Physalis spp.


Vergleich: Siehe: Solanales  


Physalis alkekengie (Physal-al) = Judenkirsche/ = Mönchskirsche/= Lampionplant/= winter cherry/= ground cherry/= bladder herb


Negativ: Hirn- /Rückenmarkreizung + Krämpfe/zittern nach Schock, lebhaft o. Parese + Starrheit (Gliedmaßen/Augen);

This member of the Solanaceae family is again one whose form is liberated, "free from spasm". From the perennial root-stock rise the shoots, a meter high, with elongated, pointed leaves of a cheerful

green growing on free stems. Higher up, the flowers arise, from the leaf axils. They are similar to potato flowers, wide open, and immediately turn downwards, developing into red berries the size of

small cherries. The structure most characteristic of the winter cherry is the calyx, however, which turns a fiery red, moving out around the fruit in a wide-reaching gesture and closing up in front, thus forming an aerial balloon around it. This is a gesture of wanting to take hold of the airy region, an organizing sphere normally closed to the plant, and to attempt something of an air organization.

Plants with air-filled calyces of this type became important in medicine during the Middle Ages/used to treat conditions of the kidney and bladder.

R.S.: the kidney has not only eliminating functions, but also a highly constructive task: to incorporate the astral body in the air organization of man. The life of the kidney and bladder is particularly influenced by the nature of the air in the environment. The Solanaceae have each in its own way the property of attracting astral processes from the environment and holding them. From these aspects arise the medicinal possibilities of the winter cherry. 


Physalis alkekengi

Gemüt: Redselig; geschwätzig

Gesicht: Lähmung

Blase: Harnwegbeschwerden

Urin: Sediment - Sand - Harngrieß


Brust: Gefühllos, taub

Schlaf: Schlaflos durch Beklemmung der Brust

Schläfrig < bewölktes Wetter

Allgemeines: Lähmung

Harnsäure Diathese

Schwäche (der Muskeln)

< bewölktes Wetter/< nasskaltes Wetter/< trocken kaltes Wetter


Phytologie: Sammeln: Beeren (trockenen/trocken + dunkel aufbewahren)

harntreibend/Gries/Nieren- /Blasen- /GallensteinEN  auflösend /Nieren/Blasen

Jicht/Verletzung/Quetschung/Galle- /Leberbeschwerden

Rezept: Beeren abkochen

Rezept: 4 Gr. Beeren/Selleriewurzel o. Blattsellerie auf 1 Ltr Wasser

Beeren kauen

Wann bei Anorexia Magen nicht funktioniert mit gekochtem Getreide, weiter Bananen und Honig



Physalis angulata (Physal-an)



Rektum: Beschwerden durch Würmer


Vergleich: liebt Ca;     

Allerlei: Weinberg.



Physalis peruviana (Physal-p)



Rektum: Dysenterie



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