Vergleich: Kind in Medhorrinum + Tarentula


[Jawahar Shah] 

Medhorrinum: very passionate, affectionate and loving. Desire strong for love and affection. Behavioural problems: rude and aggressive, who throw temper tantrums, who fight with other children, (daitime)/kick and strike their parents or relatives.

At night very playful, comfortable and affectionate.

Cause: history of Gonorrhoea in parents/patient, Anticipation sickness;

< thinking of complaints.

Right from childhood, they have the capacity to receive intuitive feelings (usually comes true: predict accidents/natural calamities or results of exams and that actually works out to be true). Other extreme of love = hate, is a much more intense feeling in Medorrhinum.

Child getting “A” (= 1/= 10) grade, in school, suddenly starts getting “F”. The child who used to love his parents starts hating them from the depth of his heart. A child  who had tremendous attachment to animals (Aeth./Nuph.)  starts hating them and this child becomes  very  violent towards  animals

Child very sensitive and emotional/loves flowers, beauty and takes good care of them. Child who was polite, soft, passionate and loveable turns into a devil. Feels strong desire to bite, kick, hit, strike. He is very rude and aggressive. All his actions become erratic, he develops inner hardness, which is very deep and that is why it is very difficult to handle these children.

Loves whatever is forbidden. If you tell them not to do certain things, they are the first people to go and do it. That is what makes them courageous and brave. In Medorrhinum, the child starts with a lie but does not know how to finish and gets caught half-way through, starts fumbling and he doesn’t have the same confidence as the Tarentula child.


Tarentula: Loves whatever is forbidden. If you tell them not to do certain things, they are the first people to go and do it. Violent with physical restlessness and mobility. Both these remedies are courageous, but in Tarentula without soft corner for anything.

They can lie with so much confidence, that the other person starts believing it as the truth. For example, if he was given some money, he will not return the balance amount. He will spend it on himself. On being asked the details he will say that maybe the balance money fell from his pocket. If you point out the chocolate marks around his mouth, then he will give an explanation that the chocolate was given by a friend. He will never admit the truth, even in the worst of circumstances.



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