Vergleich Fagaceae + Betulaceae


Vergleich:    Oak                                                   Birch

Fagaceae                                                     Betulaceae

Roots penetrate deep into the soil                             Hardly connect to the soil a "plate" root taking

Does not exhaust the soil/tends to improve it                  hold of the soil superficially.

Do well on lime/avoid really acid soils.

Pliny: the coast of Germania is lined with oaks.              Grows in poor/acid soils and depletes them.

Washed out by floods/pushed by the wind taking               Plants hardly grow near birches.

large islands with them, holding them  with                   Pioneer plant (abandoned houses/graveled areas/waste land/moor).

their roots/floating upright in balance.

In their shade only grasses grow.                         Cool climate.

                                                             Bark used as paper substitute. (enthält K)


Grow in warm regions

Is home and food for many insects and animals                 Trunk is lofty/bends tot the wind/opens to surrounding space        

Has a relation with wine (stopper for bottles/casks)          Venus/spring (pollinates early = allergenic)/

Bark thick/used to make ink/medicine

(enthält: Tann-ac. + Ca)                                     Fruit without nutrional value

                                                             Hardly animal life



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