Ail. = Götterbaum/= Vernis de Japon/= Tree of Heaven/= Chun-pi/= Chinese sumac/= Shade tree/= Copal tree

Ambrosia. = Götterspeise = hergestellt aus Milch und Honig 

Am[m]on, the ancient Egyptian ram-headed god, in the region of whose temple sal ammoniac is said to have been first made from camel-dung. Amon created himself: there was no other god to create him, and he had neither father nor mother. He was invisible, born in secret. Being called first Am[m]on 'The Hidden One' [his image was painted blue to denote invisibility], Amon was later considered

as a creative god. He was represented as a goose. and called the Great Cackler, who laid the cosmic egg. This identification, however, was not pursued and, with the exception of the pinion feathers which remained an attribute of Amon, the goose image was dropped. More important became the association with another fertile animal, the ram. Still later he also became identified as a war-god. During the Assyrian occupation of Egypt, resistance was strongest in Thebes, and Amon's cult spread to the oases (Siwa in Egypt's western desert) where Amon was linked with Jupiter.. As the power of the Theban princes grew, so Amon gradually became solarised and was henceforth known as Amon-Ra. He wore all the symbols of supreme power of the sun god. "Despite his universal grandeur, his cosmic and dynastic associations, Amon-Ra was also a popular god, whose worship among humble people was universal and personal. He was called the vizier of the poor, incorruptible and anxious to see that the just attained their rightful deserts and that the weak were protected against the strong ... This sort of personal worship of the state god broke with earlier Egyptian traditions. Though theologically Amon-Ra was identified with earlier forms of the sun-god as the dynastic deity, in fact his unprecedented wealth and power led to a novel form of theocracy. Where the strength of the god would before have bolstered the royal house, in the case of Amon-Ra it eventually undermined the monarchy. The ultimate result was that when Thebe was conquered by the Assyrians in 663 BC Amon-Ra fell with the kingdom." Amon was identified by the Greeks with Zeus, and by the Romans with Jupiter. Like the Sun, the planet Jupiter is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium. "Jupiter's atmosphere contains trace amounts of water, ammonia, methane, and other organic [carbon] compounds. Astronomers theorize that three layers of clouds exist, separated by about 30 km in altitude. The lowest are made of water ice or droplets, the next are crystals of a compound of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, and the highest are ammonia ice."

Aur-met. = Gold/= Schweiß der Sonne/= Fleisch der Götter/= Kot der Sonne

Olib-sac. = Weihrauchharz/= Frankincense/= Olibanum/= Schweiß der Götter/= Tränen der Götter .

Cygni. = Schwan = keltische Göttin/= Götter-/= Todesbote 


Ganesh. = Gott des Schrifts (I)

Hephaistos = Vulkan./= Klon. Heras/Gott der Schmiede und Handwerker/Feuer./Hammer./Blitz./Töpferer./= Narr./Delphin./Perle./= Gegenspieler zu Pallas-Athene

Hera = Gemahlin Zeus./Pfau./Kuckuck./Kuh./Granatapfel./Pap-s.

Ianus/Janus. = römische Gott des Übergangs

Ilx-a. = Stechpalmeblätter/= Holly BB/= Houx/= kattendoorn/"Trank der Götter" "grünes Gold der Indios"

Jadeemperor. = Höchste Gott in Taoismus, China.       


Osiris (Egypt) was murdered by his brother Set. His wife + sister Isis resurrected him/he became god of the dead. + underworld. (= „Sitz des Auges.“) Gott der Vegetation/des Nils/Fruchtbarkeit. Symbolen: Tausendfüßler. grüner Haut/Krummstab./Weizen. gemischt mit Ton. als Opfer

Pallas-Athene Eule./geboren aus eine verschluckte Fliege. in Zeus Körper aus seinem Oberschenkel

Pluto./Hades = Lucifer/= Cernunnus/= Odin/= Tammuz/= Wodan/= Adonis/= Osiris/= Nachtgott/= Gott des Schattenreichs


Protea cynroides.

                                                               Psilocybe mexicana. Azteken: = „Fleisch der Götter“. Wurde zur zeremoniellen Verwendung durch Schamanen, Mayapriester und Azteken verwendet, da es wie LSD wirkt

Ra = Sonnengott/Katze. = Auge. des Ra


Vulcan.  = Hephaistos = Schmiedt/Hammer/Blitz/Töpferer/= Narr/Delphin/Perle/geboren ohne Partner durch Hera/= Gegenspieler zu Pallas-Athene



Götter verbunden mit Feuer:

Vesta = Göttin. des Herdfeuers (Rom)

Hestia = Göttin. des Herdfeuers (Griechenland)

Küchen Gott/Kitchen god (China) schützt das Herdfeuer (Hestia) das Haus/die Familie. Seine Frau meldet den Jadekönig (= höchste Gott) alles was in der Familie in einem Jahr passiert ist. (?Petrus./Ianus/Janus.?)

Flöte.spielende Götter:

            Kokiopelli (Navaho)

Krishna (Hinduismus)

Pan (Hellas)


Vergleich: Siehe: Heiligegruppe + Göttinnen + Gottesurteil + Religionen


Allerlei: Als Hühnergott wird ein Stein aus Flint. mit einem natürlich entstandenem, durchgehendem Loch bezeichnet.



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