Prunus cerascifera (Prun-cf) = Kirschpflaume/= Cherry plum BB.


Vergleich: Siehe: Rosales


Positiv: Mutig;

[Dr. V. Krishnamurthy]

(B) Singing in stages in high pitch continuously for 1-2 hours is called POSITIVE ASPECT of Cherry Plum;

Negativ: Offenheit/Ruhe/ANGST, depresSIV/Selbstmordgedanken/qualvolle Lebensfase;

Gemüt: Furcht (vor Geisteskrankheit)


Schmerz: Cherry Plum Bach Flower Remedy

Whatever may be the disease that the patient is suffering from, if the patient is weeping/screaming with “UNBEARABLE” pain, Cherry Plum, considerably reduces or completely cures the underlying pathology and so

the pain stops. The best place for the use of this remedy is the labor ward in any maternity hospital for expectant women, shrieking with “unbearable” labor pain. One single dose reduces the “unbearable” pain and

it would soon be a safe and normal delivery. In rare cases you may repeat the remedy every 15-30 minutes.

[Dr. V. Krishnamurthy]

(A) We say that "short temper" or "weeping/screaming with pain or problems in life" is a NEGATIVE       ASPECT of the Bach Remedy Cherry Plum

[Dr. V. Krishnamurthy]

CHERRY PLUM is a Bach Remedy.

The best place and occasion for the use of CHERRY PLUM is the labor ward. Any big Maternity Hospital, particularly at midnight, and stand in the veranda there. Roughly about 3 out of every 100 expectant women would be weeping/screaming/shrieking with unbearable labor pain. Only to these weeping/screaming women, we give two pills! of CHERRY PLUM. One single dose reduces the unbearable pain considerably and in a majority of cases it would soon be a safe and normal delivery. In rare cases you may repeat the remedy every 15 - 30 minutes and within a few doses they deliver the child.

For any disease that the patient is suffering from (piles/ulcer/cancer) if the patient is weeping/screaming with UNBEARABLE pain, and giving Cherry Plum, it considerably reduces or completely cures the underlying pathology(disease) and so the pain stops. Because that when the disease (which makes him weep/scream with pain) is cured by Cherry Plum, the resultant pain automatically stops too.

Thus, in Bach Remedies we find a different terminology for making the prescription. It is NOT on the name of disease (liver complaint, peptic ulcer, migraine etc.) but on how the patient reacts to his illness, or how he refers to his disease. Any disease on earth can be cured completely, permanently (and without side-effects by Cherry Plum, if only that disease makes the patient weep/scream with pain or "unbearable" suffering.  Here you must carefully note that I am not introducing any 'theory' or 'concept' but such a thing exist from time immemorial ever since men started talking with each other to communicate his feelings to others.  It is a grand arrangement in mighty Nature that to cure all diseases that makes the sufferer weep or scream, we must give pills prepared from the particular wild flower called Cherry Plum found in English forests.  Thus Bach Remedies system has no 'principle' or 'theory' but it is only a 'discovery.'  Therefore to learn, master and then to practice this system no detailed or elaborate knowledge of anatomy, pathology, physiology etc. are required.  From the fifth day of attending our 4-day Personal Course everything is practical and practical only.

Disease is one side of the coin called 'human suffering'. The other side is 'problems in life' as there are addiction, poverty, unemployment, troubles from debtors etc.).

Cherry Plum, we have said that that remedy is cures the patient (whatever the disease he may be suffering from) if he is weeping/screaming.  That is one of the symptoms for prescribing that remedy. 

The field of action of Cherry Plum can be best learnt under the following head:

  "Mind giving way"

  "Fear of loss of reason"

Thus, "irresistible temptation", "suicidal disposition due to unbearable pain in abdomen or problems from debtors", "violent anger", "short temper" etc. are covered by CHERRY PLUM. Not merely for "unbearable labor pain" or "unbearable burning sensation in piles" (which are bodily diseases) but also for "suicidal disposition due to poverty" Cherry Plum is indicated.

We occasionally read in the daily newspapers that the entire family committed suicide due to poverty.  Cherry Plum is to be given to them.

Cherry Plum does not act as a sedative to calm the mind but it puts the person in the right frame of mind and this enables him to find ways and means to earn sufficient money to pay off the debtors.

