Acer spp.


Vergleich: Siehe: Sapindales


Acer campestre (Acer-c) = Feldahorn


Positiv: Freiheit/SelbstvertrauEN/unabhängig + sucht Zusammenarbeit/liebevoll/mutig/setzen Plänen aktiv um;

Negativ: Hast/Unruhe, Kompromisslos/kommt Verpflichtungen nicht nach/entscheidet unter Druck äußere Einflüssen, Haut;


Der Ahorn - Der Exentriker (11.04.-20.04. / 14.10.-23.10.)

Ahorn-Geborene schwimmen gerne gegen den Strom und möchten sich nicht anpassen. Er ist originell und besitzt jede Menge Fantasie. Er ist der Baum, der aus einer Gesellschaft heraussticht, (weniger) angenehm - je nach Laune. Er liebt es, wenn über ihn gesprochen wird, dabei ist er eher zurückhaltend fast scheu.

Eine gewisse Nervosität und Unberechenbarkeit macht es fast unmöglich ihre nächsten Schritte vorherzusagen. Manchmal leidet er unter Komplexen, die er aber ganz

gut im Griff hat.

Sein Schwachpunkt ist sein Nervenkostüm, dass nicht immer sehr belastbar ist.

Im Beruf ist ihm seine Intelligenz und sein gutes Gedächtnis eine Hilfe.

In der Liebe experimentiert er gerne und für Eintönigkeit hat er nicht viel übrig. Der Partner, der ihn an sich binden möchte, sollte fantasiereich und tolerant sein und

ihn auf keinen Fall einengen.


Löst Angst auf, Ausgleich zwischen Ideal und Materie

Blühen bevor die Blätter austreten im April und Mai, gelbweiß und hellgrün in herabhängenden Dolden.

Wohl jedes Kind kennt die Früchte des Ahorns, die sich gespalten und geöffnet bestens als Hörner oder Brillen auf die Nase kleben lassen.

Das Prinzip des Ahorns ist die Unsterblichkeit, denn er unterstützt bei allen Zuständen von Angst und Schock.

Angst ist ein Thema mit vielen Facetten, das für jeden Menschen eine Bedeutung hat.



Salicae (Pionier/schnelles Wachstum/leichtes Holz/viele Sorten/braucht Wasser) Aceraceae (bevorzugt Berg/leichter Wald/formt Wäldchen) Rosaceae (rücksichtslos/Äste wachsen Untergrunds weiter und schlagen Wurzel/Platz erobernd)


Antidotiert: Bestreitet Viren,


Allerlei: liebevoll

= Pionier, bewaldet trockne/steinige/von Cornus/Genist bewachsene Boden, entwickelt im Anfangsstadium zwischen Rosengewächsen Dornen. = luftig im Gestalt,

ragt wie schalkhaft zwischen Genist/Cornus Beständen. Liebt Gesellschaft eigener Art. Kleine Wäldchen mit Acer in jedem Alter entstehen und behindern Originalbaum

zum Baum zu entwickeln, es gibt 150 Ahornarten.


Phytologie: Sammeln: Blatt und Rinde frisch/trocknen)Beruhigt/besänftigend/kühlt

Fieber Kontinua

Nahrung: Junge Blätter vor entfalten



Acer negundo = Black Ash



Acer palmatum


Vergleich: Mumiji (o. moomiji = Harz). Siehe: Bonsaigruppe + Lacs vegetabile



Acer pseudoplantanus (Acer-p) = Bergahorn


Negativ: Hast/Unruhe, Haut;

[Colin Griffith]

The Sycamore is a variety of Maple. Not indigenous to Britain/introduced by the Romans. It is native to central and southern Europe as far north as Paris. It is found mostly in city streets, parks and gardens and is maintained in public places for the beauty and shelter of its large and generous canopy. The tree will grow up to more than 100 feet in some places. Timber used to make small items (wooden spoons/decorative objects/violins/as veneer).

The tree flowers in April; they are formed in hanging spikes of up to 4 inches long. The fruit have wings which may turn bright red in Summer.

Esoteric: Has the energy of ancient knowledge. Complementary to the Oak tree.

Sycamore represents fluid energy,

Oak represents earth energy.

Earth and Water mix but also can be competitive with each other. Similarly, within the human spirit and psyche there can be conflict or friction between the aspects governed by the Earth and Water elements. Balance is necessary for a complete harmony of the body. Sycamore, in being associated with the Water element/with fluid movement, is the tree remedy closest to the energy that engenders the birth of awareness. Human awareness is characterised by duality: Ida and Pingala, Yin and Yang, inspiration and expiration, sympathetic and parasympathetic. Awareness is also the necessary tool by which we determine our individual paths once we have incarnated into physicality.

