Stadium-Gruppe 18


Ruhe/völlige losgelöst und bezugslos.


[Jeremy Sherr]

The noble gases are the key to understanding the periodic table. The elements of the periodic table are the building blocks of the universe. I therefore embarked on an investigation of the noble gases towards a deeper understanding of health, disease, and our materia medica. I never imagined it would take me twenty years, but the effort

has been well worth it, unfolding new dimensions of perception.

The journey began in 1993 with the proving of Neon. This was followed in 1995 by Helium and 1997 gave birth to both Krypton and Argon. My friend and colleague Silvie Gowen later proved Xenon and Radon. I have recently done a full proving of Xenon. Thus, the six noble gasen are complete, missing only the elusive seventh of their number, ‘Element 118’, which I have nicknamed Luciferium. Collectively, these remedies form a family, grouped together not only by their unique placement in the periodic table but by the nature of their proving symptoms.

There are seven periods in the periodic table. The end of each of these periods is punctuated by one of the noble gases which represent the fulfilment of each period’s aspirations. All the preceding elements struggle through life in a constant state of lack and dissatisfaction. They are missing one or more electrons necessary to reach a state of completion, balance and harmony. This struggle represents the continuous restless motion of life. The noble gases, possessing a full house of protons and electrons, have achieved this goal. Satisfied and whole in themselves, they exist in stable, inert, and isolated glory, and have no need of any other element. They are monatomic; they neither bind to each other nor do they form molecules. As such, they do not participate in the messy games of chemistry and life. Like enlightened beings, they wander across the universe, always present but never intermingling.

Out of 118 elements, only seven have reached this lofty state. The lesser elements, looking on in envy, aspire to attain this state but can only approximate it through chemical interaction and sharing

of resources, namely electrons. If we can understand the inner nature of a noble element, we can understand the aspirations of all the preceding elements in the period, and consequently perceive

what it is they are lacking and striving for. 

The provings of the noble gases are a true wonder, an endless voyage of discovery, both as individual remedies and as a group. Through these provings, I have discovered many shared characteristics, a vertical line of meaning running through the whole group. At best, these elements align with the endless power of universal force. At worst, they survive in disconnected inertia. One characteristic of the noble gases is that they emit light when an electric current flows through them. It is my hope that these books will supply you with some of the voltage needed to enlighten your homoeopathic journey.


                              Helium  = gelb           argon = blau             krypton = weiß            neon = orange         Xenon = violett


Clinical case

 “I am 36 years old. I have had homoeopathic treatment for four years with little improvement. I am very anxious about being here. I couldn’t sleep last night. I had a dream that you gave me a ‘starry night’ remedy. I have been having a tough time with my husband for the past two years. We have not been sexual for two years. I don’t feel dead sexually, I am just not attracted to him. I am passionate, emotional, and confused. I have a very different answer depending on the time of day. It is a dilemma: how to do what is right for me and not hurt him? The dilemma is also: how will it affect my son?

I live in a perfect place. I have a vision of a backyard, wooded, and beautiful. Then, everything becomes distorted, a cut. And through the cut comes the unconditional love

of God. I want unconditional love, but how hard it is to accept it. I need to fall into faith but I have a lot of fear.

I am financially dependent on my husband; how will I live and feel supported? I have a yearning for a total shift in perspective, towards joy and away from fear. I’m all cerebral now, but I want to move from my head to my heart. I want to feel comfortable in my body. (Observation: hand moves from head to heart.) I landed in my body and at times I leave it. I want to be totally in it. I started belly dancing, a sensual experience. I love dancing and music. I feel stagnant and when I move. I feel better. Internally,

I am cold, freezing most of the time.

I want to be inspired to reach to the depths of my soul. I feel tired and I’ve lost inspiration. I am not thirsty, I struggle to drink. I crave sweets.

When I am sad, I shut down completely. It perpetuates my isolation. I don’t participate in superficial relationships. I like a relationship to be deep. I isolate myself for self-preservation.

In my dream, I was sitting with you and I take the remedy ‘starry night’. Then, opportunities open up and blossom. I’d like to see things for what they are, but I look at life through a filter. I see great potential in my husband. I’m at a loss. How to tell my husband, get to my vision? I want to feel safe. My husband has hit me. He is explosive.

He is like a baby, he throws things and is petty.

I have a vision where I’m standing on top of a mountain wearing a white gown. My arms are out. If I just lean forward I would be ok, but I am too afraid to lean into it.

I’m too scared to fall into faith. I need to take the fall, to lean forward, to follow my dream.

