Xenon = violett

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Xenon: one of 6 noble gasses in the periodic system/are inert (= “noble” = not making chemical bonds). In general the effects are anesthetic/produce symptoms of not feeling, not being present. Anesthesia is needed during operations.

Xenon: mostly works faster and better than Op. Can be prescribed preventiv (patients scared for the operation and the after effects).

Is the strongest of the noble gasses in anesthetic effects. Inhaled produces complete anesthesia, coma. It would be ideal in the operation room for induces anesthesia

(is to expensive). According to the Law of similar it is clear that Xenon must be a great remedy for coma and similar like states, such as after effects of anesthesia or

the coma after accidents.


[Divya Chhabra]


The patient is a young man who has been sent by his mother due to depression - perhaps he would not have come on his own, as he states that “homeopathy is a pseudo-science.” He is a freelance composer who makes music for films. He suffers from androgenic alopecia, from which his father also suffered, losing his hair at 21, and from migraines. The migraines manifest as a throbbing pain at the back of his head, without an aura. It is as though there is a burden at the back of his head, pulling his head backwards. There is a sharp pain, as though his skull is not big enough and his brain is trying to get out.


Divya Chhabra (DC): What would happen if your skull was not big enough?

Patient (P): It is as though there’s an air pump attached to my head, pushing my head. It is like a hammer, not like an ice-pick.

Light affects me; when I look at light, it is as though shards of glass are piercing my eyes. Cold light sources, like tungsten, hurt my eyes, but  BMW blue lights don’t blind you.  I have an aversion to mercury-based light.  I am sensitive to colours – I prefer yellow, it is warmer, but I prefer black even more. There are so many light sources these days – we use different lights in films, too. I am sensitive to music, too.


DC: What is the exact experience at that time?

P: Telephone sounds, high frequency sounds, red colours aggravate me, they give me a slight pressure on my chest.  I have a physical reaction, I want to pull away.

It is as though my chest is pulled into a cavity, but I am not suffocating.


DC: (not suffocating? Denial…) Tell me about suffocating.

P: It is as though something is tied around my chest, and it gets tighter, crushing. Like a clay pot, it will fall apart. Like a cricket bat – it will not break but it will become taut, tight.


DC: Taut?

P: There is a strong gravity pulling down like a fist. (There is no logic here, an important sign.) It attracts everything around it, pulling the molecules. Vastness, dense space, no sky, vacuum. No air molecules. The air feels heavy (This is illogical – air is usually light!) It is a burden to pull air into my lungs. It is like breathing in water,

like it is pulling me down, as though there are dumbbells in me. When I am happy, there is a spring in my step. My body feels light, fast, pushed up into outer space

like a rocket. It is like a ship pushed into the air, then it falls back down. (Absurdity = important!) I am fascinated by flight. When I am leaving the body, there is weightlessness, like leaving the ground. But landing is like being pulled down. There is an air bubble that I have to poke in order to escape.

Keywords: pulled down in migraine, with gravity, in depression. The air feels heavy. 

P: I like speed, I feel an air bubble around me. You poke yourself out of this air bubble, then it would break.


DC: What if you could not poke yourself out of the air bubble?

P:  I become physically sleepy if I can’t escape. It is like a large office building where all the lights suddenly go off and nothing is happening. It is like a flickering light bulb before it goes out.


Peculiar aspects of this case are:

- Cold lights affect his eyes.

- Sensitivity to light bulbs.

- The air is heavy.

- A ship in the air, taking flight.


Opposition between heavy and weightlessness, points to the gases; most light-bulbs are now fitted with inert gases. BMW cars have xenon lights. Xenon gas is used

for propulsion. It is five times heavier than air, it can be poured downhill. Someone sniffing xenon gas will have their voice become heavier, as opposed to sniffing helium, which produces as very high-pitched, squeaky voice like Donald Duck.

Prescription: Xenon 1M


At first, he still could not breathe properly. He stayed alone in his house and did not go out to meet friends. There was no real change. The remedy was repeated in

10M, and the change was dramatic. We now see a young man who is smiling and who can focus. He can work for hours now and can breathe much better.

He has fewer headaches, and is back to work. He feels 96-97 % better. The remedy was repeated in 10M, once per week.

This case was presented at the Congress for Psychiatry and Homeopathy in Bad Krozingen, Germany, March 2012.



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