The double helix of DNA gives the individual his/her blueprint of uniqueness; what takes us from unity into duality. The energy that governs the formation of cell structures in the foetus so that the pituitary gland grows out and down into the throat centre (thyroid) and the coccygeal cells grow upwards to form the spinal column is similar to Sycamore. Hence, Sycamore Seed is a remedy that pertains to reminding the person of his/her intended soul purpose in being incarnated. By reminding the body of its original energy the past can be reconciled with the present and the future. The Oak and Sycamore meet at the point where the Base and Brow energies converge in each of the chakras.

Works on the Pancreas to clear the karmic memory of the previous death when fear and disease might have set up such strongly negative energy that it has sent echoes into the present incarnation.

(Here Sycamore Seed works with Oak and Thuja.) Spiritual amnesia. A strong resistance to change; resistant to using the heart centre rather than the intellect: too much thinking and not enough heart. Is particularly useful in harmonising the disparate duality of Gemini patients; also works well with Sagittarius.

Generals: Sycotic and syphilitic miasms. Also leprotic.

Loosens all bony structures; particularly the small bones in the head: the sphenoid, the stapes. Loosening the sinews that have become rigid around bony structures that have been traumatised: the spine, the ribs and the pelvis.

Stimulates the endocrine glands to secrete their hormones in a balanced way. Most associated with the pituitary gland which can become sluggish through the poor movement of the sphenoid bone. Ailments from pituitary insufficiency. Establishes cleansing of the cerebrospinal fluid. Works to establish balance between the two hemispheres of the brain; integration of L and R sides so helps to improve learning difficulties in poorly co-ordinated children. Catarrhal states especially of the nasal sinuses. Water imbalances of the entire body: oedema; ascites. Menopausal problems with upset fluid balances and difficult temperature control. Prophylactic for viral infections; also useful when given post-virally. (Useful as protective in all viral states including AIDS.) Stiff muscles and sinews (upper spine). Infertility. (Said to be useful in pregnancy of twins so that a balance is struck between the two before birth.) Often needed in the long-term constitutional treatment of children born through IVF. Diabetes. Low blood sugar. Thyroid problems: hyper and hypo. Pressure sensations in or around the endocrine glands (Thymus area).

Useful drainage remedy in low potencies encourages the elimination of toxicity through balancing the Water of the body. Heat and heaviness. Body has a sense of density. Sensations of pressure; of vertigo; of being 'knotted up'. Schizophrenia. Alzheimer's. Irregular sleep patterns. Profuse sweats. Burning sensations around the endocrine glands. Works well with those who need cranial osteopathy. It encourages movement when there is reluctance on the part of the patient to respond to the treatment. Also works well on new-born babies who have just been given Arnica. Useful in states that result from calcified pineal glands. Tends to uncover the syphilitic miasm. Can be used as cancer drainage remedy (in combination with other new remedies and Thuja).

Emotions: Poor self-esteem. A sense of being undervalued or unappreciated for their efforts. Tends to be judgmental; to come to quick negative conclusions based on scanty evidence (with low self esteem). Loses opportunities by being too critical. Pessimistic. Lack of self-awareness; lacks belief in self yet denies ability in others and wants to influence them to do things differently. Envy. For those who feel that they have lost their way but find great difficulty in admitting it. Can be hyperactive and in a whirl of activity with racing thoughts but have the sense of achieving very little. Restless, churning mind. Often said or seen to get into a 'flat spin'. Might review their life so far and see that there is a maze of wrong choices that has led them to the present state; they feel locked into the place they have created for themselves. Avoids issues of the heart and prefers to keep everything on a superficial level or on an intellectual basis. Constantly has the feeling of being in two minds; faced with endless decision making but has difficulty in making up their mind. Can be intellectually stimulated and excited by things but has an underlying sense of sadness and emptiness. Sensitivity: to other people's emotional states. Yet is often perversely egotistical and disinclined to see the other person's point of view. Antagonistic. Useful in healing rifts in relationships: calms and soothes emotions that go into turmoil when the balance of a loving and stable relationship is upset; where the equilibrium of life's rhythms are interrupted by focusing continually on doubts, anxiety and indecision after trust has been withdrawn.

(works well with Ign./Nat-m.) Is very useful for those who are undergoing counselling: it helps to maintain the momentum of the therapy and prevents the person from being sucked into areas that may be more relevant to the therapist.

