nova Gem Elixir of Jade in Homeopathic Potency 1X

China: Jade – Reinheit; verschiedene sexuelle Bedeutungen


[JJ Kent]

Known for ages, and used for personal ornaments, weapons, implements, art objects, and applied to interior decoration. The word emerald, so frequently appearing in

ancient writings, is believed to have sometimes meant jade (an opaque to translucent mineral) and unlike the emerald in anything, excepting a slight resemblance in colour.

The word "jade" is now a generic term applied to various mineral substances, as chloro-melanite, or jadeite, nephrite, saussurite, pseudo-nephrite; these minerals are characterised by toughness, compactness of texture, and a colour range from cream white to dark green and nearly black. Although appearing in the trade in precious stones and jewelry, in the art objects of every land, and although extensively imitated "jade" is nowhere prized and appreciated so much as in the Chinese Empire; and wherever on the globe adventurous Chinese roam or locate it is always found as one of their most cherished possessions. Properly the term "jade" includes but two minerals; nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite is Nephrus amorphous of the order Chalicinea, according to Dana's system of mineralogy. The name is from a Greek word meaning a kidney;

Hellas/China: specific remedy for all diseases of the kidneys. Jade is massive, of fine granular or impalpable substance; hardness.

Contains Silica (50%); Magnesia (31%); Alumina (10%); (oxide of iron (5.5%); Water (nearly 3% of water) with a tinge of chrome oxide. Jade is infusible before the blowpipe, but becomes white; with borax it forms clear glass.

Jadeite is a tough, fibrous foliated, to closely compact, mineral, grouped with the pyroxenes; hardness, 6.5 to 7; specific gravity, 3.33 to 3.35. Jadeite will fuse readily before the blowpipe to a transparent glass containing bubbles or blisters. A variety that is dark green verging on black is termed chloromelanite. Weapons and ornaments carved in jadeite in prehistoric times are found on every continent. But few of the localities from whence the mineral came that supplied raw material for these unnamed artisans and artists, are known; the most important is in the vicinity of Mogoung in Upper Burma, where it occurs in boulders embedded in a reddish-yellow clay in river valleys.

The jadeite miners crack the boulders by heating, and the pieces found of merchantable quality are either sawed into the required shapes by slender steel saws, kept tense by bamboo bows, or sold as found to traders who come in caravans from China. The mineral here found is thus distributed throughout the Chinese Empire. Jadeite of milk-white colour is most highly prized and that with bright green spots is next in favour.



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