Parathion = E 605/= C10H14NO5PS/= Insektengift/SNP (France)/Thiophos (USSR)


Vergiftung: Skin contact/Inhalation/Ingestion through food

Kopfschmerz/Speichelfluss/Nase läuft/übel/erbricht/Durchfall/Bauchkrämpfe/Pupille Stecknadelkopf groß/Atembeschwerden/SCHWACH/bewegt ruckartig, ist Acethylcholin. hemmend, Krämpfen,

2. Herz- + Atemlähmung;

Muscarinic effects include blurred vision; hypersecretion (salivary/lacrimal/sweat/bronchial glands); narrowing of the bronchi; nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and crampy abdominal pains; urinary and

faecal incontinence and slow heart rate.

Nicotinic effects include muscle twitching, cramping, and weakness. Nicotinic stimulation can obscure certain muscarinic effects and produce rapid heart rate and high blood pressure;

Repertory of proving:

Mind: Irritable - shouts back with stubbornness to the core

Sadness - wants to be alone is marked

Irritable, thinks that he is correct in all aspect.

Sadness alternating with irritability

Head: Left sided supra orbital headache. Pain dull and pulsating at temple (with feverish feeling/stabbing pain over l. elbow and knee/increased appetite and sleepless).

Sweating, profuse over the scalp with sensation of coldness over forehead

Occipital sweating

Eyes: Burning of l. eye

Face: Burning in lips.

Mouth: Apthae over the l. posterior 1/3 of the tongue & l. side of inner lip which is not much painful.

Sticky salivation, not able to spit it out that much sticky in the morning while getting up.

Bad taste in the mouth after the afternoon sleep.

Stomach: Desires ice-cream

Rectum: Urge to pass stool immediately after getting up.

Chest & Back: Sweating profuse over the neck and axillae

Sleep: Sleepless up to 2 - 5 h.

Startling during sleep with the twitching/jerking only on r. side.

Dreams: of sweating but when he gets up suddenly he is not sweating.


Vergleich: Siehe: Phosphorus + Nitrogen Element + Insektizide 


Antidotiert von: Atro.


Allerlei: used as agricultural insecticide on major crops (wheat/fruits/vegetables/nuts/citrus fruits/alfalfa/corn/soyabeans). It prevents the larvae of the pests from growing up. It even causes the eggs of the pests to die out when they come in contact with it.

In Indien töten Bauern sich mit Parathion wenn sie ihre Schulden nicht zahlen können (ihre Witwen sind nicht verantwortlich für diese Schulden).



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