For menopausal women whose children have left home and who are feeling bereft of purpose. (often put on more weight and take to comfort eating/strong desire for chocolate.) Sense of loss. Deep sense of fear that seems to have no obvious cause. Fear of heights. Works well given repeatedly over an extended period for those whose sexuality is in doubt: homosexuality after a history of traumatised upbringing. Helps to soothe women who are desperate to conceive but who are unable to do so. Commonly useful in high potencies, even when there is no obvious physical pathology, in intellectuals who may be successful in a worldly sense but who are emotionally hobbled and inhibited. There is often a need to keep "pressing the buttons" until the deeply ingrained habit of operating from the intellect alone is broken. This will require regular doses (monthly, even) of S. S. (The result eventually may well be a physical aggravation as the spiritual and emotional bodies free themselves from the straightjacket and manifest their trauma on the physical level.) Patients can express themselves in terms of wanting to put behind them, root out, dig out, cut out something that has troubled them from the past; there is a strong disinclination to deal with a negative issue. A fear of facing that which needs to be addressed. S. S. is excellent as a remedy for those who continually make excuses for not persisting in their efforts to give up smoking. It is quite safe to give the remedy to a smoker. (works well with Rainbow as support.)

Head: Pain - sense of pressure in the middle of forehead that spreads out towards the temples. Sick headache with heat and dizziness + pressure. Headache on vertex with sense of pressure coming outwards. Headache like a skullcap of metal pressing down. Feels faint with heat and dizziness. Sensation of buzzing in head associated with ears. Head pains may ext. across eyebrows to the temples and the occiput often + by tense neck and shoulders.

Eyes: Dimmed vision < Headache or ear ache. Objects seem to spin during vertigo. Peripheral vision becomes hazy and blurred. Arcus senilis.

Ears: Buzzing and whining sounds with tinnitus. Blocked ears with wax or catarrh.

Hearing: hardness of hearing. Watery sounds in the ears; often one sided = a feeling of imbalance.

Mouth/throat: Dry mucous membranes. Dry lips. Post-nasal catarrh which causes tickling cough > at night: < on rising in the morning (like Puls.).

Appetite: Very strong thirst for water. Can't drink enough to slake thirst. + chocolate: carbohydrates. The more eating sweet foods, the thirstier one becomes. Can still eat in spite of nausea.

Stomach: Nausea < Headache, dizziness. Also nausea from tight diaphragm and twisted spine that < the coeliac plexus.

Abdomen: Bloating from retained water. Dropsical conditions. Gurgling and rumbling with discomfort (some hours after eating). Piles.

Female organs: Menopause: hot flushes and sweats. Parulous, waterlogged uterus: thickened tissues. Threatened hysterectomy. Infertility. Blocked fallopian tubes < r. Lack of libido.

Strongly attracted by the promise of HRT. If already on it then is very reluctant to come off.

Male organs: Lack of libido. Too occupied in the head to feel physical desire strongly.

Kidneys and Bladder: Frequent call to pass urine with water retention and thirst. May pass copious amounts in small quantities.

Urine: either clear or frothy with little colour and almost no smell.

Chest: Knotted up sensation in the heart area with a feeling of heat in the chest. Burning sensation in the heart or pericardium.

Back: Aching < cervical spine and sacrum. Twisted spine: rotated from previous injury pattern or from difficult birth pattern. Pain > from twisting in the same direction as the rotation.

Limbs: Oedema of the lower extremities with aching, tension and < of varicose veins. Oedema < r. side. Joints feel tight and inelastic. Wants to rub affected areas. > massage.

Sleep: Poor sleep patterns. < hot flushes and sweats of menopause. Can't sleep due to chuntering thoughts. Dreams of falling.

DD.: Thuj. Mag-p., Mag-m., Calc-p., Calc-a., Calc-i., Calc-m. After acute accident or trauma it follows well after Arn. Bel-p. and Nux-v.


Affinity for paired organs as a support remedy, especially in the cases of twins and therefore consider it affiliated to the Hypothalamus

Vergleich: Aegrop. (als Epiphyt auf Acer-p):

Findhorn Flower Essences:

REVITALISATION - Recharge and revive. Longstanding stress and fatigue leads to exhaustion and burnout. Unwind, relax and allow the smooth and gentle flow of life force to uplift body and soul.

Siehe: Sapindales


Allerlei: Bestreitet Viren/Entzündung mit Hitze                        Anspruchslos/= Pionier

Holz verwendet vor Drechselarbeit/Musikinstrumenten



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