My dream is to be understood and to have a relationship with someone mature. I stand on the mountain, lean forward and fall into the mist on earth. I have so much to take care of on earth. I need to speak my total truth without fear. My basic fear is not being understood by my husband. My husband is a baby, but he says that I am selfish, that

I consider myself first and don’t nurture him.

My parents divorced when I was six. My mother had severe depression and stayed in bed. I had the constant feeling of not being understood. Others didn’t understand me. People who live in their bodies view life as a journey, they look deeper.

I was poor as a child and thought I would be ok when I had money but I wasn’t. I have been taking off my jewellery. I can’t wear gold, diamonds, they don’t mean anything. I was wearing jewellery to know who I was. I want to be myself. In the past, I was being like everyone else. At times, I can be out there and be alone.

I have many dreams, vivid ones. I moved to a new place, there was beautiful furniture, a tortoiseshell chair that cost about $10,000. A woman, a part of me, was doing homey things. There was danger, a dangerous man. It was all a facade with violence underneath. I was trying to make it ok. The tortoiseshell was beautiful, maybe I’ll stay.

I had recurring dreams as a child. I am running away from danger and couldn’t get anywhere. I am falling, never landing. Going quickly down from a high place, from a

four-storey building on a unicycle. I fall on a unicycle and never land.

I have a fear of the dark. I can’t watch horror film stuff, ghosts. I don’t want to see spirits, it scares me. I feel spirits, that’s ok.

During my mother’s pregnancy, her relationship with my father was not good. Her labour was very easy. I flew out of her body.

I have lower back pain when I stand. I like to sit. My neck goes out a lot. I love having it cracked and adjusted.

I feel ovulation pains. I have premenstrual headaches. I hold my breath a lot. It is a conscious effort to take a full body breath.

My hair is grey. I have bags under my eyes. I see my body is aging a lot, it is strange.

A huge thing is I don’t lie and I don’t like people who lie. No truth could ever be as ugly as a lie unrevealed. Intention is everything.”

Prescription: Helium 1M


2 months later: “The remedy was working as soon as I left the office. I was standing on the mountain and I knew I needed to take the leap of faith. I even realised that I had seen God already and needed to see the ground beneath my feet. The remedy was in all the cells of my body. I had realisations about everything, including my relationship with time. I had always been in a battle before, now I don’t run out of time. I feel very present. For the first couple of weeks, I felt a gentle weight on the top of my head, keeping me down. It was comforting and I was present in my body.

For the first time, I was able to defend myself against my husband and speak up for myself.

I don’t have to leave my body. What is so great about leaving my body anyway? I leave my body unattended and open for violation, unless I have a specific intention to leave and safety around it.

I am so grateful to be in my body. We are going on vacation and I specified to my husband that anywhere is ok as long as it is at sea level.

I have a fear about digging in the ground and putting my hand in the ground. I realise that being close to the earth is hard. My relationship to my body has been one of total discomfort. But going out was leaving it open for violation. Now, when I wake up, I desire to feel my feet on the ground.

Five days ago, I got my period and didn’t know it was coming – no PMS. It was a gorgeous, flowing and red period. I enjoyed it, I felt alive.

I am very mindful of doing the laundry, sweeping the floor and being present. The sound of the broom on the floor is pleasurable.

I feel communion and community. (Observation: said with great feeling.) I am a part of the community and to be with people is great. In fact, I am not having enough alone time.

I am more comfortable in the dark. I slept alone this week with just my son. My husband was away and I felt really comfortable.

My neck and back pain are very good.

After you told me the remedy I had was Helium, I remembered that my husband proposed to me in a hot air balloon! What other way to propose to a Helium patient than when her feet are off the ground!

Helium has touched me in my whole being since I was conceived. Am I or aren’t I here – do I belong? That is why I needed to be affirmed all the time, to know that I belong. It is nice to have new information now and to be finding a place on earth.”

3 months later: the improvement has continued.


Themes of Helium in this case:

The main theme in this case that corresponds to the Helium proving is a soul that does not come completely into the body and is unable to manifest itself fully in life.

In the proving, there are many themes of mountains in dreams and mental symptoms, with a desire to jump down onto the earth. Correspondingly, there is a feeling of disconnection between the head and the heart, leaving the neck area vulnerable.

A common idea of Helium is of uprightness without the ability to lean away from the vertical. Much faith and courage are required for a soul to take the leap from the vertical into the diagonal turmoil of life. Otherwise, the soul will remain forever in a state of static potential, which is neither activated nor manifested. In opposition to these ideas, we see the patient’s overly rapid birth.

