Solanum malacoxylon


Vergleich: Siehe: Solanales.


[Dr. Hildebrandt]

Solanum malacoxylon, syn. glaucophyllum, glaucescens, glaucum is a South American solanacea, causing a disease in cattle in Argentina („Enteque seco“)

and Brazil („Espichamento“): the Enzootic calcinosis. This is due to the presence of Cholecalciferol [1, 25 Dihydroxycholecalciferol, 1,25-(OH)2 D3] in the plant.

If the cattle starves and eats the leaves over a long period, it gets calcifications in its inner organs and muscles, showing the symptoms of a Vit D. intoxication.


In 1981 Dr. Gilbert Benyamine, Lyon had the idea to use this remedy in D6 – D30 for several months in 19 cases of periarthritis humeroscapularis with success.

Used for this indication in France. The proving did not support the indication of shoulder pains, but the clinical use in my experience does support this indication

and others very well.



Mind: Confident


Stupefaction (on waking)

Energized feeling

Fear on waking from a dream



Size incorrectly judged

“As if helpless”


Concentration active

Vivacious – myrth

Loquacity – cheerful exuberant

Irritable (causeless/from trifles)




Delusion (everything seems unreal/bed drawn from under her/things appear small/going to be sick/contraction of space/was reeling when at rest/all is diminished)

Vertigo: “As from alcoholic drinks/”As if bed were in motion”

Head: Formication in forehead

Tingling in Forehead

Pain – pressing (“As from a cap”/”As in an armor”)/ext. to eyes/on waking/in occiput (> sleep)/sides (on waking/ext. to temple)/behind eyes)

Heavy (forenoon)

Forehead complaints

“As if stopped up”

Eye: > pressure


Itching (morning/evening/with lachrymation from rubbing)”As if lids wide open”

Pain – paroxysmal/burning/pressing/dull/”As from a foreign body”/< cold air

Swollen [Lids (morning)]

Heavy [(upper) Lids)

Dry (evening)

Lachrymation (morning/evening/< cold air)

Agglutinated in morning

Vision: Accommodation too slow

< reading

Images retain too long

Blurred (< reading)

Ear: Pain (pressing/pricking)

“As if full”

Nose: Discharge – watery/viscid, tough from Posterior nares/catarrh Postnasal

”As of a foreign body”

Itching inside


Pain – burning/sore

Coryza – l. (ext. r.)/> in open air/> lying/< odors/from becoming overheated/”As if coryza there”


Obstructed - alternating sides/posterior nares

 Face: Formication


Cheeks - hot cheeks/tingling

Cicatrices (full of deep scars)

Pain drawing in jaws

Teeth: Pain drawing

Throat: Red

“As if a lump”

Hawk - disposition to (from thick mucus in throat and mouth)

Pain – l. [ext. to ear (< swallowing)]/morning on waking/< empty swallowing/stitching pain

Stomach: Thirst (for large quantities)

Pains – cutting/stitching

Abdomen: Distended - from flatulence/> passing flatus

“As if a hard body (stone) inside” (about umbellicus)/“As if a lump inside” (about umbellicus)

Pain – with eructations/Hypochondria ext. (Abdomen/chest/upward)/cramping (upward)/stitching (l.)/Inguinal region [stitching (l.)]/cutting (“As from flatulence”)

”As from a knife”/wandering)/pricking/> bending double/pinching

“As if full” (Hypogastrium)

Urine: Dark/oily

Female organs: Menses – with dark cloths/too early/scanty

Chest: Palpitation of heart (with anxiety)

Back: Shivering

Pain - Scapulae ext. arm in morning [cramping/< lying (lying on back impossible)]/stitching/below l. scapula.

Pain - cervical region ext. to eye/temples/on waking/drawing

Extremities: Wrist; complaints of

Hot thighs

Pulsation in thighs

Pain - in joints of thumbs (after exposure to cold)/in wrists [< after exertion/< (wet) cold]/cramping

Pain - in shoulders extending to hand (drawing)/shoulders drawing/stitching/in veins

Swollen - lower limbs in evening/feet in morning/legs

Heavy legs - “As from fatigue”/feet in morning

Weak – wrists/upper arms

Sleep: difficult falling asleep with sleepiness

Waking easy

Sleepless – after midnight 1 h - 1-4 h/from dreams

Sleepy (forenoon)

Dreams: Being attacked/accused wrongful of crime/unsuccessful efforts/being murdered/explosion (of atomic bomb)/fire (fireball/conflagration/people on fire)/feeling helpless/vivid/

Needles/guilt/vertigo/full of cares/animals/sad/misfortunge/failures/seem true on waking/rousing the patient/anger/anxious

Chill: in evening/night

Perspiration: at night/from pain

Skin: Itching – in evening/< thinking of it/without eruptions/> cold air/< scratching (changing place on scratching/> scratching shortly)/< perspiration/stinging/intolerable/

Causes despair/< becoming warm/< warmth

Cicatrices depressed


Generals: Formication during chill

“As if influenza”

> change of position

Desires cold bathing

Feeling cold in single parts

< sunlight

> Lying in bed /> lying on side

Pulsation in blood vessels

Pain - stitching pain (“As from needles”)/in Neck


Food and Drinks: Desires: chocolate/sweets/tobacco (smoking);




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