Now, let us go to the woman who was screaming with labor pain in the maternity hospital and to whom we have given Cherry Plum which ensured safe and normal delivery. We now give Cherry Plum

and ask to take 1 - 2 doses daily.

One may ask, "Sir, the delivery is over. Why should she take further doses of Cherry Plum?"

Our Answer: We have to find out why she got this "unbearable" labor pain. Also to prevent it in future pregnancies and (in case she is not going to bear any more child) to prevent any diseases/problems

in life that would make her scream/weep with pain or sufferings.

Half-heartedly the lady starts taking the pills daily. (This is a 32-year lady working as school teacher with poor income and lot of problems at home because of poverty making her weep on several occasions.)

Two months after taking Cherry Plum this lady was found joining evening classes for vocal music. Six months later she starts performing in a local music troupe. Cherry Plum is continued. A year later,

she goes to Dubai and enters into annual contract with a star hotel for evening performance.  Her present income is ten times of her earlier job in school!

Now, what has this vocal music to do with weeping or screaming with unbearable pain?

In both the instances "voice" is used in high pitch.


*Just because these remedies are 'imported' from England, the reader need not conclude that they must be costly. We import and sell in the ready-to-take form of tiny sweet pills at Rs.30 per 10ml. pack of 300 pills. Two pills are given for a dose, chewable, taken any time. No diet restrictions. No expire date. (Anything kept dissolved in sugar, alcohol or honey has no 'expire' date.)                            

Vocal Music: Uses voice in  high pitch  continuously for hours and an audience of people listen to it with pleasure. The performer is paid 2000 rupees or so for each two-hour performance.

Pain:  Weeps for hours which is disturbance to others. Does not fetch any income.

In all cases of problems in life or bodily diseases where the affected person was found weeping quite often we gave Cherry Plum and we found that in more than 90% of cases they started learning vocal music (irrespective of their age) and sooner or later started performing in stages earning 1-3 thousand rupees for each 2-hour performance, whereas prior to taking Cherry Plum they were earning a few 1000 rupees by working for 30 days, daily for 8 hours.


[Dr. V. Krishnamurthy]

Bach Remedy Cherry Plum

(B) Singing in stages in high pitch continuously for 1-2 hours is called POSITIVE ASPECT of Cherry        Plum.

We do not run any "counseling center" for those who resort to suicide (due to unbearable problems/poverty in life) but simply and only give CHERRY PLUM. This is offered by nature and not MANUFACTURED by any PHARMACOLOGICAL INDUSTRY where SCIENTISTS are WORKING for HOURS.

Mighty Nature is the biggest and most complicated chemical factory. Your chemist (druggist) can only manufacture "drugs" that is with full of side-effects.

Mighty Nature tells the ladies (screaming/weeping with labor pain in the Maternity Hospital) through the flower Cherry Plum as under:

"Dear screaming and weeping pregnant ladies, I sent you on earth to learn vocal music and give performances in stage earning a few thousand rupees for two hours of performance and live happily. But either you or your parents did the mistake, rather blunder, by studying B.A., M.A., B.Ed. etc. which enables you to earn a few thousand rupees once a month only, that too working for eight hours a day, besides travelling in the crowded bus in hot sun. At least now realise your mistake. Take pills Cherry Plum which would ENABLE you to AUTOMATICALLY go to a vocal music class and soon earn a few thousands daily."

       Nature constantly works towards perfection

       Nature's ways cannot be improved upon.

       Nature produces in abundance.


   With our tiny brains we run counseling center, rehabilitation centre for convicts etc. These are nothing but mockery of mighty Nature.


China: Glück, neues Leben, Erneuerung, Vergänglichkeit; Unberührtheit, jungfräuliches Mädchen, sexuelle Freuden, einer der Drei Freunde des Winters; 2e Pflaumenblüte: Wiederverheiratung bzw. erneuter Beischlaf in derselben Nacht; Weiden-Pflaumen-Krankheit: Syphilis


Phytologie: Sammeln: Früchten/Kernen/Stielen/Harz

Harntreibend/inneren Kern essen bei Steinen/Würmer

Stielen/Harz siehe Prun-a.



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