The idea of being a baby is also prevalent in Helium. Falling on a unicycle represents the Helium idea of a soul, which is as yet undifferentiated into male and female. Although there is a connection

to God’s love, it cannot be manifested in a life of physical action. In the patient’s dream, the empty tortoiseshell is like a body without a soul.

The idea of ‘starry night’ as a remedy corresponds to outer space and the realm of the soul. Because of the patient’s inability to live a life of action, opportunities do not open up and blossom. It is

the same state of unmanifested potential that the patient sees in her husband. In this state, a person cannot feel understood because she is not connected via the bodily organs and shell.

Another idea in Helium is the inability to take a full breath, to connect spirit and body. The uprightness of the noble gases is also represented in a sometimes rigid morality. In this case, the patient

was unable to lie. Her statement that no truth could be as ugly as a hidden lie is simply too noble an idea for life on this earth.

The idea that intention is everything is possibly the ultimate statement of Helium. Intention may be the source of everything but without physical action, it remains unmanifested. The patient’s connection to spirits further illustrates the idea of disembodiment. We cannot stand at the peak of the mountain forever. There must be a time to come down into the valley.

Adapted with permission from the introduction of Jeremy Sherr’s forthcoming series on the noble gases. The first volume, “Helium”, will be published in late 2012 by Saltire Books. “Neon" and "Argon” will be published in 2013. Copyright Saltire Books Limited.


[Deborah Collins]

Noble gases have only relatively recently been introduced into homeopathic use. For a long time it was considered that they would not be useful as remedies since they are inert and do not combine with other elements, until Jan Scholten, in unravelling the secrets of the periodic table, realised that this non-reactivity was exactly their key characteristic. Their position in stage 18, the last stage of the periodic table, means that they are in a state of rest and repose, no longer in search of another electron in order to feel complete. They are turned in on themselves and have little need for communication; this can make them excellent remedies for the autistic state (Helium). As Jan points out, Xenon would be an ideal anaesthetic, were it not so expensive: it puts people into an “out

of body” state, with very few side-effects in comparison to the traditionally used drugs. Where we, in the past, used Opium for problems following anaesthetics, Jan these days uses homeopathic Xenon with better results.

The noble gases are often used in lighting (neon tubes, light bulbs, blue automobile headlights, in lighthouses). One could call the noble gases “remedies of enlightenment”, being complete in themselves and not needing anyone else. But humans are, after all, social animals, needing human interaction, and a good prescription can bring someone off their mountaintop and into the nitty-gritty of life, the testing place for true enlightenment.

Jeremy Sherr used the noble gases as a starting point in explaining the periodic table, pointing out that these elements provide the clues to understanding the other elements of the same series:

each noble gas occupies the place that the other elements of that series ‘strive for’. To this end, Jeremy has been conducting provings of the noble gases since 1993, starting with Neon and then continuing with the others. As he points out, a proving provides information that is surprising, insights that one would not even think of when considering a certain element, such as the image of

a hedgehog in Chocolate, or tigers and panthers in Diamond. It also provides the much-needed physical symptoms necessary to confirm our prescriptions. He aims to prove

as many elements of the periodic table as possible and has meanwhile written a series of books on the noble gases, complete with cases, which are soon to be published.

These two different approaches, Jan’s overview of the periodic table and Jeremy’s specific information, enrich our homeopathic understanding and broaden our possibilities for prescription. Despite this, there are still relatively few cases of noble gases in our literature. This is perhaps inherent to the gases themselves - the people needing them tend to keep to themselves and might not seek treatment, or maybe we are not yet experienced enough at recognising these hidden states.

Helen Renoux from France: conducted a new proving of Helium, which provides fresh insights into the remedy, making it come alive even more. Hopefully, this issue will help homeopaths to recognise noble gas cases amongst their patients and to inspire them to write up their successful cases in order to further increase our knowledge and use of these wondrous remedies.


= Edelgase/verbinden sich  nicht mit anderen Elementen = stabil. 

Helium. Neon. Argon. Krypton. Xenon.x Radon.

Noble gases
Xenon is one of 6 noble gasses in the periodic system/are inert (= “noble” = not making chemical bonds). In general the effects are anesthetic/produce symptoms of not feeling, not being present.

Anaesthesia is needed during operations.

Xenon: mostly works faster and better than Op. Can be prescribed preventiv (patients scared for the operation and the after effects).

