Palladium metallicum Kind Anhang


[George Vithoulkas]

Child will do well at school if praised every day by the parents and teachers, but will do very badly if he is criticized at all. If the parents are not aware of what they must do, the child

enters a state of total inadequacy, becoming lazy and uninterested in making any effort.

Children with a less than average intelligence believe that they are very good and intelligent, even when the marks they get at school are mediocre or worse. It is this state of false greatness

that prepares them to feel wounded at the least provocation.

Likes to swear words that have a rude sexual connotation. If they get offended or irritated they can become violent in their reactions and expressions and then they use offensive language.

Palladium, due to its internal conflict, (the need for affection, and the pride that does not allow them to ask for it), eventually brings about a convulsed state, which can produce convulsive

movements, first of the face, and eventually of the whole body.

It is a wonderful remedy for Gilles de la Tourrette’s syndrome. The child appears practically normal while at school or in a social function, where the opinion of others matters very much,

but when he goes back home the nervous system lets loose and the patient goes into spasms. He twitches and makes all kinds of grimaces, emitting short frightening sounds while the whole

organism seems to be in turmoil. Yet the next day at school they keep perfect control of their nervous system and nobody can imagine what they are suffering from; but there is this anomalous

energy that amasses and adds up constantly and which needs to be detonated soon.



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