Sechium edule = chayote/= vegetable pear./= christophene/= alligator. pea/= chayote

Creeper with green leaves the size of a human hand or larger, gripping tendrils, small yellow or white

flowers and a green edible fruit like a pear. GREEN (= plant force). Green is the element of water and

cold. After ripening, becomes yellowish and fibrous with small external spines and inedible. Yellow or

white flower is tiny/timid looking.

In the flower, the vital etheric forces are hardly modified at all through astral intervention. On one hand the flower, on the other hand a watery/expansive fruit. Leaves or tendrils are used as an infusion or the boiled fruit, either separately or in combination.

Pigs fed the chayote fruit suffer from reduced sexual potency or even impotence for a period of time.

The relationship between the astral body and sexual activity, in humans as well as in animals, is well

known. The more vitality a being has, the more energy it can potentially devote to a vigorous sex life.

This excess vitality, which is healthy in animals, becomes pathological in human beings.

The plethoric, hypertensive patient might benefit by treatment with Sechium, counters his excess vitality which "spills out through the pores“.


Vergleich: Siehe: Cucurbitales + Hypotension/Bluthochdruck (Fernanda Abrao)


Phytologie: Nierensteinen

Brasilien: anti-hypertensive.



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