Is the strongest of the noble gasses in anesthetic effects. Inhaled produces complete anesthesia, coma. It would be ideal in the operation room to induce anesthesia (is to expensive).
According to the Law of similar it is clear that Xenon must be a great remedy for coma and similar like states, such as after effects of anesthesia or the coma after accidents.

Thema: Freedom (from work/performance/power)

Feels free and are without ties. No more responsibilities; goes in retreat (monastery/sacred place/meditation, wrapped in protective covering, in a safe place). Are able to find themselves.

Disorientation and abstraction.



o Zwischenstadium zwischen 2 verschiedenen Serien; Ende einer Serie (18) = Stadium der Ruhe, bevor ein neuer Zyklus i.d. nächsten Serie beginnt!

o gasförmig, die Flüchtigsten

o haben losgelassen, sind frei und ungebunden

o inaktiv und bewegungslos, reaktionsträge, inert

o Ruhe/untätig: am liebsten inaktiv an einem Fleck, Bedürfnis n. Ruhe, Ruhe n. getaner Arbeit

o Exerzitien/Kokon: sondern sich ab, Rückzug ins Kloster (Ruheort/Heiligtum), ein sicheres Asyl nachdem man großen Gefahren/Verwicklungen entkommen ist, Winterschlaf,

wird die Umgebung wieder anziehend werden sie auch wieder lebendig, Schmetterlingspuppe im Kokon = Außen passiert augenscheinlich nichts, doch im Inneren findet eine

enorme Veränderung statt - von der Raupe zum Schmetterling!

o Sonderlinge, mit denen niemand Kontakt hat

o inert/eingeschlossen: Isolation, eingepackt/eingeschlossen in einer Hülle/Kokon/Umschlag, Autismus (Helium/in sich selbst eingeschlossen, will allein sein, auf sich selbst bezogen, haben nichts anderes mehr nötig)

o Verleugnung: dessen was sie gemacht haben, wo sie herkommen, mit wem sie verbunden waren. Sie verleugnen ihr neues Bestehen, wollen Ruhe, bevor sie etwas Neues machen.

o Transformation/Übergang: an ihrem geschlossenen und beschützten Ort können sie wieder zu sich selbst kommen und ihre Pläne überdenken, leben verborgen und isoliert, nicht gestört werden, können sich einer inneren Veränderung unterziehen (Meditation in Kloster)

o frei/ungebunden: nicht gebunden, haben sich frei gemacht und fühlen sich ohne Verpflichtungen, fliegen frei, wie ein Vogel in der Luft, können nun aufsteigen,

Flucht aus der Wirklichkeit - freier Flug als Flucht aus der Wirklichkeit! Qualen des Lebens können so unerträglich sein, dass sie sozusagen aus ihrem Körper gehen.

o Verwirrung: verwirrt, schwebend, keine Verbindung haben, Orientierung verloren, Dissoziation

o Autismus, Katatonie, Koma, schwindelig, leicht, schwebend

o Zustände: Schlaf, Koma, Autismus, Tod, Meditation und Ferien

o Hypothese: Schmetterlingspuppe (Raupe mit riesigem Fressbedürfnis = 17, naiver Flug des Schmetterlings)

DD.: Drogen


-- ESSENZ: Ende der Stadien und Anfang eines neuen Zyklus; Ruhe, Inaktivität nach getaner Arbeit; kein Verlangen nach Kontakten, nach neuen Initiaiven; Transformation an geschütztem Ort (Kloster, Einsiedelei, Asyl, Winterschlaf, Schlaf, Koma, Autismus, Meditation); fühlen sich frei, ohne Verpflichtungen, haben die Erfahrungen der Vergangenheit verarbeitet und warten auf nächste Aufgabe, Verpflichtung, Verbindung

- Problem: können sich eingeschlossen (interniert, gefangen) fühlen; können ihre Vergangenheit, früheren Leistungen, Beziehungen leugnen o. vergessen (Helium eingeschlossen in sich = Autismus, Neon ausgeschlossen von Beziehungen -> geistige Behinderung; Argon arbeitslos; Krypton  ausgeschlossen von Ideen -> Kloster; Xenon vom Land ausgeschlossen -> Asyl)

Feeling of being let down and betrayed. 


[Ruth Sagerer]

Krypton, ein farbloses ungiftiges Edelgas, in geringer Konzentration in der Luft

Krypton ist im gasförmigen und flüssigen Zustand farblos, im festen Zustand weiß und kristallin. In Wasser ist es etwas löslich. In Gasentladungsröhren leuchtet Krypton

je nach dem inneren Gasdruck in unterschiedlichen Farben: violett, blau, hellblau, gelbgrün


Glühlampen (Kryptonlampen), Halogenlampen (in denen es grün-violett leuchtet) Niederdruck-Quecksilberdampflampen; Fotoblitzbirnen Chemische Laser, Oxidationsmittel

Bei Isoliergläsern anstelle von Argon im Scheibenzwischenraum


Krypton ist Bestandteil der Lufthülle.

Wegen der geringen Konzentration ist die Herstellung von reinem Krypton sehr aufwendig und langwierig. Die Gewinnung erfolgt aus der höher siedenden Sauerstofffraktion beim Linde-Verfahren.

Krypton verdrängt in geschlossenen Räumen die Atemluft, es droht dann Erstickungsgefahr.

Hypothese - Superman

Superman bezieht als Kryptonier die Kraft von diesem Planeten, jedoch wird er von Kryptonit einem radioaktiven, grünen Gas geschwächt!

Sauberkeit, extremer Perfektionsanspruch;

Mars - Milky way, G. man ist ein Alien, Ufos, Sterne, Sternenkind, Galaxien,

Verlangt: Schokolade;

sauber, schmutzig, perfekt

Superman ich fühle mich so organisiert extreme Form von Perfektionismus, duschen sich ständig


Essenz: Ruhe nach getaner Arbeit

Sie fühlen sich in der Ruheperiode nach getaner Arbeit. Sie haben das Gefühl, alle Pflichten hinter sich gelassen zu haben. Schuld spielt keine einzige Rolle mehr, auch tun

sie nichts mehr. Sie haben die Neigung, sich zurückzuziehen in ein Kloster, eine Grotte oder Krypta.

Verleugnung von Ideen, sie kommen jedoch noch nicht dazu, all ihre Erfahrungen zu verarbeiten. Sie wollen noch nicht sehen, wie ihre Arbeit zusammengesetzt war, was daran verändert werden könnte.

Das Wissen ist für sie noch verborgen oder sie halten das Wissen vor anderen verborgen, so wie es früher im Kloster geschah. Noch nicht reden oder hören = taubstumm

Wenn das von der Geburt an so ist, ist die Rede von einer angeborenen Taubstummheit.

Stimmung: fröhlich, flüchtig, werden nicht beeinflusst durch negative Umstände.


leichtes, schwebendes Gefühl, Nebennierenmittel, Magen, Zuckerhaushalt.


[Jan Scholten]

Ruhe Inaktiv Exerzitien, Kokon interniert eingeschlossen Verleugnung Transformation Übergang frei, ungebunden Verwirrung

Xenon is one of the six noble gasses in the periodic system. The noble gasses are inert, which means that they do not react with other elements. That is why they are called “noble”; they stay as they

are without making chemical bonds. It is interesting that these inert, non-reacting elements still have effects on humans. In general the effects are anesthetic. They produce symptoms of not feeling,

not being present. Anesthesia is just what is needed during operations, in order that patients do not feel the pain.

Xenon is the strongest of the noble gasses in its anesthetic effects. On respiration it produces complete anesthesia, coma. It would be ideal in the operation room for inducing anesthesia, if it weren’t

so expensive.

According to the Law of similar it is clear that Xenon must be a great remedy for coma and similar like states, such as after effects of anesthesia or the coma after accidents.

The cases below show the power of Xenon in situations of coma and anesthesia.

Case 1

A woman has weakness of memory since her uterus has been removed. She forgets names and what has happened. Her thinking is very slow. She talks and acts slowly; she cannot find the right words. She has the search for words in her mind. She feels as if there is no past that belongs to her, as if she only exists in the now. After Xenon MK all complaints disappear within a month time.

Case 2d

A woman has weakness of memory since she had an operation on her heart. She cannot find words. She has the feeling of a wall around her. She cannot go out and others cannot come in.

After Xenon MK all the complaints disappear within a week time.

Case 3

A woman of 25 years has had an accident. Her thigh has been fractured and she has been in coma for a short time. After a year she still is tired and has cotton like feeling in her body (morning).

She lacks energy, has difficulties in concentrating. She remembers things with difficulty. Sometimes she doesn’t feel her body at all. After Xenon MK her concentration ameliorates in very short

time, the same as her memory. Within a month her feeling of her body has become normal.


Xenon (griech.: ξένος „fremd“), Ordnungszahl 54; 1898 durch Ramsay und Travers aus Rohkrypton abgetrennt.


Xenon lässt sich zu einer farblosen Flüssigkeit kondensieren, farb- und geruchloses Gas gehört zu den chemisch extrem reaktionsträgen Edelgasen. Als Feststoff ist es kristallin.

Unter Druck von mehreren 100 Kilobar lässt sich Xenon in eine metallische Struktur überführen.

Löslichkeit in Wasser ist recht hoch. Auch Klathrate (Gaseinschlussverbindungen) können aus Wasser und Xenon hergestellt werden.

o wirkt narkotisch und ist als Narkosegas verwendbar

o nicht giftig, bei höheren Konzentrationen erstickend

o In Kernreaktoren 135Xe als Zerfallsprodukt von radioaktivem Iod erzeugt, wirkt absorbierend für Neutronen;

o Xenonverbindungen sind starke Oxidationsmittel! sauerstoffhaltige Verbindungen sind explosiv.

Füllung in Gasentladungsröhren: erzeugt je nach Gasdruck unterschiedliche Farben: violett, blau, himmelblau, olivgrün

Nicht vollkommen inertes Gas: Halogen-, Sauerstoff-, Stickstoff- u. Kohlenstoffverbindungen (XeO3, XeO4 - explosiv).


Wegen seines hohen Preises wird Xenon nur dann verwendet, wenn die leichteren Edelgase nicht „gut genug“ sind.

Grossteil wird als Gasfüllung in lichterzeugenden Lampen verwendet, wenn ein helles weißes Licht benötigt wird:

Stroboskoplampen, Blitzlichtlampen, Halogenlampen, Gasentladungslampen, Xenon-Hochdrucklampen für Filmprojektoren, Flutlichtanlagen, Lichtquelle in Fotokopierern und zur Lichtkoagulation in der Augenheilkunde, Xenonlicht in Autoscheinwerfern; Füllung von Thyratron-Röhren, Narkosegas, Blasenkammern, Ionenantrieb, Kryogene Wärmeröhre (Heatpipes), Diagnostisches Hilfsmittel zur Darstellung von Durchblutungsstörungen, Herstellung von Jod123 mittels Protonenbeschusses (Zyklotron)


Als Edelgas inert, sehr speziell im Körper wirkt und nicht metabolisiert (verstoffwechselt) wird, hat es nur minimale Nebenwirkungen. Während einer Xenon-Narkose bleibt das Kreislaufsystem äußerst stabil, so dass sie insbesondere für Patienten mit Herz-Kreislauf-Schäden oder -Schwächen geeignet ist. Aufgrund der steigenden Zahl älterer Patienten, bei denen dies besonders häufig auftritt, gewinnen die Vorteile von Xenon immer mehr an Bedeutung.

Auch Patienten mit allergischen Reaktionen auf bestimmte Narkosemittel können nun dieses Risiko minimieren, da das Edelgas keine allergischen Reaktionen auslöst.

Xenon hat darüber hinaus eine schmerzstillende Wirkung. Auch das OP-Personal, das immer geringen Mengen an Narkosegasen ausgesetzt ist, profitiert von diesen positiven Eigenschaften. Xenon ist zudem für die Narkose von Schwangeren und Kindern geeignet.

Wirkung: Narkose!! nach Einatmung von Xenon ist der Mensch vollkommen narkotisiert, jedoch keine Nachwirkungen beim Erwachen, OP-Narkose (Zulassung seit 2006):

keine Orientierung, Koma, Schwindel


Xenon-Isotope entstehen bei Atombombenexplosionen und dienen so als deren Nachweis. So lassen sich selbst unterirdische Atomexplosionen an den durch die Erdschichten diffundierenden Xenonspuren erkennen.

Tiefe Stimme (Helium = hohe Stimme)

Xenon weist eine derart niedrige Schallgeschwindigkeit auf, dass es die menschliche Stimme nach dem Einatmen in sehr tiefem Bass erklingen lässt (Vorsicht: Anders als Helium, das wegen höherer Schallgeschwindigkeit die bekannte "Mickey Maus"-Stimme erzeugt, muss das teure, schwere Xenon-Gas anschließend im Kopfstand wieder ausgeatmet werden, damit kein Rest in der Lunge verbleibt!)


Der Fremde; griech. „xenos“ = Gast, Fremder, Schmetterling, innere Transformation (Edelgase)

Verleugnung der Macht, fremd im eigenen Land, Asylanten - ausgeschlossen, familiäres Verstossen sein.


anesthesia xenon



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